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ICE Agent (2013 ) :Action 93 .
:Ray O'Neill
:Ray O'Neill Michael Madsen Joanna Pacula Ray Goodwin
: A fearless ICE Agent must plunge deep undercover into a criminal syndicate filled with ruthless felons. His main mission is to stop the human trafficking of young women and will stop at nothing to bring those responsible to justice.
Black Widow (2010 ) :Thriller 75 .
:Mark Roemmich
:Jack Scalia Jennifer O'Dell Christopher McDonald Joanna Pacula
: Sean McMurphy, a wealthy entrepreneur, meets a very beautiful woman and a passionate love affair ignites but soon it unfolds into a dark suspense/thriller where everyone around him gets  
Shannon's Rainbow (2009 ) :Drama,Family 92 .
:Frank E. Johnson
:Julianne Michelle Daryl Hannah Michael Madsen Joanna Pacula
: The death of a teenager's father leaves her orphaned until she discovers the mother she never knew. When she travels to meet her, she befriends a horse trainer. Together they win races and form new bonds that lead her back to happiness.
(2007 ) :Drama 105 .
:Pinchas Perry
:Ben Cross Armand Assante Joanna Pacula Michal Yannai
: Viennese doctor Josef Breuer meets with philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to help him deal with his despair.
(2005 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 92 .
:William Tannen
:Chuck Norris Joanna Pacula Daniel Bernhardt Bernie Kopell
: A detective comes to the aid of an aged diamond cutter.
Dead Easy (2004 ) :Crime,Thriller 97 .
:Neal Sundstrom
:Richard Grieco Thandi Puren Joanna Pacula Ron Smerczak
: Simon Storm is an American executive sent to work in South Africa. His cheating wife won't agree to a divorce, so his mistress convinces him to kill her. Drunk, he hires a P.I., who turns out to be a serial killer and blackmailer.
Cupid's Prey (2003 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller 90 .
:Dale G. Bradley
:Joanna Pacula Jack Wagner Katrina Browne Glen Drake
No Place Like Home (2002 ) :Family 85 .
:Craig Clyde
:Judge Reinhold Joanna Pacula Bruce Weitz Alana Austin
: An alien crash-lands to earth and is helped by a teenaged girl and her slightly younger brother.
(1999 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 99 .
:John Bruno
:Jamie Lee Curtis Donald Sutherland William Baldwin Joanna Pacula
: When the crew of an American tugboat boards an abandoned Russian research vessel, the alien life form aboard regards them as a virus which must be destroyed.
The Art of Murder (1999 ) :Thriller 100 .
:Ruben Preuss
:Michael Moriarty Joanna Pacula Boyd Kestner Peter Onorati
: An abused wife (Joanna Pacula) turns to another man and becomes the victim of a blackmailer.
Error in Judgment (1999 ) :Thriller 90 .
:Scott P. Levy
:Joanna Pacula Joe Mantegna Sung Hi Lee Kate Jackson
: A shrink makes an error in judgment when she introduces her unstable female patient, an artist, to her lusty husband, an art dealer.
(1998 ) :Comedy,Drama 103 .
:Michael Lehmann
:Billy Crystal Gheorghe Muresan Kathleen Quinlan Joanna Pacula
: Billy Crystal plays a Hollywood agent who stumbles upon Max, a giant living in Romania, and tries to get him into the movies.
The White Raven (1998 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 92 .
:Jakub Z. Rucinski Andrew Stevens
:Ron Silver Joanna Pacula Roy Scheider Hannes Jaenicke
: The White Raven is a huge diamond that was used to ransom a young girl from a German concentration camp during the war. When the camp was liberated, the diamond disappeared and the camp  
Heaven Before I Die (1997 ) :Comedy 95 .
:Izidore K. Musallam
:Andy Velasquez Giancarlo Giannini Joanna Pacula Geoffrey Lower
: Jacobs feet are so turned out that he walks like Charlie Chaplin. He is different because of that and decides to emigrate from Palestine to Canada, where everyone is equal. There  
Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys (1995 ) :Comedy,Thriller 90 .
:Charles Gale
:Joe Mantegna Martin Sheen Joanna Pacula Rod Steiger
: Three teenage boys inadvertently find themselves holding the adult world hostage in this in this wild comedy caper. When Slug, Mickey and Frank flee to a secret hideout to avoid their angry 
Timemaster (1995 ) :Adventure,Sci-Fi,Western 100 .
:James Glickenhaus
:Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus Pat Morita Joanna Pacula Duncan Regehr
: Young Jesse travels through time trying to stop a bunch of evil, virtual, fight managers from destroying Earth.
Not Like Us (1995 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 87 .
:Dave Payne
:Joanna Pacula Peter Onorati Rainer Grant Morgan Englund
: A sexy, horror-filled story featuring two gorgeous aliens who move into a small American town.
(1995 ) :Horror,Thriller 93 .
