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Hide in Plain Sight (1980 ) :Drama 92 .
:James Caan
:James Caan Jill Eikenberry Robert Viharo Joe Grifasi
: This was based on a true story. About a man (Caan) who discovers that his ex-wife has disappeared along with their children. It seems that her new boyfriend works for some criminals. After  
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Out of Blue (2018 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 110 .
:Carol Morley
:Patricia Clarkson James Caan Mamie Gummer Toby Jones
: When Detective Mike Hoolihan is called to investigate the shooting of leading astrophysicist and black hole expert, Jennifer Rockwell, she is affected in ways she struggles to comprehend.
Welcome to Pine Grove! (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Michael Lembeck
:Ellen Burstyn James Caan Ann-Margret Jane Curtin
: The newest resident at the Pine Grove Senior Community quickly discovers it's just like high school - full of cliques and flirts - but also chances to find friendship and love again.
Undercover Grandpa (2017 ) :Action,Comedy,Family 94 .
:Erik Canuel
:Dylan Everett James Caan Greta Onieogou Jesse Bostick
: When the girl he likes goes missing, Jake enlists the help of his grandpa and Grandpa's former special ops buddies.
JL Ranch (2016 ) :Family,Western 85 .
:Charles Robert Carner
:Jon Voight Teri Polo James Caan Melanie Griffith
: A veteran rancher and former Sheriff is forced to face some federal bureaucracy when an old enemy-cum-millionaire alleges he doesn't actually own his beloved family ranch in a small Texas town.
(2016 ) :Crime,Drama,Horror 98 .
:Kasra Farahani
:James Caan Logan Miller Keir Gilchrist Laura Innes
: A pair of mischievous high school kids create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting elderly neighbor while keeping his every reaction under surveillance. A series of coincidences leads to tragedy.
The Red Maple Leaf (2016 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 132 .
:Frank D'Angelo
:James Caan Kris Kristofferson Martin Landau Paul Sorvino
: A detective, who is deeply grieving over the tragic loss of his wife and daughter, becomes determined to find the kidnapped daughter of the U.S. Ambassador, no matter what the cost.
(2015 ) :Action,Comedy,Thriller 90 .
:Tony Bui
:Peter Brooke James Caan Noel Clarke Kevin Dillon
: Notorious hacker Drew Reynolds is captured by the C.I.A. and given a proposition, work for them, or spend the rest of his life in prison. Agreeing on the condition that he can form his own  
(2015 ) :Crime,Drama,Horror 124 .
:Frank D'Angelo
:Vittorio Altomare Armand Assante Daniel Baldwin James Caan
: Equal parts Goodfellas (1990) and From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). Reputed mobster Sonny Trafficante was hoping to get away to the family hunting lodge for a little rest and relaxation and create some memories. Instead, what he got was a night he will never forget.
(2014 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 94 .
:Brian A. Miller
:Craig Fairbrass James Caan Jason Patric Shannon Elizabeth
: The plot revolves around British military contractor Lex Walker, who is told his daughter has died. When he arrives in Los Angeles and discovers the body is not hers, he begins an investigation.
(2013 ) :Animation,Adventure,Drama 137 .
:Isao Takahata
:Chloë Grace Moretz James Caan Mary Steenburgen James Marsden
: Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her, but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime.
(2012 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 96 .
:Jonas Åkerlund
:Matt Lucas Peter Stormare James Caan Juno Temple
: A man is surrounded by strange events and odd neighbors in this adaptation of Chris Millis' novel.
: (2012 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 93 .
:Ellie Kanner
:Inbar Lavi Edward Furlong Steven Bauer James Caan
: One man leaves his old gangster lifestyle for a fresh start. As his past creeps up, he'll have to protect his family, even if it means going back to his old ways. Based on a true story.
(2010 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 108 .
:Malcolm Venville
:Keanu Reeves Vera Farmiga James Caan Judy Greer
: Released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, an ex-con targets the same bank he was sent away for robbing.
(2009 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 105 .
:George Gallo
:Luke Wilson Giovanni Ribisi Gabriel Macht James Caan
: Chronicles Jack Harris, one of the pioneers of internet commerce, as he wrestles with his morals, and struggles not to drown in a sea of con men, mobsters, drug addicts, and porn stars.
, (2009 ) :Animation,Action,Adventure 90 .
:Phil Lord Christopher Miller
:Anna Faris Bill Hader Bruce Campbell James Caan
: A local scientist is often regarded as a failure until he invents a machine that can make food fall from the sky. But little does he know, that things are about to take a turn for the worst.
