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Pakten (1995 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 96 .
:Leidulv Risan
:Robert Mitchum Cliff Robertson Erland Josephson Espen Skjønberg
: Ernest, Ted and August fulfill their friend Carls dying wish and take him to Heidelberg, where they all first met 45 years ago, to see his old girlfriend one last time. However, the locals wont talk about her, due to a WW2 secret.
Backfire! (1995 ) :Comedy 93 .
:A. Dean Bell
:Josh Mosby Robert Mitchum Kathy Ireland Telly Savalas
: Just as Jeremy Jackson attempts to become the first male firewoman in New York, fires begin mysteriously erupting from toilets all over the City and Fire Marshal Marc Marshall is called in  
(1994 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller 94 .
:Robert Ginty
:Jeff Fahey Bo Derek Steven Bauer Robert Mitchum
: A yacht captain, Jack Lynch, is accused of murdering his boss and raping the victims wife, Christina Ford. Nothing is how it first appears. Jack seeks the help of veteran attorney Walter J  
Les sept p?ch?s capitaux (1992 ) :Comedy 112 .
:Beatriz Flores Silva Frédéric Fonteyne Yvan Le Moine Geneviève Mersch Pierre-Paul Renders Olivier Smolders Pascal Zabus
:Robert Mitchum Urbanus Maurice Van Hamel Nathalie Fritz
(1990 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 93 .
:Bob Bralver
:Michael Dudikoff Mark Hamill Savina Gersak Robert Mitchum
: A house wife just left her cop husband, when she picks up Justin Mckay shell wish she never did as shes plunged into a nightmare and the grip of a psychotic killer.
Pr?sum? dangereux (1990 ) :Action,Thriller 100 .
:Georges Lautner
:Michael Brandon Sophie Duez Robert Mitchum Francis Perrin
: Adaptation of James Hadley Chases novel. Having developed a revolutionary device that puts water in the mouth of all secret services in the world, professor Forrester is about to go on a  
(1988 ) :Comedy,Drama 93 .
:Danny Huston
:Anthony Edwards Robert Mitchum Lauren Bacall Harry Dean Stanton
: Mr. North, a stranger to a small, but wealthy, Rhode Island town, quickly has rumors started about him that he has the power to heal peoples ailments. The rumors are magnified by his  
(1984 ) :Drama,Romance 109 .
:Andrey Konchalovskiy
:Nastassja Kinski John Savage Keith Carradine Robert Mitchum
: Ivan Bibic returns to his Pittsburgh PA suburb after surviving a Japanse POW camp, causing regular nightmares. All the time he remained faithfully devoted to his childhood love, fellow  
The Ambassador (1984 ) :Action,Drama,Thriller 97 .
:J. Lee Thompson
:Robert Mitchum Ellen Burstyn Rock Hudson Fabio Testi
: An American ambassador to Israel tries to bring peace to the Middle East conflict through unconventional methods, but his efforts are hampered at every turn and his personal life threatened.
That Championship Season (1982 ) :Drama 110 .
:Jason Miller
:Bruce Dern Stacy Keach Robert Mitchum Martin Sheen
: It started as a friendly meeting between 4 old buddies with their basketball coach and ended up in revealing the truth about their relationship. The meeting forces the five men to reveal  
Agency (1980 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller 94 .
:George Kaczender
:Robert Mitchum Lee Majors Valerie Perrine Alexandra Stewart
: A mysterious millionaire buys an ad agency and begins to replace its employees with his own people, who dont appear to be advertising types at all. A copywriter begins to suspect that the  
Nightkill (1980 ) :Crime,Horror,Mystery 97 .
:Ted Post
:Robert Mitchum Jaclyn Smith Mike Connors James Franciscus
: A womans lover poisons her cruel husband, a rich businessman, in front of her. She becomes more terrified when she finds the lover dead as well. A police detective suddenly shows up at her door.
(1978 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 99 .
:Michael Winner
:Robert Mitchum Sarah Miles Richard Boone Candy Clark
: Grizzled American private detective in England investigates a complicated case of blackmail turned murder involving a rich but honest elderly general, his two loose socialite daughters, a pornographer and a gangster.
