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3 from Hell (2019 ) :Horror .
:Rob Zombie
:Emilio Rivera Danny Trejo Clint Howard Sheri Moon Zombie
: Sequel to The Devil's Rejects.
Grand-Daddy Day Care (2019 ) :Comedy,Family .
:Ron Oliver
:Danny Trejo Barry Bostwick James Hong Anthony Gonzalez
Once the Luckiest Man (2019 ) :Action .
:Ron Ridenour
:Danny Trejo Eric St. John
: Lon, an American hero, has been living his life like a skipping recordhis life is about change.
The Last Exorcist (2019 ) :Thriller .
:Robin Bain
:Danny Trejo Rachele Brooke Smith Terri Ivens Nicolas Coster
The Short History of the Long Road (2019 ) :Drama .
:Ani Simon-Kennedy
:Sabrina Carpenter Steven Ogg Maggie Siff Danny Trejo
: Teenage Nola grew up living out of a van with her charismatic father, Clint; two nomads against the world. When tragedy strikes, Nola must confront the reality of life on the road alone.  
Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece (2018 ) :Action,Comedy 107 .
:Alexander Wraith
:Danny Trejo Michael Winslow Jason London Ron Jeremy
: The biggest porn star of the 1970s must reclaim his mojo in the '80s by saving all male kind, fighting his way to the heart of a conspiracy to sell meat pumped full of estrogen to emasculate men.
The House Next Door (2018 ) :Action,Comedy,Horror .
:Deon Taylor
:Danny Trejo Andrew Bachelor Zulay Henao Mike Epps
: When best selling author Carl Black moves his family back to his childhood home, he must team up with oddball neighbors to do battle with a pimp, who may or may not be an actual vampire.
Mr. Malevolent (2018 ) : .
:Danny Trejo Vivica A. Fox Nichelle Nichols James Duval
La Llorona (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Patricia Harris Seeley
:Autumn Reeser Danny Trejo Antonio Cupo Edgar Wuotto
: While vacationing in Mexico, a couple discovers their son's disappearance is tied to a supernatural curse.
Bully (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Santino Campanelli
:Tucker Albrizzi Ron Canada Danny Trejo Vincent Pastore
: Jimmy is a quiet, heavy-set high-school kid who is constantly tormented by the resident school bully Miles and his cronies. After an altercation on his way home from school lands him a  
Cross 3 (2018 ) :Action .
:Danny Trejo Vinnie Jones Tom Sizemore Brian Austin Green
Silencer (2018 ) :Action,Thriller 88 .
:Timothy Woodward Jr.
:Danny Trejo Johnny Messner Robert LaSardo Nikki Leigh
: Retired hitman must reawaken all his deadly skills, and fight a one-man war against his former employer.
Bare Knuckle Brawler (2018 ) :Action .
:Joe Gawalis
:Danny Trejo Martin Kove Deborah Twiss William DeMeo
The Prey (2018 ) :Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller 90 .
:Cire Hensman Matthew Hensman
:Danny Trejo Adrian Paul Nick Chinlund Kevin Grevioux
: U.S. Soldiers and a band of military contractors in Afghanistan are trapped in a cave with a deadly creature.
(2018 ) :Action,Comedy .
:Andrzej Bartkowiak
:Alexander Nevsky Danny Trejo Tom Arnold Kelly Hu
: The agents of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the US Secret Service are forced to work together to prevent a full-scale international crisis.
The Green Ghost (2018 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 95 .
:Michael D. Olmos
:Danny Trejo Elpidia Carrillo Michelle Lee Dale Dye
: This is the untold story of the true Mayan Apocalypse that has been misinterpreted by scholars and was to have taken place on 12/21/12 - that was obviously wrong. A secret group of Mexican  
#Roxy (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 105 .
:Michael Kennedy
:Jake Short Sarah Fisher Booboo Stewart Danny Trejo
: When Cyrus Nollen joins forces with high school heart-throb Christian Newville to woo his own secret love Roxy Rostand, he unintentionally wreaks havoc as Roxy falls hard for the virtual dream-boy with Cyrus' wit and Christian's good looks.