(2003 ) :Comedy,Family,Fantasy 97 .
:Jon Favreau
:Will Ferrell James Caan Bob Newhart Zooey Deschanel
: After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.
Jericho Mansions (2003 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller 98 .
:Alberto Sciamma
:James Caan Geneviève Bujold Jennifer Tilly Maribel Verdú
: A murder in an old apartment building leads the superintendent to suspect everyone, and eventually himself, of the murder.
(2002 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 116 .
:Matt Dillon
:Matt Dillon James Caan Natascha McElhone Gérard Depardieu
: A con man (Matt Dillon) travels to Cambodia (also on the run from law enforcement in the U.S.) to collect his share in an insurance scam, but discovers more than he bargained for.
In the Shadows (2001 ) :Drama,Thriller 105 .
:Ric Roman Waugh
:Matthew Modine James Caan Joey Lauren Adams Lillo Brancato
: A hitman, sent to kill a veteran Hollywood stuntman, falls in love with the target's daughter, and decides to become a stuntman himself.
(2001 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 97 .
:Jason Bloom
:Daniel Stern James Caan Patricia Richardson Lacey Kohl
: The life of motel owner is turned upside down by a femme-fatale lounge singer and her abusive manager.
(2001 ) :Drama 87 .
:Adam Rifkin
:Vinny Argiro James Caan Donnie Montemarano Natasha Lyonne
: An ex-convict's plans to turn legit go awry.
(2000 ) :Crime,Drama,Romance 115 .
:James Gray
:Mark Wahlberg Joaquin Phoenix Charlize Theron James Caan
: In the rail yards of Queens, contractors repair and rebuild the city's subway cars. These contracts are lucrative, so graft and corruption are rife. When Leo Handler gets out of prison, he  
Luckytown (2000 ) :Drama,Crime,Mystery 101 .
:Paul Nicholas
:Kirsten Dunst James Caan Vincent Kartheiser Luis Guzmán
: Kirsten Dunst plays a young woman (Lidda), who is searching for her father (James Caan). She finds herself at odds with her boyfriend who wants nothing but a carefree lifestyle.
(1999 ) :Comedy,Crime,Romance 102 .
:Kelly Makin
:Hugh Grant Jeanne Tripplehorn James Caan Burt Young
: An English auctioneer proposes to the daughter of a Mafia kingpin, only to realize that certain favors would be asked of him.
(1998 ) :Romance,Drama 119 .
:Paul Quinn
:Aidan Quinn James Caan Jacob Tierney Colm Meaney
: Widowed Kieran Johnson is a lonely, middle-aged, Chicago-based high school history teacher who feels disconnected to his life. He decides to take a trip to his mother's small old hometown  
(1996 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 84 .
:Ernest R. Dickerson
:Damon Wayans Adam Sandler James Caan Jeep Swenson
: Two criminals, Keats and Moses, end their friendship, when Keats turns out to be an undercover cop. Many years later, the two are forced to work together when Keats is assigned to protect Moses as a witness.
(1996 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 90 .
:Nils Gaup
:James Caan Christopher Lambert Catherine McCormack Burt Young
: Set during the Alaskan gold rush of the late 1800s. In his efforts to gain control of a small mining town, Sean McLennon is buying up every mining claim that becomes available, usually  
(1996 ) :Action,Drama,Mystery 115 .
:Chuck Russell
:Arnold Schwarzenegger Vanessa Williams James Caan James Coburn
: A Witness Protection specialist becomes suspicious of his co-workers when dealing with a case involving high-tech weapons.
A Boy Called Hate (1995 ) :Crime,Drama,Romance 97 .
:Mitch Marcus
:Scott Caan Lee Nashold Kevin Michael Richardson James Caan
: After a run-in with the law, an angry maladjusted young man starts calling himself Hate. One night he saves a girl from a lusty Assistant District Attorney. He falsely accuses them of robbery, so they go on the run and make things worse.
(1993 ) :Drama,Mystery,Romance 126 .
:Steve Kloves
:Dennis Quaid Meg Ryan James Caan Julia McNeal
: Around thirty years after Arlis witnessed his father murdering a family, he runs into Kay, who happens to be the familys baby, who was spared. Kay and Arlis suspect nothing about each  
(1993 ) :Action,Drama,Romance 112 .
