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(2000 ) :Comedy,Drama 108 .
:Shirley MacLaine
:Alex D. Linz Shirley MacLaine Gary Sinise Joey Lauren Adams
: Bruno is the story of a unique young boy genius, Bruno (Alex D. Linz), whose expression of his own individuality leads his family and community along an emotional journey. By the time he  
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(2018 ) :Adventure,Drama,Fantasy 85 .
:Blake Harris Chris Bouchard
:Poppy Drayton William Moseley Armando Gutierrez Shirley MacLaine
: A young reporter and his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real little mermaid.
Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivf?hrer (2018 ) :Adventure,Family,Fantasy 105 .
:Dennis Gansel
:Shirley MacLaine Henning Baum Michael Herbig Milan Peschel
: An orphan boy in search of his origin. A young princess held prisoner in deadly Dragon City. Jim and his friend Luke discovering mysterious lands on the quest of a lifetime.
(2017 ) :Comedy,Drama 108 .
:Mark Pellington
:Shirley MacLaine Amanda Seyfried AnnJewel Lee Dixon Thomas Sadoski
: Harriet is a retired businesswoman who tries to control everything around her. When she decides to write her own obituary, a young journalist takes up the task of finding out the truth resulting in a life-altering friendship.
(2016 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 86 .
:Andy Tennant
:Shirley MacLaine Jessica Lange Demi Moore Ptolemy Slocum
: Everything changes for Eva when she receives a life insurance check accidentally made out for $5,000,000 instead of the expected $50 thousand. She and her best friend take the money and head out for the adventure of a lifetime.
(2014 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 93 .
:Michael Radford
:Shirley MacLaine Christopher Plummer Marcia Gay Harden Wendell Pierce
: Elsa and Fred is the story of two people who at the end of the road, discover that its never too late to love and make dreams come true. Elsa has lived for the past 60 years dreaming of  
(2011 ) :Biography,Comedy,Crime 99 .
:Richard Linklater
:Jack Black Shirley MacLaine Matthew McConaughey Brady Coleman
: In small-town Texas, an affable mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when she starts to become controlling, he goes to great lengths to separate himself from her grasp.
(2007 ) :Drama,Romance 118 .
:Richard Attenborough
:Shirley MacLaine Christopher Plummer Dylan Roberts Gene Dinovi
: A young man searches for the proper owner of a ring that belonged to a U.S. World War II bomber gunner who crashed in Belfast, Northern Ireland on June 1, 1944.
(2005 ) :Comedy,Fantasy,Romance 102 .
:Nora Ephron
:Nicole Kidman Will Ferrell Shirley MacLaine Michael Caine
: Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic sitcom Моя жена меня приворожила (1964).
(2005 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 130 .
:Curtis Hanson
:Toni Collette Cameron Diaz Shirley MacLaine Anson Mount
: Strait-laced Rose breaks off relations with her party girl sister, Maggie, over an indiscretion involving Rose's boyfriend. The chilly atmosphere is broken with the arrival of Ella, the grandmother neither sister knew existed.
... (2005 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 97 .
:Rob Reiner
:Jennifer Aniston Mark Ruffalo Shirley MacLaine Kevin Costner
: Sarah Huttinger is a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film The Graduate -- and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event.
(2003 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 96 .
:Marleen Gorris
:Julia Stiles Shirley MacLaine Alessandro Nivola Randy Quaid
: A young woman escapes her wildly eccentric family in search for a life of normalcy.
(2000 ) :Comedy,Drama 108 .
:Shirley MacLaine
:Alex D. Linz Shirley MacLaine Gary Sinise Joey Lauren Adams
: Bruno is the story of a unique young boy genius, Bruno (Alex D. Linz), whose expression of his own individuality leads his family and community along an emotional journey. By the time he  
(1996 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 105 .
