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: . (2018 ) :Action,Adventure,Fantasy 135 .
:Ron Howard
:Alden Ehrenreich Woody Harrelson Emilia Clarke Donald Glover
: During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.
(2016 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 121 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Felicity Jones Irrfan Khan Ben Foster
: When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks, and together they must race across Europe against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.
(2015 ) :Action,Adventure,Biography 122 .
:Ron Howard
:Chris Hemsworth Cillian Murphy Brendan Gleeson Ben Whishaw
: A recounting of a New England whaling ships sinking by a giant whale in 1820, an experience that later inspired the great novel Moby-Dick.
(2013 ) :Action,Biography,Drama 123 .
:Ron Howard
:Daniel Brühl Chris Hemsworth Olivia Wilde Alexandra Maria Lara
: The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda.
(2011 ) :Comedy,Drama 111 .
:Ron Howard
:Vince Vaughn Kevin James Winona Ryder Jennifer Connelly
: A man discovers that his best friend's wife is having an affair.
(2009 ) :Mystery,Thriller 138 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Ewan McGregor Ayelet Zurer Stellan Skarsgård
: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon works with a nuclear physicist to solve a murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican during one of the significant events within the church.
(2008 ) :Biography,Drama,History 122 .
:Ron Howard
:Frank Langella Michael Sheen Kevin Bacon Sam Rockwell
: A dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon.
(2006 ) :Mystery,Thriller 149 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Audrey Tautou Jean Reno Ian McKellen
: A murder inside the Louvre, and clues in Da Vinci paintings, lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years, which could shake the foundations of Christianity.
(2005 ) :Biography,Drama,Sport 144 .
:Ron Howard
:Russell Crowe Renée Zellweger Craig Bierko Paul Giamatti
: The story of James Braddock, a supposedly washed-up boxer who came back to become a champion and an inspiration in the 1930s.
(2003 ) :Adventure,Thriller,Western 137 .
:Ron Howard
:Tommy Lee Jones Cate Blanchett Evan Rachel Wood Jenna Boyd
: In 1885 New Mexico, a frontier medicine woman forms an uneasy alliance with her estranged father when her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache brujo.
(2001 ) :Biography,Drama 135 .
:Ron Howard
:Russell Crowe Ed Harris Jennifer Connelly Christopher Plummer
: After John Nash, a brilliant but asocial mathematician, accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn for the nightmarish.
- (2000 ) :Comedy,Family,Fantasy 104 .
:Ron Howard
:Jim Carrey Taylor Momsen Kelley Jeffrey Tambor
: On the outskirts of Whoville, there lives a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of the town.
(1999 ) :Comedy,Drama 122 .
:Ron Howard
:Matthew McConaughey Jenna Elfman Geoffrey Blake Gail Boggs
: A video store clerk agrees to have his life filmed by a camera crew for a television show.
(1996 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 121 .
:Ron Howard
:Mel Gibson Gary Sinise Rene Russo Brawley Nolte
: When a multimillionaire mans son is kidnapped, he cooperates with the police at first but then turns the tables on the kidnappers when he uses the ransom money as a reward for the capture of the kidnappers.
13 (1995 ) :Adventure,Drama,History 140 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Bill Paxton Kevin Bacon Gary Sinise
: NASA must devise a strategy to return Apollo 13 to Earth safely after the spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage putting the lives of the three astronauts on board in jeopardy.
(1994 ) :Comedy,Drama 112 .
:Ron Howard
:Michael Keaton Glenn Close Robert Duvall Marisa Tomei
: New York City tabloid Editor Henry is faced with tough decisions while he faces several serious life challenges, and a tempting job offer.
- (1992 ) :Adventure,Drama,Romance 140 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Thomas Gibson Robert Prosky
: A young Irish couple flee to the States, but subsequently struggle to obtain land and prosper freely.
(1991 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 137 .