Cross Wars (2017 ) :Action,Fantasy 98 .
:Patrick Durham
:Brian Austin Green Vinnie Jones Danny Trejo Lori Heuring
: Callan (Brian Austin Green) returns to the scene with his team in order to oppose the return of the evil Gunnar (Vinnie Jones); his path crosses again with Frank Nitti (Tom Sizemore) detective under the city of Los Angeles.
Juarez 2045 (2017 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Chris Le
:Danny Trejo Kyler Steven Fisher Alexander P. Heartman Blake Webb
: Its the year 2045. War on drugs in Mexico has escalated as a ruthless drug Cartel use robots to enforce their operations.
McDick (2017 ) :Comedy 90 .
:Chris McDonnell
:Chris McDonnell Mo Collins Peter Breitmayer Danny Trejo
: When the world's worst cop is fired he becomes the world's worst private detective. For reasons unknown he finds himself the target of every criminal in town. He must overcome his  
China Test Girls (2017 ) :Thriller .
:Frankie Latina
:Danny Trejo Sasha Grey Kumar Pallana Mark Borchardt
: A fashion photographer gets more than he bargained for when a roll of film in a used camera contains sinister imagery of high-society menace that sends him into a labyrinth of imminent danger.
Avenge the Crows (2017 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 96 .
:Nathan Gabaeff
:Danay Garcia Lou Diamond Phillips Steven Bauer Danny Trejo
: On the streets of LA, old wounds ignite revenge for an ex gang member and her young cousin.
(2017 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 90 .
:Blake Freeman
:Eddie Griffin Blake Freeman Casper Van Dien Danny Trejo
: Two down on their luck buddies are convinced by a third to take a vacation. Only after landing in Colombia, South America, do they realize that they are there to attempt to capture the  
Chronology (2016 ) :Thriller .
:Kipp Tribble Derik Wingo
:William Baldwin John James Danny Trejo Laura James
: After witnessing a horrific sight, two men inexplicably claim to be one another at New Year's Eve partiesonly the parties are six years apart.
Boost (2016 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 95 .
:Nathan Gabaeff
:Danay Garcia Danny Trejo Trent Garrett Michael Flores
: When Jimmy finds a mysterious package in the trunk of his latest boost, he is thrust into a violent underworld of criminals, and a race against the clock to save a little girl's life.
X (2016 ) :Action,Horror,Sci-Fi 90 .
:K. King
:Eve Mauro Danny Trejo Rocky Myers Adam Johnson
: After X-Corp, a radical weapons manufacturer, is taken over by a Cyber Virus, a group of survivors must fight to save humanity from the army of Machines the Virus now controls.
1st Strike (2016 ) :Drama 99 .
:David Llauger Meiselman
:Danny Trejo Johnny Ortiz Stella Ademiluyi Ric Aguirre
: Juan is a teenager in a gang-infested LA barrio. When his Uncle Manny invites him out on a joy ride, the situation goes bad. Juan is accused of a crime he did not commit. Now Juan is caught between loyalty to his uncle and the Law.
Beyond the Game (2016 ) :Action,Drama 88 .
:Erken Ialgashev
:Eric Roberts Danny Trejo Michael Madsen Mark Dacascos
: Who is the strongest man in the world?
15 (2016 ) :Action,Comedy,Horror 89 .
:Ross Patterson
:Sean Astin Danny Trejo Keith David William Shatner
: A group of veterans wake up after a night of partying to find out that the zombie apocalypse has spread across the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country in  
Alcatraz Prison Escape: Deathbed Confession (2015 ) :Action,Crime 93 .
:John Edward Lee
:Danny Trejo Ed O'Ross Shelby Deekins Mike Earp
: The true story, based on a Deathbed Confession, about what really happened to Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers who escaped from Alcatraz Prison in 1962. They made it- but what happened next is shocking. Investigated by the US Marshals.
