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22 (2018 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 94 .
:Peter Berg
:Mark Wahlberg Lauren Cohan Iko Uwais John Malkovich
: An elite American intelligence officer, aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.
(2016 ) :Crime,Drama,History 133 .
:Peter Berg
:Mark Wahlberg Michelle Monaghan J.K. Simmons John Goodman
: The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.
(2016 ) :Action,Drama,History 107 .
:Peter Berg
:Mark Wahlberg Kurt Russell Douglas M. Griffin James DuMont
: A dramatization of the disaster in April 2010, when the offshore drilling rig called the Deepwater Horizon exploded, resulting in the worst oil spill in American history.
(2013 ) :Action,Biography,Drama 121 .
:Peter Berg
:Mark Wahlberg Taylor Kitsch Emile Hirsch Ben Foster
: Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June 2005. Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare.
(2012 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 131 .
:Peter Berg
:Alexander Skarsgård Brooklyn Decker Liam Neeson Rihanna
: A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.
(2008 ) :Action,Drama,Fantasy 92 .
:Peter Berg
:Will Smith Charlize Theron Jason Bateman Jae Head
: Hancock is a superhero whose ill considered behavior regularly causes damage in the millions. He changes when the person he saves helps him improve his public image.
(2007 ) :Action,Drama,Thriller 110 .
:Peter Berg
:Jamie Foxx Chris Cooper Jennifer Garner Jason Bateman
: A team of U.S. government agents are sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
(2004 ) :Action,Drama,Sport 118 .
:Peter Berg
:Billy Bob Thornton Jay Hernandez Derek Luke Lucas Black
: Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers.
(2003 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 104 .
:Peter Berg
:Dwayne Johnson Seann William Scott Christopher Walken Rosario Dawson
: A tough aspiring chef is hired to bring home a mobster's son from the Amazon but becomes involved in the fight against an oppressive town operator and the search for a legendary treasure.
(1998 ) :Comedy,Crime,Thriller 100 .
:Peter Berg
:Christian Slater Daniel Stern Cameron Diaz Jon Favreau
: A prostitute is killed during a bachelor party and the attendees turn on each other as the wedding approaches.
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(2001 ) :Comedy,Crime 86 .
:Rob Pritts
:Chris Kattan Peter Falk Vinessa Shaw Peter Berg
: The loser son of a Mafia honcho must go undercover for the FBI.
(1996 ) :Comedy,Sport 91 .
:Reginald Hudlin
:Samuel L. Jackson Jeff Goldblum Damon Wayans Peter Berg
: When the champs promoter, Reverend Sultan, decides something new is needed to boost the marketability of the boxing matches, he searches and finds the only man to ever beat the champ. The  
(1994 ) :Crime,Drama,Romance 100 .
:Michael Karbelnikoff
:Mickey Rourke Aaron Neville Peter Berg Lori Singer
: Frank T. Wells has just been released from prison after serving a term for manslaughter. Franks a reasonably honest man and a good rodeo rider. When he meets up with Scarlett, a bank  
(1994 ) :Crime,Drama,Romance 110 .
:John Dahl
:Linda Fiorentino Peter Berg Bill Pullman Michael Raysses
: A devious sexpot steals her husbands drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.
(1993 ) :Drama,Romance,Sport 113 .
:Patrick Hasburgh
:Paul Gross Peter Berg Finola Hughes Teri Polo
: T.J. and his friend Dexter quit their jobs in Detroit to become ski-instructors in Aspen. While T.J. advances to the most popular instructor of the school during the season, he has to take  
(1993 ) :Biography,Drama,Fantasy 109 .
:Robert Lieberman
:D.B. Sweeney Robert Patrick Craig Sheffer Peter Berg
: An Arizona logger mysteriously disappears for five days in an alleged encounter with a flying saucer in 1975.
(1992 ) :Drama,War 108 .
:Keith Gordon
:Peter Berg Kevin Dillon Arye Gross Ethan Hawke
: This WW2 psychological drama plays out at Christmas. US GIs hold an isolated cabin in the Ardennes against a handful of Germans cut off from their main force. Combat-weary and short of rations, both sides are determined to survive.
(1991 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi 99 .
:W.D. Richter
:Peter Berg Brian Wimmer Marcia Gay Harden Cassy Friel
: Two young men evading the police for a crime they didnt commit are cryogenically frozen in the early 1960s. The next thing they know is that they are in a strange new world (thirty years on).
(1991 ) :Drama,Romance 113 .
:Michael Bortman
:Peter Berg Vincent D'Onofrio Noah Wyle Peter Coyote
: How the discovery of a fathers affair affects each member of his family.
Forradalom ut?n (1990 ) : 88 .
:András Szirtes
:Peter Berg János 'Dixi' Gémes Wright Io Michael Mehlmann
Genuine Risk (1990 ) :Crime,Thriller 90 .
:Kurt Voss
:Terence Stamp Peter Berg Michelle Johnson Michael Harris
Race for Glory (1989 ) :Action 104 .
:Rocky Lang
:Alex McArthur Peter Berg Pamela Ludwig Ray Wise
: A member of an up and coming motorcycle racing team abandons his teamates to join a rival team. He ends up playing second fiddle to the champion of the new team. Not satisfied, and against  
Tale of Two Sisters (1989 ) :Drama 89 .
:Adam Rifkin
:Charlie Sheen Peter Berg Claudia Christian Valerie Breiman
: Two sisters reunite after not having seen each other for five years. While catching up on each others lives, they relive childhood experiences, both good and Bad
Never on Tuesday (1989 ) :Comedy,Drama 90 .
:Adam Rifkin
:Claudia Christian Andrew Lauer Peter Berg Dave Anderson
: After their cars collide on a desert highway in the middle of nowhere, two friends and a woman they both like must wait for someone to pass by and help them. Unfortunately, those who do stop turn out to be criminals, eccentrics or wackos.
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