:Ron Howard
:Kurt Russell William Baldwin Robert De Niro Donald Sutherland
: Two Chicago firefighter brothers, who dont get along, have to work together while a dangerous arsonist is on the loose.
(1989 ) :Comedy,Drama 124 .
:Ron Howard
:Steve Martin Mary Steenburgen Dianne Wiest Jason Robards
: The Buckmans are a midwestern family all dealing with their lives: estranged relatives, raising children, pressures of the job, and learning to be a good parent and spouse.
(1988 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 126 .
:Ron Howard
:Val Kilmer Joanne Whalley Warwick Davis Jean Marsh
: A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.
(1986 ) :Comedy,Drama 112 .
:Ron Howard
:Michael Keaton Gedde Watanabe George Wendt Mimi Rogers
: When a Japanese car company buys an American plant, the American liaison must mediate the clash of work attitudes between the foreign management and native labor.
(1985 ) :Comedy,Drama,Sci-Fi 117 .
:Ron Howard
:Don Ameche Wilford Brimley Hume Cronyn Brian Dennehy
: When a group of trespassing seniors swim in a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized with youthful vigor.
(1984 ) :Comedy,Fantasy,Romance 111 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Daryl Hannah Eugene Levy John Candy
: A young man is reunited with a mermaid who saves him from drowning as a boy and falls in love not knowing who/what she is.
(1982 ) :Comedy 106 .
:Ron Howard
:Henry Winkler Michael Keaton Shelley Long Gina Hecht
: A morgue attendant is talked into running a brothel at his workplace after a deceased pimp is sent there. However, the pimps killers dont look too kindly on this new business, nor does the morgues owner.
(1977 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 84 .
:Ron Howard
:Ron Howard Nancy Morgan Elizabeth Rogers Barry Cahill
: A rich girl steals her dads Rolls Royce and heads off to Las Vegas to get married. However, her angry parents, a jealous suitor, and a bunch of reward seekers are determined to stop her.
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(1979 ) :Comedy,Drama,War 110 .
:Bill Norton
:Candy Clark Bo Hopkins Ron Howard Paul Le Mat
: College graduates deal with Vietnam and other issues of the late 1960s.
(1977 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 84 .
:Ron Howard
:Ron Howard Nancy Morgan Elizabeth Rogers Barry Cahill
: A rich girl steals her dads Rolls Royce and heads off to Las Vegas to get married. However, her angry parents, a jealous suitor, and a bunch of reward seekers are determined to stop her.
(1976 ) :Drama,Romance,Western 100 .
:Don Siegel
:John Wayne Lauren Bacall Ron Howard James Stewart
: A dying gunfighter spends his last days looking for a way to die with a minimum of pain and a maximum of dignity.
Eat My Dust (1976 ) :Action,Comedy,Romance 89 .
:Charles B. Griffith
:Ron Howard Christopher Norris Brad David Kathy O'Dare
: Darlenes into going fast, Hoovers into Darlene, but when they both get into a red-hot race car, the reckless fun accelerates into a trunk-full of hot pursuits.
(1974 ) :Drama,Western 96 .
:Richard Fleischer
:Lee Marvin Gary Grimes Ron Howard Charles Martin Smith
: Three farm boys in the Old West help a wounded bank robber, who teaches them the trade.
(1973 ) :Comedy,Drama 110 .
:George Lucas
:Richard Dreyfuss Ron Howard Paul Le Mat Charles Martin Smith
: A couple of high school grads spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.
The Wild Country (1970 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 100 .
:Robert Totten
:Steve Forrest Vera Miles Ron Howard Clint Howard
: A family leaves city life to take possession of a Wyoming ranch.
(1963 ) :Comedy,Drama,Family 118 .
:Vincente Minnelli
:Glenn Ford Ron Howard Shirley Jones Stella Stevens
: Eddie thinks it is time for his father to remarry. However, in his opinion his fathers taste in women leaves much to be desired. He believes the girl next door would be a far better choice
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