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(1997 ) :Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi 110 .
:Peter Hyams
:Penelope Ann Miller Tom Sizemore Linda Hunt James Whitmore
: A homicide detective and an anthropologist try to destroy a South American lizard-like god, whos on a people eating rampage in a Chicago museum.
Third Stone from the Sun (1995 ) :Fantasy 90 .
:Jan Nickman
:Linda Hunt Kath Soucie
(1995 ) :Animation,Adventure,Drama 81 .
:Mike Gabriel Eric Goldberg
:Mel Gibson Linda Hunt Christian Bale Joe Baker
: An English soldier and the daughter of an Algonquin chief share a romance when English colonists invade seventeenth-century Virginia.
(1993 ) :Comedy,Drama 91 .
:Keva Rosenfeld
:Linda Hunt Brendan Fraser Elisabeth Shue David Rasche
: A story about the life of a twenty dollar bill as it weaves in and out of the various lives of several people.
(1991 ) :Action,Comedy 88 .
:William Dear
:Richard Grieco Linda Hunt Roger Rees Robin Bartlett
: When Michael Corben, along with the rest of his high-school French class, set out for a trip to France, he runs headlong into international intrigue: Agent Michael Corbin has just been  
(1990 ) :Comedy,Crime 111 .
:Ivan Reitman
:Arnold Schwarzenegger Penelope Ann Miller Pamela Reed Linda Hunt
: A tough cop must pose as a kindergarten teacher in order to locate a dangerous criminals ex-wife, who may hold the key to putting him behind bars.
(1989 ) :Comedy 99 .
:Susan Seidelman
:Meryl Streep Roseanne Barr Ed Begley Jr. Linda Hunt
: A surprisingly resourceful housewife vows revenge on her husband when he begins an affair with a wealthy romance novelist.
(1985 ) :Drama,War 114 .
:Peter Yates
:Kate Nelligan John Malkovich Linda Hunt Oliver Cotton
: Nick is a writer in New York when he gets posted to a bureau in Greece. He has waited 30 years for this. He wants to know why his mother was killed in the civil war years earlier. In a  
, (1982 ) :Drama,Romance,War 115 .
:Peter Weir
:Mel Gibson Sigourney Weaver Linda Hunt Bembol Roco
: A young Australian reporter tries to navigate the political turmoil of Indonesia during the rule of President Sukarno with the help of a diminutive photographer.
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