:David S. Ward
:James Caan Halle Berry Omar Epps Craig Sheffer
: Several players from different backgrounds try to cope with the pressures of playing football at a major university. Each deals with the pressure differently, some turn to drinking, others to drugs, and some to studying.
- (1992 ) :Comedy,Romance,Thriller 96 .
:Andrew Bergman
:James Caan Nicolas Cage Sarah Jessica Parker Pat Morita
: On her deathbed, a mother makes her son promise never to get married, which scars him with psychological blocks to a commitment with his girlfriend. They finally decide to tie the knot in  
(1991 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 138 .
:Mark Rydell
:Bette Midler James Caan George Segal Patrick O'Neal
: With the help of the singer and dancer Dixie Leonhard, U.S. entertainer Eddie Sparks wants to bring some fun to the soldiers during World War II. Becoming a perfect team, they tour from  
(1990 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 107 .
:Rob Reiner
:James Caan Kathy Bates Richard Farnsworth Frances Sternhagen
: After a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse.
y (1988 ) :Action,Sci-Fi 91 .
:Graham Baker
:James Caan Mandy Patinkin Terence Stamp Kevyn Major Howard
: In 1988, Earth makes the first contact with an alien civilization. In 1991, these aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after three years of quarantine.
(1987 ) :Drama,War,Romance 111 .
:Francis Ford Coppola
:James Caan Anjelica Huston James Earl Jones D.B. Sweeney
: A Sergeant must deal with his desires to save the lives of young soldiers being sent to Viet Nam. Continuously denied the chance to teach the soldiers about his experiences, he settles for trying to help the son of an old Army buddy.
(1982 ) :Comedy,Fantasy,Romance 101 .
:Robert Mulligan
:Sally Field James Caan Jeff Bridges Paul Dooley
: Not until three years after the death of her husband Jolly, Kay dares to move back into their former house, persuaded by her new fiancé Rupert. But soon her worst expectations come true,  
Bo (1981 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 122 .
:Michael Mann
:James Caan Tuesday Weld Willie Nelson Jim Belushi
: Coming closer to his dream of leading a normal life, a professional safecracker agrees to do a job for the Mafia, who has other plans for him.
Hide in Plain Sight (1980 ) :Drama 92 .
:James Caan
:James Caan Jill Eikenberry Robert Viharo Joe Grifasi
: This was based on a true story. About a man (Caan) who discovers that his ex-wife has disappeared along with their children. It seems that her new boyfriend works for some criminals. After  
(1979 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 124 .
:Robert Moore
:James Caan Marsha Mason Joseph Bologna Valerie Harper
: George Schneider is an author whose wife had just died. His brother Leo gives him the number of Jennie Malone, and somehow they hit it off, and just when things are moving along, the memory 
(1978 ) :Drama,Western,Romance 118 .
:Alan J. Pakula
:James Caan Jane Fonda Jason Robards George Grizzard
: Ella Connors is a single woman who gets pressured to sell her failing cattle farm to her corrupt ex suitor, Jacob Ewing. She asks for help from her neighbor, Frank Athearn. As Ella and  
Un autre homme, une autre chance (1977 ) :Western 130 .
:Claude Lelouch
:James Caan Geneviève Bujold Francis Huster Susan Tyrrell
: A photographer, who has been hired to photograph the wild west of America where he has lived his entire life, tells his client of a photograph he has that was taken one hundred years ago by  
Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976 ) :Crime,Comedy 115 .
:Mark Rydell
:James Caan Elliott Gould Michael Caine Diane Keaton
: Two hopelessly-out-of-their-class conmen attempt to pull off the largest bank heist of the nineteenth century. They gain the enmity of the most famous bank robber in the world, and the  
(1975 ) :Action,Sci-Fi,Sport 125 .
:Norman Jewison
:James Caan John Houseman Maud Adams John Beck
: In a corporate-controlled future, an ultra-violent sport known as Rollerball represents the world, and one of its powerful athletes is out to defy those who want him out of the game.
(1975 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 122 .
:Sam Peckinpah
:James Caan Robert Duvall Arthur Hill Bo Hopkins
: Mike Locke, who works for a private security firm affiliated with the C.I.A., is betrayed by his partner and left apparently crippled for life.
(1975 ) :Biography,Comedy,Drama 136 .
:Herbert Ross
:Barbra Streisand James Caan Omar Sharif Roddy McDowall
: Story of singer Fanny Brices stormy relationship with showman Billy Rose.
(1974 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 113 .