The Amsterdam Kill (1977 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 88 .
:Robert Clouse
:Robert Mitchum Richard Egan Leslie Nielsen Bradford Dillman
: Former DEA Agent Quinlan, removed from the force some years earlier for stealing confiscated drug money, is hired by Chung Wei, a leader in the Amsterdam drug cartel, who wants out of the  
(1976 ) :Drama,Romance 123 .
:Elia Kazan
:Robert De Niro Tony Curtis Robert Mitchum Jeanne Moreau
: F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel is brought to life in this story of a movie producer slowly working himself to death.
, (1975 ) :Crime,Mystery,Thriller 95 .
:Dick Richards
:Robert Mitchum Charlotte Rampling John Ireland Sylvia Miles
: Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe is hired by paroled convict Moose Malloy to find his girlfriend Velma, former seedy nightclub dancer.
(1974 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 112 .
:Sydney Pollack
:Robert Mitchum Ken Takakura Brian Keith Herb Edelman
: American private-eye Harry Kilmer returns to Japan to rescue a friends kidnapped daughter from the clutches of the Yakuza.
(1973 ) :Crime,Drama 102 .
:Peter Yates
:Robert Mitchum Peter Boyle Richard Jordan Steven Keats
: After his last crime has him looking at a long prison sentence for repeat offenses, a low level Boston gangster decides to snitch on his friends to avoid jail time.
The Wrath of God (1972 ) :Adventure,Drama,Western 111 .
:Ralph Nelson
:Robert Mitchum Frank Langella Rita Hayworth John Colicos
: Set in the 1920s, several foreigners held by a South American military group are offered possible freedom if they accept to topple a local crazed military leader.
Going Home (1971 ) :Drama 97 .
:Herbert B. Leonard
:Robert Mitchum Brenda Vaccaro Jan-Michael Vincent Jason Bernard
: Nineteen year old Jimmy Graham has grown up to be an angry young man based on his experiences, including not having either his mother or father in his life as he was growing up. When he was 
(1970 ) :Drama,Romance 206 .
:David Lean
:Robert Mitchum Trevor Howard John Mills Christopher Jones
: Set in the wake of the 1916 Easter Rising, a married woman in a small Irish village has an affair with a troubled British officer.
, (1969 ) :Comedy,Western 91 .
:Burt Kennedy
:Robert Mitchum George Kennedy Martin Balsam David Carradine
: An aging lawman and an aging outlaw join forces when their respective positions in society are usurped by a younger, but incompetent, Marshal, and a younger, but vicious, gang leader.
Young Billy Young (1969 ) :Action,Romance,Western 89 .
:Burt Kennedy
:Robert Mitchum Angie Dickinson Robert Walker Jr. David Carradine
: In New Mexico, looking for his sons murderer, Ben Kane takes a deputy marshals job and runs into young Billy Young whos on the lam.
(1968 ) :Mystery,Romance,Western 103 .
:Henry Hathaway
:Dean Martin Robert Mitchum Inger Stevens Roddy McDowall
: The players in an ongoing poker game are being mysteriously killed off, one by one.
(1968 ) :Drama,Thriller 109 .
:Joseph Losey
:Elizabeth Taylor Robert Mitchum Mia Farrow Peggy Ashcroft
: A penniless woman meets a strange girl who insists she is her long-lost mother, and becomes enmeshed in a web of deception, and perhaps madness, in this powerful psychological thriller.
Bitva za Antsio (1968 ) :Drama,History,War 117 .
:Edward Dmytryk Duilio Coletti
:Robert Mitchum Peter Falk Robert Ryan Earl Holliman
: One of WWIIs bloodiest battles as the Allies smash through the German lines which have enclosed the Anzio beachhead. Four months and 30,000 casualties before the Allies finally march to Rome.
(1968 ) :War,Western 125 .
:Buzz Kulik
:Yul Brynner Robert Mitchum Maria Grazia Buccella Charles Bronson
: Mexican rebel Pancho Villa lead a revolution helped by an American aviator imprisonned in Mexico.
