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Half Magic (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 94 .
:Heather Graham
:Heather Graham Angela Kinsey Stephanie Beatriz Luke Arnold
: Explores themes of female empowerment through sex, work, and friendship. These women are able to come together through their frustration over male dominance and in fact use their newly  
() 43 ()
The Rest of Us (2019 ) :Drama .
:Aisling Chin-Yee
:Heather Graham Sophie Nélisse Jodi Balfour Abigail Pniowsky
: Two mother-daughter duos must contend with their grief and complicated relationships with one another when the person who connects them dies.
Half Magic (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 94 .
:Heather Graham
:Heather Graham Angela Kinsey Stephanie Beatriz Luke Arnold
: Explores themes of female empowerment through sex, work, and friendship. These women are able to come together through their frustration over male dominance and in fact use their newly  
Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison (2017 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 93 .
:Dwight H. Little
:Robert Patrick Heather Graham Bruce Davison Alex MacNicoll
: The true story of the infamous prison break, of Gary Tison and Randy Greenwalt, from the Arizona State prison in Florence, AZ, in the summer of 1978.
Wetlands (2017 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 98 .
:Emanuele Della Valle
:Heather Graham Jennifer Ehle Anthony Mackie Christopher McDonald
: A man attempts to make a new start in Atlantic City with the help of his daughter and a new business partner.
(2016 ) :Animation,Adventure,Comedy 90 .
:Trevor Wall
:Rob Schneider Heather Graham Ken Jeong Bill Nighy
: When a real estate development invades his Arctic home, Norm and his three lemming friends head to New York City, where Norm becomes the mascot of the corporation in an attempt to bring it down from the inside and protect his homeland.
My Dead Boyfriend (2016 ) :Comedy 90 .
:Anthony Edwards
:Heather Graham Scott Michael Foster Katherine Moennig Griffin Dunne
: Mary's life has been defined by a string of temp jobs and a half-hearted attempt to become a writer, but all that changes when she comes home to find her couch potato boyfriend dead in front of the TV set.
(2014 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 87 .
:Angus MacLachlan
:Paul Schneider Melanie Lynskey Anna Camp Heather Graham
: When his wife unexpectedly informs him that she wants a divorce, well-meaning but oblivious husband Otto Wall finds himself thrust back into bachelorhood, where he searches for the real thing amidst a string of one night stands.
(2013 ) :Comedy,Drama,Thriller 88 .
:Egidio Coccimiglio
:Heather Graham Carrie-Anne Moss Kevin Dillon Joe Mantegna
: The lives of two female neighbors intersect when their individual obsessions begin to unravel.
e (2012 ) :Drama 98 .
:Stephen Elliott
:Ashley Hinshaw James Franco Heather Graham Lili Taylor
: A troubled young woman moves to San Francisco, where she becomes involved in pornography and aligns herself with a cocaine-addicted lawyer.
(2012 ) :Drama,Sport,Thriller 105 .
:Ramin Bahrani
:Dennis Quaid Zac Efron Kim Dickens Heather Graham
: A farming family's business is threatened by an unexpected crisis, further testing the relationship between a father and his rebellious son.
Son of Morning (2011 ) :Comedy,Drama 81 .
:Yaniv Raz
:Joseph Cross Heather Graham Edward Herrmann Stephen Root
: A young copywriter becomes the most famous man on the planet, overnight, when he is mistaken as the next messiah.
The Flying Machine (2011 ) :Animation,Adventure,Family 85 .
:Martin Clapp Geoff Lindsey Dorota Kobiela
:Heather Graham Benedict Wong Lang Lang Steve Cookman
: 'The Flying Machine' is a 3D live action/animation family feature film about a stressed out business-woman, Georgie (played by Heather Graham), who takes her two children to see the  
(2011 ) :Comedy,Family 91 .
:John Schultz
:Jordana Beatty Heather Graham Parris Mosteller Janet Varney
: Third grader Judy Moody sets out to have the most thrilling summer of her life.
5 e (2011 ) :Action,Drama,War 113 .
