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Out Stealing Horses (2019 ) :Drama .
:Hans Petter Moland
:Stellan Skarsgård Tobias Santelmann Danica Curcic Pål Sverre Hagen
: A grieving widower moves to the country where a chance encounter rekindles memories from his past.
Music, War and Love (2018 ) :Drama .
:Martha Coolidge
:Adelaide Clemens Leo Suter Stellan Skarsgård Connie Nielsen
, (2018 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Drama 132 .
:Terry Gilliam
:Adam Driver Jonathan Pryce Stellan Skarsgård Olga Kurylenko
: Toby, a disillusioned advertising executive, becomes pulled into a world of time jumping fantasy when a Spanish cobbler believes him to be Sancho Panza. He gradually becomes unable to tell dreams from reality.
/ (2017 ) :Biography,Drama,Sport 107 .
:Janus Metz
:Sverrir Gudnason Shia LaBeouf Stellan Skarsgård Tuva Novotny
: The story of the 1980s tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe.
Gordon & Paddy (2017 ) :Animation,Fantasy 62 .
:Linda Hambäck
:Stellan Skarsgård Melinda Kinnaman Felix Herngren Mingus Broman
: A 2D animated film about a young mouse who becomes Police Superintendent, adapted from the book by Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee.
Muumien taikatalvi (2017 ) :Animation,Adventure,Comedy 82 .
:Ira Carpelan Jakub Wronski Bartosz Wierzbieta
:Stellan Skarsgård Alicia Vikander Bill Skarsgård Piotr Fronczewski
: Moomintroll decides to stay awake to explore the winter instead of having his winter slumber as usually. Winter is certainly totally different than he had imagined.
Return to Montauk (2017 ) :Drama,Romance 106 .
:Volker Schlöndorff
:Stellan Skarsgård Nina Hoss Bronagh Gallagher Rebecca Knox
: The author Max Zorn, now in his early 60s, is on a promotional book tour in New York when he meets up again with the woman he could never forget. They spend a weekend together. 17 years have passed. Can there be a future for their past?
, (2016 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 108 .
:Susanna White
:Carlos Acosta Radivoje Bukvic Stellan Skarsgård Mariya Fomina
: A couple finds themselves lured into a Russian oligarch's plans to defect, and are soon positioned between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust.
(2014 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 116 .
:Hans Petter Moland
:Stellan Skarsgård Bruno Ganz Pål Sverre Hagen Jakob Oftebro
: The honorable citizen Nils ploughs snow in the wild winter mountains of Norway, when his son is mistakenly murdered, Nils takes action, which ignites a war between the vegan gangster the Count and the Serbian mafia boss Papa.
(2013 ) :Biography,Drama,Romance 116 .
:Jonathan Teplitzky
:Colin Firth Nicole Kidman Stellan Skarsgård Jeremy Irvine
: A former British Army officer, who was tortured as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labor camp during World War II, discovers that the man responsible for much of his treatment is still alive and sets out to confront him.
: (2013 ) :Adventure,Drama,History 150 .
:Philipp Stölzl
:Tom Payne Stellan Skarsgård Olivier Martinez Emma Rigby
: In Persia in the 11th Century, a surgeons apprentice disguises himself as a Jew to study at a school that does not admit Christians.
2: (2013 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 112 .
:Alan Taylor
:Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tom Hiddleston Stellan Skarsgård
: When Dr. Jane Foster gets cursed with a powerful entity known as the Aether, Thor is heralded of the cosmic event known as the Convergence and the genocidal Dark Elves.
: 1 (2013 ) :Drama 117 .
:Lars von Trier
:Charlotte Gainsbourg Stellan Skarsgård Stacy Martin Shia LaBeouf
: A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.
: 2 (2013 ) :Drama 123 .
:Lars von Trier
:Charlotte Gainsbourg Stellan Skarsgård Willem Dafoe Jamie Bell
: The continuation of Joes sexually dictated life delves into the darker aspects of her adulthood, obsessions and what led to her being in Seligmans care.
(2011 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 158 .
:David Fincher
:Daniel Craig Rooney Mara Christopher Plummer Stellan Skarsgård
: Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker.
(2010 ) :Biography,Drama 101 .
:Geoffrey Sax
:Halle Berry Stellan Skarsgård Phylicia Rashad Chandra Wilson
: A drama centered on a go-go dancer with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and begins working with a psychotherapist to uncover the mystery of the inner ghosts that haunt her.
Muumi ja punainen pyrst?t?hti (2010 ) :Animation,Adventure,Family 75 .
:Maria Lindberg
:Max von Sydow Alexander Skarsgård Stellan Skarsgård Mads Mikkelsen
: One day Moomintroll notices that something strange has happened in the Moomin Valley - everything is grey; not just the sky and the river, but the trees, the ground, the Moominhouse, too!  