(1967 ) :Drama,Romance,Western 126 .
:Howard Hawks
:John Wayne Robert Mitchum James Caan Charlene Holt
: Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.
(1967 ) :Adventure,Western 122 .
:Andrew V. McLaglen
:Kirk Douglas Robert Mitchum Richard Widmark Lola Albright
: In 1843, a former U.S. Senator leads a wagon train of settlers to Oregon, but his megalomania leads to growing dissatisfaction with his leadership.
Mister Moses (1965 ) :Adventure 115 .
:Ronald Neame
:Robert Mitchum Carroll Baker Ian Bannen Alexander Knox
: In 1960s Kenya, American snake-oil salesman and diamond smuggler Joe Moses is chased out of many villages and pursued by the authorities until fate entrusts him with helping a native tribe that believes he is a holy man.
eobek ocepee (1964 ) :Drama,War 94 .
:Guy Hamilton
:Robert Mitchum France Nuyen Barry Sullivan Trevor Howard
: In WW2,a US lieutenant stationed in India shoots dead a British NCO and admits his crime but his reason for the murder is so bizarre that it puzzles his defense counsel.
! (1964 ) :Comedy,Romance 111 .
:J. Lee Thompson
:Shirley MacLaine Paul Newman Robert Mitchum Dean Martin
: A four-time widow discusses her four marriages, in which all of her husbands became incredibly rich and died prematurely because of their drive to be rich.
(1963 ) :Mystery 98 .
:John Huston
:Kirk Douglas Robert Mitchum Tony Curtis Burt Lancaster
: A former intelligence officer is tasked by the heir to the Gleneyre estate to investigate the unusual deaths of a disparate group of eleven men on a list.
Rampage (1963 ) :Adventure,Romance 98 .
:Phil Karlson
:Robert Mitchum Elsa Martinelli Jack Hawkins Sabu
: A German zoo hires two hunters to catch a rare breed of panther in Malaysia. The girlfriend of one of the hunters accompanies them on their hunt, which tenses the situation as the other  
(1962 ) :Drama,Thriller 106 .
:J. Lee Thompson
:Gregory Peck Robert Mitchum Polly Bergen Lori Martin
: A lawyers family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail.
(1962 ) :Drama,Romance 119 .
:Robert Wise
:Robert Mitchum Shirley MacLaine Edmon Ryan Elisabeth Fraser
: Jerry Ryan is wandering aimlessly around New York, having given up his law career in Nebraska when his wife asked for a divorce. He meets up with Gittel Mosca, an impoverished dancer from  
The Last Time I Saw Archie (1961 ) :Comedy,Romance,War 98 .
:Jack Webb
:Robert Mitchum Jack Webb Martha Hyer France Nuyen
: Two Air Force friends have fun during their enlistment.
(1960 ) :Drama,Adventure 133 .
:Fred Zinnemann
:Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum Peter Ustinov Glynis Johns
: In Australias Outback during the early 20th century the impoverished Carmody family lives a nomadic life out of their wagon but the mom and son want to settle while the dad is against it.
(1960 ) :Drama,Romance 150 .
:Vincente Minnelli
:Robert Mitchum Eleanor Parker George Peppard George Hamilton
: Dramatic story of the influential Hunnicutt family set in Texas during the late 1950s.
(1960 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 104 .
:Stanley Donen
:Cary Grant Deborah Kerr Robert Mitchum Jean Simmons
: Victor and Hillary are down on their luck to the point that they allow tourists to take guided tours of their castle. But Charles Delacro, a millionaire oil tycoon, visits, and takes a  
A Terrible Beauty (1960 ) :War,Drama,Action 90 .
:Tay Garnett
:Robert Mitchum Richard Harris Anne Heywood Dan O'Herlihy
: In 1941, the IRA plans a campaign to coincide with the planned German invasion of England. Dermot ONeill finds it easy to get into the IRA, but can he get out?
(1959 ) :Romance,Western 98 .
:Robert Parrish
:Robert Mitchum Julie London Gary Merrill Albert Dekker
: A honorable drifter constantly on the run finds his enemies closing in around him.