:Richard Benjamin
:Shirley MacLaine Ricki Lake Brendan Fraser Miguel Sandoval
: Connie Doyle is eighteen and pregnant when her boyfriend kicks her out. She accidentally ends up on a train where she meets Hugh Winterbourne and his wife Patricia who is pregnant. The  
(1996 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 129 .
:Robert Harling
:Shirley MacLaine Bill Paxton Juliette Lewis Miranda Richardson
: Continuing the story of Aurora Greenway in her latter years. After the death of her daughter, Aurora struggled to keep her family together, but has one grandson in jail, a rebellious  
(1994 ) :Comedy,Drama 96 .
:Hugh Wilson
:Shirley MacLaine Nicolas Cage Austin Pendleton Edward Albert
: A former U.S. First Lady wants a particular Secret Service agent to head her bodyguard detail, even though he cant stand her.
(1993 ) :Drama,Romance 123 .
:Randa Haines
:Robert Duvall Richard Harris Shirley MacLaine Sandra Bullock
: Two lonely, retired septuagenarians, an unkempt, hard-drinking Irish sea captain, and a fussy, well-mannered Cuban barber form an uneasy friendship.
(1992 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 115 .
:Beeban Kidron
:Shirley MacLaine Kathy Bates Jessica Tandy Marcello Mastroianni
: At her husbands funeral, Pearl (Shirley MacLaine), Jewish mother of two divorced and antagonistic daughters, meets an old Italian friend (Marcello Mastroianni) of her husband, whose advice 
Waiting for the Light (1990 ) :Comedy 94 .
:Christopher Monger
:Shirley MacLaine Teri Garr Louis Guzzo Colin Baumgartner
: A former vaudevillian magician (MacLaine) moves her straight-laced niece (Garr) and her two mischievous children to a small town. When the two kids get in trouble with a neighbor for  
(1990 ) :Comedy,Drama 101 .
:Mike Nichols
:Meryl Streep Shirley MacLaine Dennis Quaid Gene Hackman
: A substance-addicted actress tries to look on the bright side even as she is forced to move back in with her mother to avoid unemployment.
(1989 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 117 .
:Herbert Ross
:Shirley MacLaine Olympia Dukakis Sally Field Julia Roberts
: A young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the local salon, where a small group of women share a close bond of friendship, and welcome her into the fold.
(1988 ) :Drama,Music 122 .
:John Schlesinger
:Shirley MacLaine Navin Chowdhry Peggy Ashcroft Twiggy
: Renowned Russian piano teacher Irina Sousatzka gets a new student - Bengali piano prodigy Manek. They are both immigrants in the UK and bond quickly. When Maneks single mothers business fails, he must make a career decision.
(1983 ) :Comedy,Drama 132 .
:James L. Brooks
:Shirley MacLaine Debra Winger Jack Nicholson Danny DeVito
: Follows hard-to-please Aurora looking for love, and her daughters family problems.
A Change of Seasons (1980 ) :Comedy,Drama 102 .
:Richard Lang Noel Black
:Shirley MacLaine Anthony Hopkins Bo Derek Michael Brandon
: Marriage takes a sour turn when a middle-aged husband falls for a young and sexy woman. Things get even more complicated when his wife starts a hot affair with a young lover of her own.
Loving Couples (1980 ) :Comedy 97 .
:Jack Smight
:Shirley MacLaine James Coburn Susan Sarandon Stephen Collins
: Wife is cheating her husband and the husband is cheating her back with her lovers girlfriend. The two cheating couples decide to go to a resort but they unintentionally pick the same one. Hilarity ensues.
(1979 ) :Comedy,Drama 130 .
:Hal Ashby
:Peter Sellers Shirley MacLaine Melvyn Douglas Jack Warden
: A simple, sheltered gardener becomes an unlikely trusted advisor to a powerful businessman and an insider in Washington politics.
(1977 ) :Drama,Romance 119 .
:Herbert Ross
:Anne Bancroft Shirley MacLaine Mikhail Baryshnikov Tom Skerritt
: When her daughter joins a ballet company, a former dancer is forced to confront her long-ago decision to give up the stage to have a family.