(2010 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 113 .
:Hans Petter Moland
:Stellan Skarsgård Bjørn Floberg Jorunn Kjellsby Gard B. Eidsvold
: Ulrik is reluctantly let out of prison after serving 12 years for murder. He has to cope with his gang, his ex, a few women - and a snitch. His son has a fiancé. Her family doesn't approve  
(2010 ) :Action,Drama 116 .
:Marius Holst
:Benjamin Helstad Trond Nilssen Stellan Skarsgård Kristoffer Joner
: Norwegian winter, early 20th century. On the boys home Bastoy, a new inmate leads the boys to a violent uprising against a brutal regime. How far is he willing to go to attain freedom?
(2009 ) :Mystery,Thriller 138 .
:Ron Howard
:Tom Hanks Ewan McGregor Ayelet Zurer Stellan Skarsgård
: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon works with a nuclear physicist to solve a murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican during one of the significant events within the church.
(2009 ) :Animation,Drama,Mystery 86 .
:Tarik Saleh
:Vincent Gallo Juliette Lewis Udo Kier Stellan Skarsgård
: A complex story of a misaligned man, though good intent, creating a nightmarish Dystopian existence.
Mamma Mia! (2008 ) :Comedy,Musical,Romance 108 .
:Phyllida Lloyd
:Meryl Streep Pierce Brosnan Amanda Seyfried Stellan Skarsgård
: The story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father told using hit songs by the popular 1970s group ABBA.
: (2008 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 128 .
:Peter Flinth
:Joakim Nätterqvist Sofia Helin Stellan Skarsgård Bibi Andersson
: The Knight Arn is sent on a last mission against Saladin. He has to win this battle, before he can go home to Sweden, and finally marry his Cecilia and start a family. But the peace back home is threatened by the Danes.
: - (2007 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 139 .
:Peter Flinth
:Joakim Nätterqvist Sofia Helin Stellan Skarsgård Michael Nyqvist
: Arn, the son of a high-ranking Swedish nobleman is educated in a monastery and sent to the Holy Land as a knight templar to do penance for a forbidden love.
WAZ: (2007 ) :Crime,Drama,Horror 104 .
:Tom Shankland
:Stellan Skarsgård Melissa George Ashley Walters Tom Hardy
: A calculating killer coerces a detective to pay for his previous mistakes.
(2006 ) :Biography,Drama,History 113 .
:Milos Forman
:Javier Bardem Natalie Portman Stellan Skarsgård Randy Quaid
: Painter Francisco Goya faces a scandal involving his muse, who is labeled a heretic by a monk.
: (2005 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 117 .
:Paul Schrader
:Stellan Skarsgård Gabriel Mann Clara Bellar Billy Crawford
: Years before Father Lankester Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu leads to the rediscovery of his faith.
(2005 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 103 .
:Sturla Gunnarsson
:Hringur Ingvarsson Spencer Wilding Stellan Skarsgård Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson
: In Denmark, during the 6th century, Danish king Hrothgar and his warriors kill a troll whose son, Grendel, vows revenge.
: (2004 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 114 .
:Renny Harlin
:Stellan Skarsgård Izabella Scorupco James D'Arcy Remy Sweeney
: Years before Father Lankester Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. This is the tale of Father Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith.
(2002 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 103 .
:Bob Rafelson
:Samuel L. Jackson Milla Jovovich Stellan Skarsgård Doug Hutchison
: While doing a friend a favor and searching for a runaway teenager, a police detective stumbles upon a bizarre band of criminals about to pull off a bank robbery.
(2001 ) :Drama,Music,War 108 .
:István Szabó
:Harvey Keitel Stellan Skarsgård Moritz Bleibtreu Birgit Minichmayr
: A tale based on the life of Wilhelm Furtwangler, the controversial conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic whose tenure coincided with the controversial Nazi era. One of the most spectacular  
, , - (2001 ) :Comedy,Thriller 101 .
:Stewart Sugg
:Stellan Skarsgård Chris Penn Paul Bettany Allan Corduner
: Hit-man Felix has quit his criminal activities and found employment minding a rich man's adult son. Meanwhile, Felix's old criminal gang have issued a hit on Felix.
(2001 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 106 .
:Daniel Sackheim
:Diane Lane Leelee Sobieski Stellan Skarsgård Bruce Dern
: An orphaned teenager is taken in by a Malibu couple but discovers they aren't the caring friends they seemed to be.
- (2000 ) :Drama,Romance 97 .
:Mike Figgis
:Jeanne Tripplehorn Stellan Skarsgård Salma Hayek Xander Berkeley
: Four frames of simultaneous action that alternately follow a smitten lesbian lover as she obsesses over her partner's dalliances and the tense goings-on of a Hollywood film production company.