The Angry Hills (1959 ) :Drama,War,Thriller 105 .
:Robert Aldrich
:Robert Mitchum Stanley Baker Elisabeth Müller Gia Scala
: In 1941, Greek resistance entrusts an American journalist with a Greek double-agent secret list that must reach London and must not fall into Nazi hands.
(1958 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 92 .
:Arthur Ripley
:Robert Mitchum Gene Barry Jacques Aubuchon Keely Smith
: A veteran comes home from the Korean War to the mountains and takes over the family moonshining business. He has to battle big-city gangsters who are trying to take over the business and the police who are trying to put him in prison.
(1958 ) :Action,Drama,Romance 108 .
:Dick Powell
:Robert Mitchum Robert Wagner Richard Egan May Britt
: In 1952, during the Korean War, two American pilots become bitter enemies over the same woman but must shelf their personal feud when confronted by deadly Chinese MIG fighter jets in battle.
(1957 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 98 .
:Dick Powell
:Robert Mitchum Curd Jürgens David Hedison Theodore Bikel
: During World War II, an American destroyer meets a German U-Boat. Both captains are experts, and so begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.
, (1957 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 108 .
:John Huston
:Robert Mitchum Deborah Kerr
: A marine and a nun form an unlikely friendship. The marine is shipwrecked on a Pacific island and the nun has been left behind there; they find comfort in one another as the two wait out the war.
(1957 ) :Adventure,Drama 116 .
:Robert Parrish
:Rita Hayworth Robert Mitchum Jack Lemmon Herbert Lom
: The friendship between two tramp boat owners is threatened by the arrival of a beautiful and seductive passenger.
Foreign Intrigue (1956 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 100 .
:Sheldon Reynolds
:Robert Mitchum Geneviève Page Ingrid Thulin Frédéric O'Brady
: When a reclusive, enigmatic millionaire dies suddenly on the Riviera, his press agent begins to investigate his employers shady past.
Bandido! (1956 ) :Action,Adventure,War 92 .
:Richard Fleischer
:Robert Mitchum Ursula Thiess Gilbert Roland Zachary Scott
: An arms dealer and a mercenary cross swords during the 1916 Mexican revolution.
(1955 ) :Western 84 .
:Richard Wilson
:Robert Mitchum Jan Sterling Karen Sharpe Henry Hull
: When a notorious tough town tamer is hired by the citizenry to rid of the gunmen driving them off their land, he finds the local saloon madam to be an old friend.
(1955 ) :Drama,Film-Noir,Romance 135 .
:Stanley Kramer
:Olivia de Havilland Frank Sinatra Robert Mitchum Gloria Grahame
: An ego-driven, aspiring physician, intolerant of the weaknesses of others, especially those closest to him, comes to grips with his own imperfections.
(1955 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 92 .
:Charles Laughton
:Robert Mitchum Shelley Winters Lillian Gish James Gleason
: A religious fanatic marries a gullible widow whose young children are reluctant to tell him where their real daddy hid $10,000 hed stolen in a robbery.
(1954 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 91 .
:Otto Preminger Jean Negulesco
:Robert Mitchum Marilyn Monroe Rory Calhoun Tommy Rettig
: The titular river unites a farmer recently released from prison, his young son, and an ambitious saloon singer. In order to survive, each must be purged of anger, and each must learn to understand and care for the others.
(1954 ) :Drama,Western 102 .
:William A. Wellman
:Robert Mitchum Teresa Wright Diana Lynn Tab Hunter
: In the 1890s, during a harsh northern California winter, members of a ranching family are squabbling among themselves while 2 of the oldest sons go hunting for a panther that is killing their livestock.
(1953 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 91 .
:Otto Preminger
:Robert Mitchum Jean Simmons Mona Freeman Herbert Marshall
: Ambulance driver Frank Jessup is ensnared in the schemes of the sensuous but dangerous Diane Tremayne.
Second Chance (1953 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 82 .