:Richard Rush
:Alan Arkin James Caan Loretta Swit Jack Kruschen
: San Francisco police detectives Freebie and Bean are determined to bust local crime boss Red Meyers at any cost, even if this means destroying the whole city in the process.
Gone with the West (1974 ) :Action,Western 92 .
:Bernard Girard
:James Caan Stefanie Powers Aldo Ray Barbara Werle
: After being framed, a cowboy is sent to jail. After his time is served, he leaves with vengeance in his heart. Soon he meets a young Native American woman and together they go to settle their score with a small town and its corrupt leader.
(1974 ) :Crime,Drama 111 .
:Karel Reisz
:James Caan Paul Sorvino Lauren Hutton Morris Carnovsky
: Axel Freed is a literature professor. He has the gambling vice. When he has lost all of his money, he borrows from his girlfriend, then his mother, and finally some bad guys that chase him. Despite all of this, he cannot stop gambling.
(1973 ) :Comedy,Thriller,Crime 97 .
:Howard Zieff
:James Caan Peter Boyle Sally Kellerman Louise Lasser
: While searching for a small fortune of embezzled money, an ex-con, a small-time bandleader, his doting wife, and a kooky drifter find themselves being followed. Their chase takes them to  
(1973 ) :Drama,Romance 117 .
:Mark Rydell
:James Caan Marsha Mason Kirk Calloway Eli Wallach
: A lonely Navy sailor falls in love with a hooker and becomes a surrogate father figure for her son during an extended liberty, due to his service records being lost.
(1972 ) :Crime,Drama 175 .
:Francis Ford Coppola
:Marlon Brando Al Pacino James Caan Diane Keaton
: The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.
T.R. Baskin (1971 ) :Drama 90 .
:Herbert Ross
:Candice Bergen Peter Boyle James Caan Marcia Rodd
: An enthusiastic young woman runs away to Chicago to start a new life. She is soon confronted with the emotional coldness of the big city, and has to search for her place in the scheme of things.
Rabbit, Run (1970 ) :Drama 94 .
:Jack Smight
:James Caan Anjanette Comer Carrie Snodgress Jack Albertson
: A crude man is stuck in a loveless marriage. One day he decides to run away from his life and family. First he finds a mistress, but just because a man runs away from one disappointment, doesnt mean he wont run into another one.
(1969 ) :Drama 101 .
:Francis Ford Coppola
:James Caan Shirley Knight Robert Duvall Marya Zimmet
: When a housewife finds out she is pregnant, she runs out of town looking for freedom to reevaluate her life decisions.
Journey to Shiloh (1968 ) :Drama,War,Western 101 .
:William Hale
:James Caan Michael Sarrazin Brenda Scott Don Stroud
: At the beginning of the Civil War, seven friends embark on a cross-country journey in order to join the Confederate army.
Submarine X-1 (1968 ) :Action,Drama,War 90 .
:William A. Graham
:James Caan David Sumner Norman Bowler Brian Grellis
: During World War II, the British Royal Navy used experimental midget submarines to raid German warships in Norway.
(1967 ) :Drama,Romance,Western 126 .
:Howard Hawks
:John Wayne Robert Mitchum James Caan Charlene Holt
: Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.
(1967 ) :Sci-Fi,Thriller 101 .
:Robert Altman
:James Caan Robert Duvall Joanna Moore Barbara Baxley
: Desperate to reach the moon first, N.A.S.A. sends a man and shelter separately, one-way. He must find it to survive. He cant return until Apollo is ready.
(1967 ) :Thriller 100 .
:Curtis Harrington
:Simone Signoret James Caan Katharine Ross Don Stroud
: A young couple who are into kinky mind games get more than they bargained for when a mysterious woman comes into their lives.
The Glory Guys (1965 ) :Romance,Western 112 .
:Arnold Laven
:Tom Tryon Harve Presnell Senta Berger James Caan
: What could be worse for two cavalry officers than to battle with native tribes? To battle each other for the same woman.
Red Line 7000 (1965 ) :Action,Drama,Sport 110 .
:Howard Hawks
:James Caan Laura Devon Gail Hire Charlene Holt
: The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly have to worry for the lives of their boyfriends. Jim Loomis and Mike Marsh drive for Pat Cassarian. Jim expects his fiancée  
(1964 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 94 .
:Walter Grauman
:Olivia de Havilland James Caan Jennifer Billingsley Rafael Campos
: A woman trapped in a home elevator is terrorized by a group of vicious hoodlums.
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