The Night Crew (2015 ) :Action,Thriller 89 .
:Christian Sesma
:Luke Goss Danny Trejo Bokeem Woodbine Chasty Ballesteros
: THE NIGHT CREW centers on a group of hard up bounty hunters who must survive the night in a desert motel against a horde of savage border runners. They soon realize that their fugitive, a  
(2015 ) :Action,Crime,Horror 79 .
:Bryan Bockbrader
:Maiara Walsh Tony Todd Danny Trejo Austin Abke
: A kidnapped young woman is forced on a road trip full of murder and mayhem that takes place entirely in her captors getaway van.
(2015 ) :Action,Thriller,Western 84 .
:Timothy Woodward Jr.
:Johnny Messner Dolph Lundgren Danny Trejo Vivica A. Fox
: Brian Barnes (Johnny Messner) wakes up in the desert wounded and with no memory and no idea why hes surrounded by eight bodies, a van with four million in cash and a van full of cocaine.  
The Burning Dead (2015 ) :Horror 82 .
:Rene Perez
:Danny Trejo Thomas Downey Moniqua Plante Nicole Carmela
: A sheriff must rescue an estranged family from a mountain during a volcano eruption and fight off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by a curse.
(2015 ) :Action,Comedy,Drama 85 .
:Craig Moss
:Danny Trejo Danny Glover John Amos Loni Love
: Frank Vega and Bernie Pope return, this time to Louisiana in an attempt to find a kidnapped friend.
Strike One (2014 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 102 .
:David Llauger Meiselman
:Alan Corral Danny Trejo James Russo Billy Gallo
: A young boy living in a gang-controlled place finds that he might be able to get by in his neighborhood, but possibly never get out because he is affiliated with gang-related activities.
(2014 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 108 .
:John Stockwell
:Gina Carano Cam Gigandet Ismael Cruz Cordova Danny Trejo
: When her husband goes missing during their Caribbean vacation, a woman sets off on her own to take down the men she thinks are responsible.
Beyond Justice (2014 ) :Crime,Thriller 86 .
:Timothy Woodward Jr.
:Vinnie Jones Mischa Barton Timothy Woodward Jr. Danny Trejo
: A young criminal defense attorney struggles with a homicide case that is not as cut-and-dried as it appears once the mob gets involved, and he quickly realizes that to keep himself and his client alive, he must work outside of the law.
(2014 ) :Crime,Horror,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Wen-Han Shih
:Danny Trejo Vinnie Jones Jake Busey Shayla Beesley
: Criminals and a beautiful but cunning hitchhiker battle a supernatural force known as the Reaper.
(2014 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 87 .
:Nick Lyon
:Danny Trejo Jonathan Banks Julia Dietze John Savage
: A tough cop takes the law into his own hands when his grandson is kidnapped.
20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending (2014 ) :Thriller 91 .
:Marc Clebanoff
:Danny Trejo Kinga Philipps Frank Krueger Tiffany Adams
: Below the streets of New York is a dark and dangerous world hidden in the shadows of abandoned subway tunnels and miles of forgotten infrastructure. When a young documentary filmmaker goes  
Voodoo Possession (2014 ) :Drama,Horror,Mystery 94 .
:Walter Boholst
:Danny Trejo Ryan Caltagirone Kerry Knuppe David Thomas Jenkins
: Imagine an insatiable demon that feeds on blood, thrives on pain, and reaches from beyond the grave to torment the livingand the dead. For believers and skeptics alike, there is nothing  
Counterpunch (2013 ) :Action,Biography,Drama 97 .
:Kenneth Castillo
:Alvaro Orlando Danny Trejo Steven Bauer Oscar Torre
: Based on a true story. A young boxer, Emilio, from the wrong side of the tracks with big dreams of winning the Golden Gloves boxing championship, finds himself at a cross roads after being  
The Insomniac (2013 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 94 .