:Scott McGinnis
:Robert Patrick Joanna Pacula Vyto Ruginis Mimi Craven
: A ruthless real estate developer becomes possessed by a Mexican Indian spirit after he kills him in an attack on one of his developments. The spirit then proceeds to take away everything  
(1994 ) :Comedy,Thriller 81 .
:Ezio Greggio
:Ezio Greggio Dom DeLuise Billy Zane Joanna Pacula
: The federal agent Joe Dee Foster is currently investigating a serial killer, helped by doctor Animal who is isolated in a maximum security jail.
(1994 ) :Thriller 88 .
:Steve Bing
:Judd Nelson Joanna Pacula Patrick Bauchau Willie Garson
: An unemployed actor gets involved with a strange woman who hangs out in lesbian nightclubs and her rich arms dealer husband.
2: (1993 ) :Action,Fantasy,Horror 98 .
:Anthony Hickox
:Julian Sands Chris Young Paula Marshall Joanna Pacula
: An order of Druids train their children to battle an evil Warlock determined to unleash Satan upon the world by bringing a collection of six mystic rune stones together.
Under Investigation (1993 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 96 .
:Kevin Meyer
:Harry Hamlin Joanna Pacula Ed Lauter Richard Beymer
: The police finds a dead woman in painter Strongs apartment: tied up and maltreated as in a ritual murder. Strong has disappeared. During the search for him the investigating detective  
Private Lessons II (1993 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 85 .
:Akiyoshi Kimata
:Gorô Inagaki Joanna Pacula Masahiro Nakai Akira Emoto
: An insecure young Asian man, played by Japanese pop star Goro Inagaki, meats an interesting sensual European woman who teaches him the secrets of love and life.
Black Ice (1992 ) :Drama,Thriller 95 .
:Neill Fearnley
:Joanna Pacula Michael Ironside Michael Nouri Mickey Jones
: A young woman on the run from a murderous rogue government agent hooks up with a pony-tailed taxi driver who reluctantly agrees to help her.
(1992 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 98 .
:Lamberto Bava
:Joanna Pacula Tomas Arana François Montagut Gianni Garko
: A homicide detective realizes that the brutal murders committed by a mysterious serial killer hes after have something to do with the late husband of a beautiful widow.
Eyes of the Beholder (1992 ) :Thriller,Horror,Mystery 89 .
:Lawrence L. Simeone
:Joanna Pacula Matt McCoy George Lazenby Kylie Travis
: A crazed escaped mental patient holds 2 couples hostage and terrorizes them in a Malibu beach home during a stormy night.
La villa del venerd? (1991 ) :Drama 103 .
:Mauro Bolognini
:Julian Sands Joanna Pacula Tchéky Karyo Lara Wendel
: Stefan finds that he can no longer tolerate the arrangement of his cheating wife he, the husband, gets her during the week and her lover gets her on the weekends. At the same time the  
The Good Policeman (1991 ) :Drama 110 .
:Peter Werner
:Ron Silver Tony Lo Bianco Blair Brown Joanna Pacula
: Isaac Seidel is a highly unconventional New York police-commissioner. He is well-abled in dealing with trouble at the headquarter, the maffia and situations in the streets. His loyalty to  
(1990 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 93 .
:Dwight H. Little
:Steven Seagal Joanna Pacula Basil Wallace Keith David
: A retired DEA agent is out to hunt down and take out a Jamaican drug posse that has targeted he and his family for murder.
Options (1989 ) :Comedy 92 .
:Camilo Vila
:Matt Salinger Joanna Pacula John Kani Danny Keogh
: An MBA goes to Africa to make a deal, but come out with a Princess.
(1988 ) :Drama,Fantasy,Horror 101 .
:Pen Densham
:Joanna Pacula Meredith Salenger Mimi Kuzyk Nicholas Kilbertus
: When Felice and Hilary were children, they were separated to live with other people. Felice went off with a relative who possessed an unusual bloodline which was passed on to Felice via a  
Sweet Lies (1987 ) :Comedy,Romance 93 .
:Nathalie Delon
:Treat Williams Joanna Pacula Julianne Phillips Laura Manszky
: An insurance investigator is visiting Paris on assigment. He is soon made the object of a seduction bet amongst three ladies. Problems arise when the girls realize they are really falling  
Not Quite Paradise (1985 ) :Drama,Romance 114 .
:Lewis Gilbert
:Joanna Pacula Sam Robards Todd Graff Kevin McNally
: While working in a kibbutz (an Israeli voluntary farming collective community), a tourist and a female worker fall in love. However, he cant stay and she cant leave her work. Will love triumph?
(1980 ) :Drama,War 100 .
:Sergiu Nicolaescu
:Vladimir Gaitan Joanna Pacula Sergiu Nicolaescu Sebastian Papaiani
: In 1916 Romanian Army lieutenant Tudor Gheorghiu jealously obsesses over his wife Lenas apparent infidelity and contests against gigolo lawyer Nicolau for Lenas love.
Nie zaznasz spokoju (1978 ) :Drama 99 .
:Mieczyslaw Waskowski
:Krzysztof Janczar Joanna Pacula Piotr Pregowski Ryszard Faron
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