The Possession of Joel Delaney (1972 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 105 .
:Waris Hussein
:Shirley MacLaine Perry King David Elliott Lisa Kohane
: A woman begins to suspect that her brother is possessed by a voodoo spirit.
Desperate Characters (1971 ) :Drama 97 .
:Frank D. Gilroy
:Shirley MacLaine Kenneth Mars Sada Thompson Jack Somack
: Marriage of a midlife, middle-class, childless couple is in a rut. Sophie has become depressed, frigid and slightly paranoid and Otto is stuck in optimistic denial. Things escalate at their summer cottage, but no one dares call it quits.
(1970 ) :Adventure,Romance,War 116 .
:Don Siegel
:Clint Eastwood Shirley MacLaine Manolo Fábregas Alberto Morin
: Nun Sara is on the run in Mexico and is saved from cowboys by Hogan, who is preparing for a future mission to capture a French fort. The pair become good friends, but Sara never does tell him the true reason behind her being outlawed.
(1969 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 149 .
:Bob Fosse
:Shirley MacLaine John McMartin Ricardo Montalban Sammy Davis Jr.
: Taxi dancer Charity continues to have Faith in the human race despite apparently endless disappointments at its hands, and Hope that she will finally meet the nice young man to romance her  
The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968 ) :Comedy 93 .
:Joseph McGrath
:Shirley MacLaine Richard Attenborough James Booth Freddie Jones
: Harriet Blossom, the lonely wife of a workaholic brassiere manufacturer, breaks her sewing machine and ends up in bed with the repairman, a mechanic from one of her husbands factories. The  
(1967 ) :Comedy,Drama 99 .
:Vittorio De Sica
:Shirley MacLaine Peter Sellers Elspeth March Rossano Brazzi
: Seven mini-stories of adultery: Funeral Possession, a wayward widow at her husbands funeral; Amateur Night, angry wife becomes streetwalker out of revenge; Two Against One, seemingly  
(1966 ) :Comedy,Crime,Thriller 109 .
:Ronald Neame
:Shirley MacLaine Michael Caine Herbert Lom Roger C. Carmel
: An English cat burglar needs a Eurasian dancers help to pull off the perfect heist, but even the most foolproof schemes have a way of backfiring.
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! (1965 ) :Comedy 96 .
:J. Lee Thompson
:Shirley MacLaine Peter Ustinov Richard Crenna Jim Backus
: During the Cold War, John Goldfarb (Richard Crenna) crashes his spy plane in the Middle East and is taken prisoner by the local government. His captor, King Fawz (Peter Ustinov), soon  
! (1964 ) :Comedy,Romance 111 .
:J. Lee Thompson
:Shirley MacLaine Paul Newman Robert Mitchum Dean Martin
: A four-time widow discusses her four marriages, in which all of her husbands became incredibly rich and died prematurely because of their drive to be rich.
- (1964 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 122 .
:Anthony Asquith
:Ingrid Bergman Rex Harrison Shirley MacLaine Jeanne Moreau
: Anthology film about three owners of a yellow Rolls-Royce. A British diplomat buys the car for his French wife. A mobsters girlfriend has an affair in Italy. An American woman drives a Yugoslavian partisan to Ljubljana on the eve of the Nazi invasion.
(1963 ) :Comedy,Romance 147 .
:Billy Wilder
:Jack Lemmon Shirley MacLaine Lou Jacobi Bruce Yarnell
: In Paris, a former policeman falls in love with a prostitute, and tries to get her out of that life by paying for all of her time.
(1962 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 119 .
:Jack Cardiff
:Shirley MacLaine Yves Montand Edward G. Robinson Robert Cummings
: An actress disguises herself as a geisha in order to land the lead role in her director husbands film version of Madam Butterfly.
(1962 ) :Drama,Romance 119 .