:Rudolph Maté
:Robert Mitchum Jack Palance Linda Darnell Sandro Giglio
: Mobster Vic Spalatos girlfriend Claire is in hiding in Mexico and shes willing to testify for a US Senate investigation committee, if she can make it back to the US alive.
White Witch Doctor (1953 ) :Adventure 96 .
:Henry Hathaway
:Susan Hayward Robert Mitchum Walter Slezak Mashood Ajala
: In 1907, a nurse arrives in the Belgian Congo to work for a missionary doctor but meets a grumpy animal hunter who secretly plans to search for gold in the dangerous Bakuba tribal region.
(1952 ) :Adventure,Crime,Drama 81 .
:Josef von Sternberg Nicholas Ray
:Robert Mitchum Jane Russell William Bendix Thomas Gomez
: Nick Cochran, an American in exile in Macao, has a chance to restore his name by helping capture an international crime lord. Undercover, can he mislead the bad guys and still woo the handsome singer/petty crook, Julie Benson?
(1952 ) :Action,Drama,Sport 113 .
:Nicholas Ray Robert Parrish
:Susan Hayward Robert Mitchum Arthur Kennedy Arthur Hunnicutt
: Retired rodeo champion Jeff McCloud agrees to mentor novice rodeo contestant Wes Merritt against the wishes of Merritts wife who fears the dangers of this rough sport.
(1952 ) :Drama,War 105 .
:Tay Garnett
:Robert Mitchum Ann Blyth William Talman Charles McGraw
: During the early days of the Korean War, U.S. Army colonel Steve Janowski is one of the military advisers training the South Korean army and hes tasked with evacuating American civilians from the war zone.
She Couldn't Say No (1952 ) :Comedy,Drama 89 .
:Lloyd Bacon
:Robert Mitchum Jean Simmons Arthur Hunnicutt Edgar Buchanan
: A wealthy heiress returns to a small Arkansas town to furtively reward the townsfolk who helped to save her life when she was a young girl.
(1951 ) :Action,Crime,Film-Noir 120 .
:John Farrow Richard Fleischer
:Robert Mitchum Jane Russell Vincent Price Tim Holt
: A deported gangsters plan to re-enter the USA involves skulduggery at a Mexican resort, and gambler Dan Milner is caught in the middle.
(1951 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 88 .
:John Cromwell Mel Ferrer Tay Garnett Nicholas Ray Sherman Todd
:Robert Mitchum Lizabeth Scott Robert Ryan William Talman
: In New York, two honest cops try to hinder a crime syndicate from moving into the precinct and also to prevent the mobs plan of electing a corrupt prosecutor to a judgeship.
My Forbidden Past (1951 ) :Drama,Romance 70 .
:Robert Stevenson
:Robert Mitchum Ava Gardner Melvyn Douglas Lucile Watson
: Barbara Beaurevel lives with her aunt and cousin in New Orleans in the late 1800s. In love with Mark Lucas, a research doctor at Tulane University, her plans to marry him are thwarted.  
(1950 ) :Crime,Film-Noir,Thriller 82 .
:John Farrow
:Robert Mitchum Claude Rains Faith Domergue Maureen O'Sullivan
: A young doctor falls in love with a disturbed young woman, becomes involved in the death of her husband, and has to flee with her to the Mexican border.
The Red Pony (1949 ) :Drama,Family,Western 89 .
:Lewis Milestone
:Myrna Loy Robert Mitchum Louis Calhern Shepperd Strudwick
: A ranch boy is gifted with a colt, grows to love him but the colt escapes, with tragic results.
(1949 ) :Crime,Film-Noir,Romance 71 .
:Don Siegel
:Robert Mitchum Jane Greer William Bendix Patric Knowles
: An army lieutenant accused of robbery pursues the real thief on a frantic chase through Mexico aided by the thiefs fiancee.
(1949 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 87 .
:Don Hartman
:Robert Mitchum Janet Leigh Wendell Corey Gordon Gebert
: A young widow is romanced by a sales clerk whom she inadvertently got fired.
(1948 ) :Action,Drama,Romance 88 .