:Monty Miranda
:Eddy Salazar Clare Grant Danny Trejo John Heard
: After someone breaks into John Figgs home and takes all of his material and sentimental possessions, he develops a severe case of insomnia and learns that the people around him are not as trustworthy as they appear to be.
(2013 ) :Action,Crime,Sci-Fi 107 .
:Robert Rodriguez
:Danny Trejo Alexa PenaVega Mel Gibson Jessica Alba
: The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.
Amelia's 25th (2013 ) :Comedy,Romance 79 .
:Martín Yernazian
:Danny Trejo Electra Avellan Jennifer Tilly Robert Rodriguez
: In Los Angeles, a struggling actress considers her next steps as her 25th birthday approaches.
Pendejo (2013 ) :Comedy 84 .
:Jairaj Walia
:Raja Fenske Fernanda Romero Danny Trejo Laksh Singh
: The story of J, a rich, party boy thrust into the workaday world by his father as the lowest man on the totem pole in a company he technically owns.
(2013 ) :Action,Fantasy,Horror 88 .
:Justin Price
:Danny Trejo Perla Rodríguez Eric Roberts Rachele Brooke Smith
: A godless man is recruited by a secret organization who works to combat demonic possessions in order to prepare a new generation in the battle against evil forces.
The Contractor (2013 ) :Crime,Thriller 87 .
:Sean Olson
:Danny Trejo Christina Cox Brad Rowe Taylor Spreitler
: Elizabeth Chase is busy remodeling her new home with her husband and daughter. She hires a contractor, Javier, to help. But soon, Elizabeth starts to grow suspicious of Javier and learns that hed targeted the family all along.
(2013 ) :Action,Crime 99 .
:Keoni Waxman
:Steven Seagal Ving Rhames Danny Trejo Bren Foster
: Force of Execution is the story about a crime lord torn between his legacy and his desire to get out of the life of crime that has built his empire, when a new player to the scene tries  
(2013 ) :Action,Comedy,Horror 93 .
:K. King
:Danny Trejo Martin Copping Clare Niederpruem Jade Regier
: When a street drug turns junkies into an army of zombies, a man named Hunter finds himself with nothing but a beat-up car and a trunk full of guns and booze, until he stumbles across a small band of survivors.
Chavez Cage of Glory (2013 ) :Drama,Sport 92 .
:Hector Echavarria
:Hector Echavarria Danny Trejo Steven Bauer Patrick Kilpatrick
: Barely being able to make ends meet and doing everything he can possibly do to cover his ill sons growing medical bills, Hector Chavez turns to his fighting roots in the underbelly of LA.  
(2012 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 90 .
:Craig Moss
:Danny Trejo Charles S. Dutton Ron Perlman Patrick Fabian
: A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime.
(2012 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 89 .
:Nick Lyon
:Mariel Hemingway Ethan Suplee LeVar Burton Danny Trejo
: During a zombie apocalypse ,a group of survivors hide on Alcatraz Island to escape from rising zombie hordes. When their refuge is overrun, and upon hearing that a scientist may have  
In the Shadow (2011 ) :Drama 98 .
:Nicole Elmer
:Jorge Sermini Michelle Keffer Danny Trejo Javier Cabrera
: A healer is tormented by the dark side of his gift.
(2011 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 88 .
:Geoffrey Fletcher
:Saoirse Ronan Alexis Bledel James Gandolfini Danny Trejo
: Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan.
(2011 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 90 .
:Brian A. Miller
:Dave Bautista Amy Smart Dominic Purcell Danny Trejo
: Ray, an ex-con, is starting a new life looking to stay out of trouble. One evening, on Ray's watch, the nightclub he works for is robbed and the owner's son is shot dead. As his criminal  
(2011 ) :Action 94 .
:Terry Miles
:Steve Austin Serinda Swan Danny Trejo Keith Jardine
: A cop turns vigilante after his family is murdered, exacting vengeance on the killers - and then on all criminals who have slipped through the system.
: (2011 ) :Comedy 90 .