:Robert Wise
:Robert Mitchum Shirley MacLaine Edmon Ryan Elisabeth Fraser
: Jerry Ryan is wandering aimlessly around New York, having given up his law career in Nebraska when his wife asked for a divorce. He meets up with Gittel Mosca, an impoverished dancer from  
(1961 ) :Drama,Romance 108 .
:William Wyler
:Audrey Hepburn Shirley MacLaine James Garner Miriam Hopkins
: A troublemaking student at a girls school accuses two teachers of being lesbians.
All in a Night's Work (1961 ) :Comedy 94 .
:Joseph Anthony
:Dean Martin Shirley MacLaine Cliff Robertson Charles Ruggles
: Tony Ryder must take over his dead uncles media empire while trying to clarify the mysterious circumstances of his death in a Palm Beach hotel room.
Two Loves (1961 ) :Drama 96 .
:Charles Walters
:Shirley MacLaine Laurence Harvey Jack Hawkins Nobu McCarthy
: Out on a Limb, not out on a Leash.
(1960 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 125 .
:Billy Wilder
:Jack Lemmon Shirley MacLaine Fred MacMurray Ray Walston
: A man tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.
(1960 ) :Comedy,Musical 131 .
:Walter Lang
:Frank Sinatra Shirley MacLaine Maurice Chevalier Louis Jourdan
: Montmartre, 1896: the Can-Can, the dance in which the women lift their skirts, is forbidden. Nevertheless Simone has it performed every day in her nightclub. Her employees use their female  
Career (1959 ) :Drama 105 .
:Joseph Anthony
:Dean Martin Anthony Franciosa Shirley MacLaine Carolyn Jones
: More than anything in the world, Sam Lawson wants to be a successful actor. Is he willing to sacrifice his wife, happiness and personal reputation to achieve his goal?
(1959 ) :Comedy,Romance 98 .
:Charles Walters
:David Niven Shirley MacLaine Gig Young Rod Taylor
: Sales girl falls for the younger of a company run by two brothers. The elder falls for her but plans to help her get his brother because he doesnt know hes in love.
The Matchmaker (1958 ) :Romance,Comedy 103 .
:Joseph Anthony
:Shirley Booth Anthony Perkins Shirley MacLaine Paul Ford
: Thornton Wilders tale of a matchmaker who desires the man shes supposed to be pairing with another woman.
Hot Spell (1958 ) :Drama 86 .
:Daniel Mann George Cukor
:Shirley Booth Anthony Quinn Shirley MacLaine Earl Holliman
: A housewife is doing her best to keep her family together as its slowly falling apart, a fact shes trying to ignore. Her cheating husbands birthday party is approaching and many lines will be crossed after that event.
(1958 ) :Western 85 .
:George Marshall
:Glenn Ford Shirley MacLaine Leslie Nielsen Mickey Shaughnessy
: A brash stranger and his sheep arrive in a small town, but not soon after, the townspeople decide theyve seen enough of him.
(1958 ) :Drama,Romance 137 .
:Vincente Minnelli
:Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Shirley MacLaine Martha Hyer
: Dave Hirsch, a writer and an army veteran winds up in his small Indiana hometown, to the dismay of his respectable older brother. He meets and befriends various different characters and tries to figure out what to do with his life.
80 (1956 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Family 175 .
:Michael Anderson John Farrow
:David Niven Cantinflas Shirley MacLaine Robert Newton
: A Victorian Englishman bets that with the new steamships and railways he can circumnavigate the globe in eighty days.
(1955 ) :Comedy,Musical,Romance 109 .
:Frank Tashlin
:Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Shirley MacLaine Dorothy Malone
: Rick Todd uses the dreams of his roommate Eugene as the basis for a successful comic book.
(1955 ) :Comedy,Mystery 99 .
:Alfred Hitchcock
:John Forsythe Shirley MacLaine Edmund Gwenn Mildred Natwick
: The trouble with Harry is that hes dead, and everyone seems to have a different idea of what should be done with his body.
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