:Renny Harlin
:Rupert Friend Emmanuelle Chriqui Richard Coyle Heather Graham
: A drama set centered around the war between Russia and Georgia, and focused on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who become caught in the crossfire.
(2010 ) :Comedy,Drama 93 .
:Trent Cooper
:Kevin Spacey Camilla Belle Heather Graham Johnny Knoxville
: After 8 years in prison, inventor Robert Axle struggles to win over his estranged family and catch up on current technology as he works to once again become the king of the infomercial.
- (2009 ) :Comedy,Drama 94 .
:Duncan Ward
:Gillian Anderson Alan Cumming Heather Graham Danny Huston
: A comedy of manners set against the backdrop of contemporary London and the international art scene.
(2009 ) :Comedy,Drama 92 .
:John Inwood
:Heather Graham Jennifer Coolidge Matthew Settle Amber Heard
: Three women who meet in an anger-management class decide to form a traditional business with very untraditional methods.
(2009 ) :Comedy,Romance 95 .
:Brian Herzlinger
:Heather Graham Jerry O'Connell John Corbett Lara Flynn Boyle
: Life for a successful power couple get thrown for a loop when the wife finds out she's pregnant.
, , ! (2008 ) :Comedy,Romance 104 .
:Eric Styles
:Heather Graham Mia Kirshner Orlando Seale Tom Ellis
: Georgina is an ambitious young London professional who learns she has only one month left in which to conceive a child. After exhausting all possibilities with her baby-phobic boyfriend,  
(2007 ) :Drama 91 .
:Alfredo Rodriguez de Villa
:Heather Graham Victor Rasuk Dominic Chianese Marlene Forte
: The lives of three lonely strangers intersect while commuting on New York's 1 and 9 subway lines.
(2006 ) :Comedy,Romance 96 .
:Sue Kramer
:Heather Graham Tom Cavanagh Bridget Moynahan Molly Shannon
: They finish each other's sentences, dance like Fred and Ginger, and share the same downtown loft--the perfect couple? Not exactly. Gray and Sam, are a sister and brother so compatible and inseparable that people actually assume they are dating. Mortified, they both agree they must branch out and start searching for love. He'll look for a guy for her and she'll look for a gal for him.
(2006 ) :Drama,Thriller 97 .
:Alan White
:Heather Graham Jeremy Sisto Tess Harper Joe Hursley
: Deep in the LA night HOPE confronts all the wrong turns she's made since leaving Ohio and ultimately meets the biggest wrong turn of all in her ex-boyfriend WILL, who's determined to win  
(2005 ) :Comedy,Romance 94 .
:Nisha Ganatra
:Heather Graham David Sutcliffe Taye Diggs Sandra Oh
: A travel writer (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes control of her father's wedding magazine finds the new experience might just change her take on love.
(2005 ) :Drama,Thriller 83 .
:Abel Ferrara
:Juliette Binoche Forest Whitaker Matthew Modine Heather Graham
: The Virgin Mary delivers a message to an 11-year-old girl.
(2004 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 94 .
:Simon Fellows
:Heather Graham James Purefoy Fionnula Flanagan Alan McKenna
: A fertility clinic visit becomes an unfathomable nightmare for a woman who's impregnated with the devil's DNA.
(2003 ) :Comedy,Romance 92 .
:Mark Herman
:Colin Firth Minnie Driver Mary Steenburgen Heather Graham
: Colin's a sad-eyed British artist holed up in a rundown hotel in small-town Vermont after being dumped by his fiancée. The hotel owner plays matchmaker and introduces him to a local girl.  
(2002 ) :Comedy,Music,Romance 94 .
:Daisy von Scherler Mayer
:Jimi Mistry Heather Graham Marisa Tomei Michael McKean
: A young man leaves India to find fame and fortune in America where he unexpectedly becomes a sex guru.
(2002 ) :Drama,Mystery,Romance 100 .
:Kaige Chen
:Heather Graham Joseph Fiennes Natascha McElhone Ulrich Thomsen
: A woman faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationship with her boyfriend to pursue exciting sexual scenarios with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer.
