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6 Underground (2019 ) :Action .
:Michael Bay
:Ryan Reynolds Mélanie Laurent Adria Arjona Dave Franco
: Plot kept under wraps.
: (2017 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 154 .
:Michael Bay
:Mark Wahlberg Anthony Hopkins Josh Duhamel Laura Haddock
: Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.
13 : (2016 ) :Action,Drama,History 144 .
:Michael Bay
:John Krasinski Pablo Schreiber James Badge Dale David Denman
: During an attack on a U.S. compound in Libya, a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.
: (2014 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 165 .
:Michael Bay
:Mark Wahlberg Nicola Peltz Jack Reynor Stanley Tucci
: Autobots must escape sight from a bounty hunter who has taken control of the human serendipity: Unexpectedly, Optimus Prime and his remaining gang turn to a mechanic, his daughter, and her back street racing boyfriend for help.
: (2013 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 129 .
:Michael Bay
:Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Anthony Mackie Tony Shalhoub
: A trio of bodybuilders in Florida get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.
3: Ҹ (2011 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 154 .
:Michael Bay
:Shia LaBeouf Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tyrese Gibson Josh Duhamel
: The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.
: (2009 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 150 .
:Michael Bay
:Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox Josh Duhamel Tyrese Gibson
: Sam Witwicky leaves the Autobots behind for a normal life. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the Decepticons target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war.
(2007 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 144 .
:Michael Bay
:Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox Josh Duhamel Tyrese Gibson
: An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager.
(2005 ) :Action,Adventure,Romance 136 .
:Michael Bay
:Scarlett Johansson Ewan McGregor Djimon Hounsou Steve Buscemi
: A man living in a futuristic sterile colony begins to question his circumscribed existence when his friend is chosen to go to the Island, the last uncontaminated place on earth.
2 (2003 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 147 .
:Michael Bay
:Will Smith Martin Lawrence Gabrielle Union Jordi Mollà
: Two loose-cannon narcotics cops investigate the flow of Ecstasy into Florida from a Cuban drug cartel.
(2001 ) :Action,Drama,History 183 .
:Michael Bay
:Ben Affleck Kate Beckinsale Josh Hartnett William Lee Scott
: A tale of war and romance mixed in with history. The story follows two lifelong friends and a beautiful nurse who are caught up in the horror of an infamous Sunday morning in 1941.
(1998 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 151 .
:Michael Bay
:Bruce Willis Billy Bob Thornton Ben Affleck Liv Tyler
: After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.
(1996 ) :Action,Adventure,Thriller 136 .
:Michael Bay
:Sean Connery Nicolas Cage Ed Harris John Spencer
: A mild-mannered chemist and an ex-con must lead the counterstrike when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, threaten a nerve gas attack from Alcatraz against San Francisco.
(1995 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 119 .
:Michael Bay
:Will Smith Martin Lawrence Lisa Boyle Michael Taliferro
: Two hip detectives protect a witness to a murder while investigating a case of stolen heroin from the evidence storage room from their police precinct.
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