:Robert Wise
:Robert Mitchum Barbara Bel Geddes Robert Preston Walter Brennan
: Unemployed cowhand Jim Garry is hired by his dishonest friend Tate Riling as muscle in a dispute between homesteaders and cattleman John Lufton.
(1948 ) :Adventure,Western 80 .
:Norman Foster
:Loretta Young William Holden Robert Mitchum Gary Gray
: A widowed farmer takes an indentured servant as his new wife, but the arrival of his old friend threatens their burgeoning relationship.
(1947 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 97 .
:Jacques Tourneur
:Robert Mitchum Jane Greer Kirk Douglas Rhonda Fleming
: A private eye escapes his past to run a gas station in a small town, but his past catches up with him. Now he must return to the big city world of danger, corruption, double crosses and duplicitous dames.
(1947 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 86 .
:Edward Dmytryk
:Robert Young Robert Mitchum Robert Ryan Gloria Grahame
: A man is murdered, apparently by one of a group of demobilized soldiers he met in a bar. But which one? And why?
(1947 ) :Drama,Mystery,Romance 101 .
:Raoul Walsh
:Teresa Wright Robert Mitchum Judith Anderson Dean Jagger
: A boy haunted by nightmares about the night his entire family was murdered is brought up by a neighboring family in the 1880s. He falls for his lovely adoptive sister but his nasty adoptive brother and mysterious uncle want him dead.
Desire Me (1947 ) :Drama,Romance,War 91 .
:Jack Conway George Cukor Mervyn LeRoy Victor Saville
:Greer Garson Robert Mitchum Richard Hart Morris Ankrum
: Shortly after WWII, flashbacks tell the story of Marise, her husband Paul, and Jean, who was imprisoned with Paul in a German camp. While attempting to escape from the camp Paul is shot,  
(1946 ) :Drama,Film-Noir,Thriller 116 .
:Vincente Minnelli
:Katharine Hepburn Robert Taylor Robert Mitchum Edmund Gwenn
: Middle-aged bride Ann Hamilton soon begins to suspect that her charming husband is really a psychotic who plans to murder her.
(1946 ) :Drama,Film-Noir 85 .
:John Brahm
:Laraine Day Robert Mitchum Brian Aherne Gene Raymond
: Just before a wedding, the bridegroom hears a complex tale painting his lovely bride as devilish and unbalanced.
Till the End of Time (1946 ) :Drama,Romance,War 105 .
:Edward Dmytryk
:Dorothy McGuire Robert Mitchum Guy Madison Bill Williams
: Drama about former WW2 soldiers readjusting to civilian life and dealing with their mental and physical traumas.
(1945 ) :Biography,Drama,War 108 .
:William A. Wellman
:Burgess Meredith Robert Mitchum Freddie Steele Wally Cassell
: During WW2, Pulitzer prize winner and war correspondent Ernie Pyle joins the army and writes articles about his comrades in his daily columns.
West of the Pecos (1945 ) :Western 66 .
:Edward Killy
:Robert Mitchum Barbara Hale Richard Martin Thurston Hall
: Heading west for his health, Colonel Lambeth takes his daughter Rill along. Lost on the desert they are saved by Pecos and Chito. The Colonel hires the two and the Lambeths soon find  
When Strangers Marry (1944 ) :Drama,Film-Noir,Mystery 67 .
:William Castle
:Robert Mitchum Kim Hunter Dean Jagger Neil Hamilton
: A naive small-town girl comes to New York City to meet her husband, and discovers that he may be a murderer.
Nevada (1944 ) :Action,Adventure,Western 62 .
:Edward Killy
:Robert Mitchum Anne Jeffreys Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams Nancy Gates
: Jim Nevada Lacy wins a small fortune at craps, but soon finds himself accused of murdering a gold prospecting ranch owner.
Beyond the Last Frontier (1943 ) :Western 60 .
:Howard Bretherton
:Eddie Dew Smiley Burnette Lorraine Miller Robert Mitchum
: The Rangers are after Hadley and his men and have planted Johnny Revere into his gang to warn them of his raids. But Hadley realizes he has a spy in his group and gets Trigger Dolan to join 
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