:Garrett Brawith
:Kevin Sorbo Ross Patterson Danny Trejo Jason Mewes
: In this unearthed lost movie from 1990 that the studio deemed too terrible to release, a Vietnam Veteran Sal Bando(Sorbo), tortured by his past as a Poolboy returns home to Van Nuys,  
The Bill Collector (2010 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama 93 .
:Cristobal Krusen
:Danny Trejo Gary Ray Moore Brandon Hardesty Ron Kenoly
: Lorenzo Adams works at a bill collection agency in Norfolk. When an old debt of his own suddenly comes, Lorenzo has less than three weeks to payback $150,000.
(2010 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 90 .
:Mike Gunther
:Danny Trejo Eric Balfour Rudy Youngblood Michael Bisping
: Brandon, a respected street fighter, is forced to flee the city after his brother is murdered and the money that was supposed to be paid back to a local gangster is stolen. While lying low  
(2010 ) :Action,Comedy 80 .
:Christian Sesma
:Jason Mewes Samantha Lockwood Danny Trejo Nick Nicotera
: A 30-something couple unintentionally become involved in a botched jewel heist while shopping for wedding rings. The plot thickens when the crooked casino owner who engineered the heist  
Pastor Shepherd (2010 ) :Comedy 91 .
:Edwin L. Marshall
:Danny Trejo Pastor Shepherd Maria-Elena Laas Diane Hruska
: The tale of a down-on-his-luck freeze-dried-pet-salesman and his journey to become the first-ever-cyber-evangelist.
(2010 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 105 .
:Ethan Maniquis Robert Rodriguez
:Danny Trejo Michelle Rodriguez Robert De Niro Jessica Alba
: After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.
The Devil Inside (2010 ) :Thriller,Horror .
:Joaquin Perea
:Danny Trejo B-Real Elika Crespo Joey Medina
: When 6 strangers meet at an abandoned resort off the coast in Baja Mexico, they are thrown into a nightmare confontation from which there may be no escape.
Six Days in Paradise (2010 ) :Action,Comedy .
:John Vidor
:Michael Madsen David Carradine Danny Trejo George Kennedy
: A reformed gambler searching for his ex-wife and daughter; an amateur private-eye he hires; an assassin on a mission, and; a recruiter of mixed-martial arts fighters. Their lives intertwine  
The Lazarus Papers (2010 ) :Action,Drama,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Jeremiah Hundley
:Danny Trejo Gary Daniels Krystal Vee John Edward Lee
: THE LAZURUS PAPERS is a supernatural action film that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the climatic action filled ending. With an all-star cast that includes Bai Ling, and Tommy Tiny Lister.
Justin Time (2010 ) :Adventure,Family 89 .
:Rob Diamond
:Brian Wimmer Danny Trejo Chris Laird Shareece Pfeiffer
: An ancient and magical amulet that has the power to stop time is passed through generations until it ends up in the hands of a young man who must choose to use its power for good or for evil.
No Way Out (201 ) :Action,Drama 79 .
:Hector Echavarria
:Hector Echavarria Danny Trejo Estella Warren Carlotta Elektra Bosch
: Juan de los Santos, a former undercover cop from Paraguay, once ready to take down the biggest drug cartel in Latin America, has lost everything; his wife and kids brutally murdered on a  
Modus Operandi (2009 ) :Crime,Thriller 80 .
:Frankie Latina
:Randy Russell Danny Trejo Mark Borchardt Michael Sottile
: A revenge tale about a desperate C.I.A. agent on a mission to find the man who murdered his wife.
Jake's Corner (2008 ) :Drama,Family 98 .
:Jeff Santo
:Colton Rodgers Richard Tyson Diane Ladd Danny Trejo
: The fictional story of an ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, who moves far from the spotlight after a family tragedy to a small, desert town he owns called Jake's Corner. This dramatic comedy  
Ranchero (2008 ) :Crime,Drama 95 .
