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Rounding Third (2018 ) :Drama,Sport 110 .
:Robert Deaton George Flanigen
:Garret Dillahunt John C. McGinley Kelly Lamor Wilson Brogan Hall
: Legendary baseball coach, Don, gets inexperienced Michael as his new assistant coach. As their lives dramatically change, the coaches must come together to help their team win.
(2017 ) :Comedy,Drama 96 .
:Paul Shoulberg
:Zachary Spicer Wrenn Schmidt Danny Glover John C. McGinley
: Daniel loved his job as a small town priest more than anything. Then he met Jane. God help him.
The Drowning (2016 ) :Drama,Thriller 95 .
:Bette Gordon
:Julia Stiles Avan Jogia John C. McGinley Josh Charles
: A psychiatrist faces his past, present and future when he finds himself involved in the treatment of a young man recently released from prison for a murder committed when the boy was just 11 years old.
'' (2016 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 89 .
:Greg McLean
:John Gallagher Jr. Tony Goldwyn Adria Arjona John C. McGinley
: In a twisted social experiment, eighty Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia, and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company's intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.
Watercolor Postcards (2013 ) :Drama 115 .
:Rajeev Dassani
:Bailee Madison Jonathan Banks John C. McGinley Laura Bell Bundy
: A girl returns from a failed Hollywood career to her West Texas home, to say good-bye to her dying mother, only to find an eccentric, ex-pro football player, selling postcards and singing to his horse, while taking care of a sister she never knew and past she tried to leave behind.
The Discoverers (2012 ) :Comedy 104 .
:Justin Schwarz
:Griffin Dunne Madeleine Martin Cara Buono John C. McGinley
: A road movie about a dysfunctional family who embark on a Lewis and Clark re-enactment trek and discover themselves and each other in the process.
, : (2007 ) :Comedy,Family,Fantasy 92 .
:Steve Carr
:Ice Cube Nia Long John C. McGinley Aleisha Allen
: Newlyweds Nick and Suzanne decide to move to the suburbs to provide a better life for their two kids. But their idea of a dream home is disturbed by a contractor with a bizarre approach to business.
Two Tickets to Paradise (2006 ) :Comedy 90 .
:D.B. Sweeney
:John C. McGinley D.B. Sweeney Ned Bellamy Jenn Brown
: Three guys on the verge of forty begin to realize all the best things in their lives happened before they were twenty. A spontaneous road trip adventure gives them a chance to balance the ledger.
(2001 ) :Comedy,Sci-Fi 84 .
:Luke Greenfield
:Rob Schneider Colleen Haskell John C. McGinley Edward Asner
: After receiving organ transplants from various animal donors, a man finds himself taking on the traits of those animals.
Flypaper (1999 ) :Comedy,Crime,Thriller 108 .
:Klaus Hoch
:Craig Sheffer Robert Loggia Sadie Frost John C. McGinley
: When lust, and dishonesty bring these strangers together, their sexual escapades and kinky behaviors lead to violence and a twist ending.
Colin Fitz (1997 ) :Comedy 91 .
:Robert Bella
:John C. McGinley Matt McGrath William H. Macy Andy Fowle
: Two security guards, Paul and Grady, are hired to guard the grave of dead rock legend, Colin Fitz. Through the course of one bizarre night, these two opposites learn a lot about life, death, and the magic of Colin Fitz.
(1997 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 98 .
:Steve Oedekerk
:Martin Lawrence Tim Robbins John C. McGinley Giancarlo Esposito
: When a man (Robbins) believes he has discovered that his wife is having an affair with his boss, it sets off a chain reaction of events. First he wanders into a ghetto where a robber ( 
(1996 ) :Drama,Romance 96 .
:Scott Silver
:David Arquette Lukas Haas Tony Epper John C. McGinley
: Its the day before Christmas, the day before Johns 21st birthday. Hes a prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A., and he wants to spend that night and the next day at the posh Park Plaza  
Hollywood Boulevard (1996 ) :Drama .
:Stephen Vittoria
:Julianne Phillips Jon Tenney John C. McGinley Erik Palladino
(1995 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Drama 100 .
:John Gray
:Wil Horneff Helen Shaver Jean Marie Barnwell John C. McGinley
: Rick Heller is a juvenile delinquent who keeps getting himself into trouble. To keep him out of trouble his mother puts him to work cleaning the cage of a gorilla named Katie which she is  
54 (1994 ) :Comedy 89 .
:Bill Fishman
:David Johansen John C. McGinley Fran Drescher Nipsey Russell
: Brash NYC policeman Officer Gunther Toody is partnered with stiff, by-the-book Officer Francis Muldoon to protect an important mafia witness prior to testifying against orgainzed crime in  
B e (1994 ) :Action,Adventure,Thriller 101 .
:Steven Seagal
:Steven Seagal Michael Caine Joan Chen John C. McGinley
: Mystical martial artist/environmental agent takes on a ruthless oil corporation.
(1993 ) :Thriller 97 .
:Robert Greenwald
:Marlee Matlin D.B. Sweeney Martin Sheen John C. McGinley
: Jillian Shanahan, a deaf woman, becomes the target of a ruthless and corrupt cop. The cop is looking for a stolen coin, which he plans to keep for himself. A journalist briefly acquires the 
Watch It (1993 ) :Comedy 102 .
:Tom Flynn
:Peter Gallagher Suzy Amis John C. McGinley Jon Tenney
: Mike, Danny, and Rick are grown men who share a house in Chicago. They take on a fourth house mate, John, who is Mikes estranged first cousin. Johns welcome to the house is crowned by his 
Suffering Bastards (1989 ) :Comedy 89 .
:Bernard McWilliams
:John C. McGinley David Warshofsky Eric Bogosian Pam La Testa
: Two brothers try to buy back the nightclub that was stolen from their mother.
Prisoners of Inertia (1989 ) :Comedy,Drama 92 .
:Jeffrey Noyes Scher
:Amanda Plummer Christopher Rich John C. McGinley Mark Boone Junior
- (1988 ) :Drama 110 .
:Oliver Stone
:Eric Bogosian Ellen Greene Leslie Hope John C. McGinley
: A rude, contemptuous talk show host becomes overwhelmed by the hatred that surrounds his program just before it goes national.
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