(2000 ) :Drama 113 .
:Hans Petter Moland
:Stellan Skarsgård Lena Headey Jean Anderson Charlotte Rampling
: Kaisa is a Scot, a successful London lawyer, who snorts coke and has one-night stands with strangers. Her mother calls from Aberdeen with some story begging her to fly to Norway and collect 
Signs & Wonders (2000 ) :Drama 105 .
:Jonathan Nossiter
:Stellan Skarsgård Charlotte Rampling Deborah Kara Unger Dimitris Katalifos
: Under the influence of signs and premonitions, a man allows himself to veer in and out of a love affair with his colleague.
(1998 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 122 .
:John Frankenheimer
:Robert De Niro Jean Reno Natascha McElhone Stellan Skarsgård
: A freelancing former U.S. Intelligence Agent tries to track down a mysterious package that is wanted by the Irish and the Russians.
(1998 ) :Drama,Family 110 .
:Anders Grönros
:Lena Granhagen Stellan Skarsgård Pernilla August Oliver P. Peldius
: Based on the novel by Maria Gripe, this is the story of two children, Klas and Klara, growing up in the poor Swedish countryside of the mid-19th century. Their father Albert is a  
(1997 ) :Drama 126 .
:Gus Van Sant
:Robin Williams Matt Damon Ben Affleck Stellan Skarsgård
: Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.
- (1997 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 87 .
:Udayan Prasad
:Om Puri Rachel Griffiths Akbar Kurtha Stellan Skarsgård
: Pakistani taxi-driver Parvez and prostitute Bettina find themselves trapped in the middle when Islamic fundamentalists decide to clean up their local town.
(1997 ) :Crime,Mystery,Thriller 96 .
:Erik Skjoldbjærg
:Stellan Skarsgård Sverre Anker Ousdal Maria Mathiesen Gisken Armand
: In a Norwegian city with a 24-hour daylight cycle a Swedish murder investigator has been brought in on a special case. Sleep deprived, he makes a horrible mistake which is discovered by the killer he has been hunting.
(1996 ) :Drama 159 .
:Lars von Trier
:Emily Watson Stellan Skarsgård Katrin Cartlidge Jean-Marc Barr
: Oilman Jan is paralyzed in an accident. His wife, who prayed for his return, feels guilty; even more, when Jan urges her to have sex with another.
Harry och Sonja (1996 ) :Comedy .
:Björn Runge
:Stellan Skarsgård Viveka Seldahl Sten Ljunggren Bergljót Arnadóttir
: Harry works as a hairdresser in a mental hospital. He likes to play bingo and is married to Anna. One day he meets the cleaning lady Sonja.
J?nssonligans st?rsta kupp (1995 ) :Comedy,Crime 99 .
:Hans Åke Gabrielsson
:Ulf Brunnberg Björn Gustafson Stellan Skarsgård Peter Haber
: When Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry tries to break doctor Busé out of jail, they get Herman Melvin instead. He has been working at the Swedish Mint and the doctor, who has started to think like 
(1995 ) :Drama 118 .
:Hans Petter Moland
:Stellan Skarsgård Gard B. Eidsvold Bjørn Sundquist Camilla Martens
: Larsen, an aspiring poet in 20s Oslo, leaves his girlfriend to spend a year as a trapper in East Greenland. There he is teamed with a seemingly rough old sailor/trapper, Randbek, and a  
(1993 ) :Drama 102 .
:Åke Sandgren
:Jesper Salén Stellan Skarsgård Basia Frydman Niklas Olund
: Stocholm in the 1920s. Young Roland lives with his socialist father, Jewish mother and a boxing brother. His mother sells condoms illegally, and from them, Roland makes slingshots which he  
(1992 ) :Action,Thriller 96 .
:Per Berglund
:Stellan Skarsgård Katja Flint Burkhard Driest Ulrich Tukur
: Swedish secret agent infiltrate a German terrorist group.
Oxen (1991 ) :Drama 92 .
:Sven Nykvist
:Stellan Skarsgård Ewa Fröling Erland Josephson Max von Sydow
: In desperation brought on by near-starvation, Helge Roos kills his masters ox and feeds it to his wife and baby daughter. No-one suspects anything until the meat is finished and Helge  
, (1990 ) :Biography,Drama,War 118 .
:Kjell Grede
:Stellan Skarsgård Katharina Thalbach Károly Eperjes Miklós B. Székely
: Swedish national Raoul Wallenberg, newcomer to politics and international machinations, travels to German-occupied Budapest during WWII in order to effectively intervene in the fate of  
Kvinnorna p? taket (1989 ) :Drama 89 .