, (2001 ) :Comedy,Romance 95 .
:J.B. Rogers
:Chris Klein Heather Graham Orlando Jones Sally Field
: Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister. After they break up he discovers he's not related and travels across the country to stop  
- (2001 ) :Comedy,Romance 108 .
:Edward Burns
:Edward Burns Heather Graham Penny Balfour Michael Leydon Campbell
: The interlocking lives and loves of six New Yorkers.
(2001 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 122 .
:Albert Hughes Allen Hughes
:Johnny Depp Heather Graham Ian Holm Robbie Coltrane
: In Victorian Era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper.
(2000 ) :Comedy,Drama 98 .
:Lisa Krueger
:Heather Graham Casey Affleck Luke Wilson Goran Visnjic
: A young woman goes in search of her midlife crisis suffering husband who left her.
(1999 ) :Comedy 97 .
:Frank Oz
:Steve Martin Eddie Murphy Heather Graham Christine Baranski
: When a desperate movie producer fails to get a major star for his bargain basement film, he decides to shoot the film secretly around him.
: , (1999 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 95 .
:Jay Roach
:Mike Myers Heather Graham Michael York Robert Wagner
: Dr. Evil is back and has invented a new time machine that allows him to go back to the 1960s and steal Austin Powers mojo, inadvertently leaving him shagless.
(1997 ) :Comedy,Drama 84 .
:James Toback
:Robert Downey Jr. Heather Graham Natasha Gregson Wagner Angel David
: Two girls, Carla and Lou meet on the street outside a loft waiting for their boyfriends. In a short time, they find out that theyre waiting for the same guy - young actor Blake, who said  
The First Man (1996 ) :Sci-Fi 88 .
:Danny Kuchuck
:Heather Graham Lesley Ann Warren Roxana Zal Keith Bogart
: The first alien man has arrived on earth, and no woman can refuse him.
(1996 ) :Comedy,Drama 96 .
:Doug Liman
:Vince Vaughn Heather Graham Jon Favreau Ron Livingston
: Wannabe actors become regulars in the stylish neo-lounge scene; Trent teaches his friend Mike the unwritten rules of the scene.
Toughguy (1995 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 95 .
:James Merendino
:Heather Graham Lisa Zane Paul Herman Rustam Branaman
: Traumatized after witnessing her jealous husband kill her adulterous lover and then himself, an unbalanced, nymphomaniac young woman finds herself stalked by an unknown assailant, but she cannot make anyone believe her desperate situation.
Desert Winds (1994 ) :Drama,Mystery,Romance 97 .
:Michael A. Nickles
:Adam Ant Heather Graham Jessica Hamilton Jack Kehler
: Jackie and Eugene are joined by a mystical wind tunnel which enables them to speak across a 500-mile desert. Believed by the Indians to be an omen of good luck, the wind inspires both  
Don't Do It (1994 ) :Comedy,Romance 90 .
:Gene Hess
:James Le Gros Heather Graham Esai Morales Sheryl Lee
: The secret longings of three young, hip L.A. couples provides the impetus of the conversations in lightweight drama which focuses upon the issue of commitment. One member of each couple,  
(1991 ) :Drama,Music,Romance 89 .
:Jeffrey Hornaday
:John Travolta Jamie Walters Heather Graham Richard Jordan
: A new music teacher in a 1955 West Texas home for wayward boys brings new vision and hope for many of the interned boys.
Guilty as Charged (1991 ) :Comedy,Crime 95 .
:Sam Irvin
:Rod Steiger Lauren Hutton Heather Graham Lyman Ward
: A female parole officer discovers a secret death row prison under a meat plant, thats being run by the plants unhinged vigilante owner and his reverend friend. A politician with a shady past becomes its latest guest. But is he guilty?
(1989 ) :Crime,Drama 101 .
:Gus Van Sant
:Matt Dillon Kelly Lynch James Le Gros Heather Graham
: A pharmacy-robbing dope fiend and his crew pop pills and evade the law.
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