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Frank and Ava (2018 ) :Biography,Drama,History 110 .
:Michael Oblowitz
:Rico Simonini Emily Elicia Low Harry Dean Stanton Lukas Haas
: A destitute Sinatra pursues a hapless romance with the sultry starlet; marked by passion, bourbon and infidelities; while campaigning for the role of Angelo Maggio in From Here to Eternity; the sole ray of hope in salvaging his career.
Always Worthy (2015 ) :Comedy,Drama 89 .
:Marianna Palka
:Amberlee Colson Eric Edelstein Ian Gomez Lukas Haas
: A quirky, aspiring actress is determined to make her dreams come true in Hollywood, but first shes got to overcome her biggest obstacle - herself.
(2014 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 90 .
:Jack Heller
:Kevin Durand Lukas Haas Bianca Kajlich Nick Damici
: An evil is unleashed in a small town when a logging company sets up shop in the neighboring woods.
: (2013 ) :Biography,Drama 128 .
:Joshua Michael Stern
:Ashton Kutcher Dermot Mulroney Josh Gad Lukas Haas
: The story of Steve Jobs ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.
Meth Head (2013 ) :Drama 108 .
:Jane Clark
:Lukas Haas Blake Berris Necar Zadegan Wilson Cruz
: Kyle Peoples never wanted to be the man he has become in his 30s, an accountant stuck in a dead end job, with a lover who is more successful than he and a family that doesnt get him at all 
Crazy Eyes (2012 ) :Comedy 95 .
:Adam Sherman
:Lukas Haas Madeline Zima Jake Busey Tania Raymonde
: Zach is guy for whom the party never ends. But when he meets the girl he nicknames Crazy Eyes, the inability to have her, combined with family matters, are signs that his idle life might be due for a change.
(2011 ) :Fantasy,Horror,Mystery 100 .
:Catherine Hardwicke
:Amanda Seyfried Lukas Haas Gary Oldman Billy Burke
: Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family's displeasure.
The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll (2009 ) :Drama,Music 92 .
:Scott D. Rosenbaum
:Lukas Haas Kevin Zegers Jason Ritter Billy Morrison
: A rock star retreats to his hometown after his sophomore album flops.
(2008 ) :Drama,Romance,War 97 .
:Boaz Yakin
:Josh Lucas Jacqueline Bisset Lukas Haas Morena Baccarin
: The devastating legacy of a liaison between a concentration camp inmate and a Nazi doctor reflects on the lives of her sons.
(2008 ) :Crime,Drama,Horror 86 .
:Susan Montford
:Kim Basinger Lukas Haas Craig Sheffer Jamie Starr
: A young woman out late for Christmas Eve shopping is soon terrorized by a small gang of troublemakers, and she must fight for her life.
(2007 ) :Comedy,Drama 88 .
:Kevin Connolly
:Lukas Haas Erika Christensen Giovanni Ribisi David Patrick Kelly
: Young man on the wrong track suddenly finds purpose and love when he captures a serial rapist.
The Cradle (2007 ) :Horror,Thriller 107 .
:Tim Brown
:Lukas Haas Emily Hampshire Amanda Smith Libby Adams
: When Frank and Julie move to a small isolated town with their son Sam, both Julie and Sam become ill. Driven by terrifying nightmares of torture that come true Frank begs a local midwife  
(2006 ) :Comedy,Horror 93 .
:David Arquette
:Jaime King Thomas Jane Lukas Haas David Arquette
: A Ronald Reagan-obsessed serial killer targets a bunch of hippies who are heading to a weekend-long concert.
Swedish Auto (2006 ) :Drama 97 .
:Derek Sieg
:Lukas Haas January Jones Gordon Bass Anne Brown
: SWEDISH AUTO is the dramatic story of a small-town mechanic who voyeuristically observes life from the shadows. When he discovers that a young woman is similarly watching him, he is  
Who Loves the Sun (2006 ) :Comedy,Drama 94 .
:Matt Bissonnette
:Lukas Haas Molly Parker Adam Scott R.H. Thomson
: A troubled young man's sudden return after a mysterious five-year disappearance reunites him with his wife and his best friend.
Barry Dingle (2005 ) :Comedy 92 .
:Barry Shurchin
:Barry Shurchin Veronica Cartwright Lukas Haas Katharine Towne
: A conniving mother tries desperately to marry off her son Barry to a senator's daughter.
(2005 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 110 .
:Rian Johnson
:Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lukas Haas Emilie de Ravin Meagan Good
: A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.
(2005 ) :Drama,Music 97 .
:Gus Van Sant
:Michael Pitt Lukas Haas Asia Argento Scott Patrick Green
: A Seattle musician's life and career are reminiscent to those of Kurt Cobain.
(2003 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 88 .
:Mark Illsley
:Nick Stahl Johnny Galecki Lukas Haas Rachael Leigh Cook
: Centers on four college friends who become small-time bookies, only to find their world spinning dangerously out of control when their greed attracts the attention of organized crime.
(1996 ) :Mystery,Drama,Romance 86 .
:Stacy Cochran
:Winona Ryder Lukas Haas John C. Reilly James Le Gros
: Patty Vare falls off a horse and is found unconscious by preparatory school student John Baker. He takes her to his dormitory. As he quickly discovers, she is hiding from something. For  
(1996 ) :Drama,Romance 96 .
:Scott Silver
:David Arquette Lukas Haas Tony Epper John C. McGinley
: Its the day before Christmas, the day before Johns 21st birthday. Hes a prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A., and he wants to spend that night and the next day at the posh Park Plaza  
Alan & Naomi (1992 ) :Drama,Family 96 .
:Sterling Van Wagenen
:Lukas Haas Vanessa Zaoui Michael Gross Amy Aquino
: Set in the forties. A young Jewish boy is called on by his parents to help a young girl come out of her shell, imposed after she watched her father die at the hands of the Nazis.
(1991 ) :Drama 112 .
:Martha Coolidge
:Laura Dern Robert Duvall Diane Ladd Lukas Haas
: A young woman who exudes sexuality battles temptation.
Convicts (1991 ) :Drama 93 .
:Peter Masterson
:Robert Duvall Lukas Haas James Earl Jones Starletta DuPois
: In 1902 Texas, thirteen-year-old Horace goes to work on old Solls farm to earn enough money to buy a headstone for his fathers grave. Unfortunately for Horace, Solls senility, ill health 
The Wizard of Loneliness (1988 ) :Drama 111 .
:Jenny Bowen
:Lukas Haas Lea Thompson Alan Wright Steve Hendrickson
: After his mother dies and father goes to fight in World War II, a young boy moves in with his aunt and uncle who live in the countryside. Lonely and unhappy, he starts believing he has super powers. Then a dead man shows up.
(1988 ) :Fantasy,Horror,Mystery 113 .
:Frank LaLoggia
:Lukas Haas Len Cariou Alex Rocco Katherine Helmond
: An author tells the story of how, as a young boy growing up in a 1960s small town, he was haunted after witnessing the murder of a little girl.
(1986 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 94 .
:Alan Johnson
:Richard Jordan Jami Gertz Jason Patric Lukas Haas
: In a post-apocalyptic future ruled by the military, a group of renegade teenage orphans find a legendary orb, Bohdai, that can supposedly bring the rain back to dried up Earth.
(1985 ) :Crime,Drama,Romance 112 .
:Peter Weir
:Harrison Ford Kelly McGillis Lukas Haas Josef Sommer
: A young Amish boy is sole witness to a murder; policeman John Book goes into hiding in Amish country to protect him until the trial.
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