:Carl-Gustav Nykvist
:Amanda Ooms Helena Bergström Stellan Skarsgård Percy Brandt
: An innocent and beautiful teenage girl, Linnea takes a garret room in Stockholm just before WWI. She begins work for a dour older man, but soon meets an interesting young woman, Anna, a  
s/y Gl?djen (1989 ) :Drama 93 .
:Göran du Rées
:Lena Olin Stellan Skarsgård Viveka Seldahl Hans Mosesson
: A few friends builds a sailing boat together. They plan trips and during the completion of the boat marriages crumble, new relations blossom and the boat burns. They rebuild it and the  
' ' (1989 ) :Thriller 90 .
:Per Berglund
:Stellan Skarsgård Lennart Hjulström Krister Henriksson Philip Zandén
: His name is Carl Hamilton from a Swedish noble family - trained by the CIA and a army SEAL. When a group of terrorists based in Sweden threatens to initiate their diabolic plans - the Coq Rouge Carl Hamilton is activated.
The Perfect Murder (1988 ) :Comedy,Thriller,Action 93 .
:Zafar Hai M.R. Shahjahan
:Naseeruddin Shah Stellan Skarsgård Amjad Khan Madhur Jaffrey
: Police Inspector Ghote lives a middle-class life in Bombay along with his wife, Pratima. He has been employed with the Bombay Police for many years. His wife is generally disgruntled and  
Friends (1988 ) :Comedy,Drama 87 .
:Kjell-Åke Andersson
:Dennis Christopher Sven Wollter Stellan Skarsgård Lena Olin
: A family of six invades the life and apartment of a lonely man.
Jim & piraterna Blom (1987 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Family 92 .
:Hans Alfredson
:Johan Åkerblom Ewa Fröling Jan Malmsjö Stellan Skarsgård
: Young Jims father dies but he comes back to Earth time and time again to tell Jim of his adventures. Jims mother is left to take care of him, while working as a waitress. The little town  
Hip hip hurra! (1987 ) :Biography,Drama 110 .
:Kjell Grede
:Stellan Skarsgård Lene Brøndum Pia Vieth Helge Jordal
: The life and times of the Scandinavian artists colony who lived in Skagen on the Danish coast during the 1890s. Not so much a biographical account, rather a portrait of a way of life. The  
Ormens v?g p? h?lleberget (1986 ) :Drama 111 .
:Bo Widerberg
:Stina Ekblad Stellan Skarsgård Reine Brynolfsson Pernilla August
: A salesman and his son sexually abuse the generations of women of a poor family as payment for debt. Janni must see his mother, sister, niece and wife all being exploited, and the family grow bigger with the abusers kids.
Falsk som vatten (1985 ) :Drama,Thriller 102 .
:Hans Alfredson
:Malin Ek Sverre Anker Ousdal Marie Göranzon Stellan Skarsgård
: John and Carl have a small publishing company. One day John meets the poet Clara who recently made her debut, and Claras fiancé Stig. John and Clara fall in love with each other, and she  
P & B (1983 ) :Comedy,Drama 109 .
:Hans Alfredson
:Stellan Skarsgård Allan Edwall Lena Nyman Lillemor 'Lill' Lindfors
: Pettersson and Bendel are both worn, run-down and broke. Despite this they decide to start a business and become rich. Unexperienced they are open to any deal. They tamper, scam and exploit loopholes that exist.
(1982 ) :Drama 108 .
:Hans Alfredson
:Stellan Skarsgård Maria Johansson Hans Alfredson Per Myrberg
: A mentally challenged man escapes from his tyrannical master and finds happiness when a poor family takes him in.
(1974 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Crime .
:Torgny Wickman
:Börje Nyberg Jacqueline Laurent Stellan Skarsgård Gilda Arancio
: Blackmail and desire meet for a weekend in the Swedish countryside.
Fem d?gn i august (1973 ) :Drama 95 .
:Svend Wam
:Margrete Robsahm Kjersti Døvigen Eli Anne Linnestad Stellan Skarsgård
: Viveca is 31 and divorced, having a 6 year old son. She has moved together with her friend Aud, living as artists. We follow them in five days filled with many happenings and new acquaintances.
: - (1973 ) :Drama 95 .
:Torgny Wickman
:Christina Lindberg Stellan Skarsgård Danièle Vlaminck Michel David
: Anita is a girl of only teenage years, and while she has developed early physically, to a mature woman, she is emotionally struggling. Her relationship the her parents and her friends is  
Strandhugg i somras (1972 ) :Drama 88 .
:Mikael Ekman
:Stellan Skarsgård Annie Birgit Garde Siv-Inger Svensson Monica Ekman
: Erik is working over the summer on a boat refueling station in the archipelago and devotes his spare time to amateur photography.
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