:Richard Kaponas
:Roger Gutierrez Brian Eric Johnson Christina Woods Danny Trejo
: A former ranch hand (Roger Gutierrez) confronts the realities of drug addiction and runs afoul of a local gangster after he moves to Los Angeles.
Juan Frances: Live (2008 ) :Comedy 91 .
:Amy French
:Spencer John French Danny Trejo Lupe Ontiveros Elisa Bocanegra
: Born Jonathan French in Beverly Hills, California and orphaned at 3 months old, this young boy was adopted by his Mexican nanny (Lupe Ontiveros) and step-father (Danny Trejo) and raised to  
(2008 ) :Crime,Drama .
:Jon Rosten
:George Katt Danny Trejo Caroline Macey Heather Trzyna
: West Los Angeles - home of the young, rich and hip. It is also home to twenty-five year old Zachary Zeus Andrews. Transplanted from Chicago as a kid, Zeus never fit into the hip LA  
Furnace (2007 ) :Crime,Horror,Mystery 86 .
:William Butler
:Michael Paré Ja Rule Jenny McShane Danny Trejo
: Detective Michael Turner investigates mysterious deaths that occur in and around a maximum-security prison. What begins as just another suicide and murder case unfolds into a furious  
(2007 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 191 .
:Robert Rodriguez Eli Roth Quentin Tarantino Edgar Wright Rob Zombie
:Kurt Russell Rose McGowan Danny Trejo Zoë Bell
: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's homage to exploitation double features in the 60s and 70s with two back-to-back cult films that include previews of coming attractions between them.
The Blue Rose (2007 ) :Drama,Thriller 89 .
:Joe Knight
:Daniel Baldwin Danny Trejo Dee Wallace Joe Knight
: Successful as a real estate agent, Vince Gallagher leads a second life as a casual drug user and small time dealer, getting his supply from a friend. While most would be considered an  
Taphephobia (2006 ) :Thriller .
:Aaron Pope
:Desmond Harrington Estella Warren Danny Trejo Randy Colton
: A man wakes up buried in a coffin, alone with the light from a cell phone.
Propensity (2006 ) :Drama,Thriller 100 .
:Rob Diamond Dave Sapp
:Danny Trejo Rhet Marsing Andrew Troy Nate Herd
: Thomas, Kyle and Marint had it all:loving wives, children and careers on the rise. But when tragedy strikes and their worlds crumble, it proves to be more than they can bare, and they find  
Jack's Law (2006 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 90 .
:Gil Medina
:Danny Trejo 50 Cent Houston Alexander Rocky Anderson
: An undercover cop, accused of a crime he did not commit, regains his freedom and decides to take revenge.
Living the Dream (2006 ) :Comedy,Drama 92 .
:Allan Fiterman Christian Schoyen
:Sean Young Christian Schoyen Danny Trejo Marília Pêra
: Living the Dream is a docudrama about two friends who after being bullied as children become corrupt when growing up because they have been conditioned to believe that they need to achieve 
The Curse of El Charro (2005 ) :Horror 90 .
:Rich Ragsdale
:Andrew Bryniarski Danny Trejo Drew Mia Kathryn Taylor Smith
: In California, Maria has awful nightmares with and visions of her sister that committed suicide one year ago. Her roommate Chris invites Maria to travel with her and her friends Tanya and  
Dreaming on Christmas (2005 ) :Comedy,Romance 100 .
:Spencer Jay Kim
:Liz DuChez Spencer Jay Kim Danny Trejo Nick Mancuso
: Two strangers, a businessman named Mitch and an exotic dancer named Rana, decide to spend Christmas night together.
Tennis, Anyone...? (2005 ) :Comedy,Sport .
:Donal Logue
:Donal Logue Kirk Fox Danny Trejo Mike Horan
: Two mid level Hollywood losers attempt to find redemption, revenge and meaning in their lives through celebrity tennis tournaments.
(2004 ) :Action,Adventure,Thriller 90 .
:Darren Lemke
:Dean Cain Ashley Scott Danny Trejo Irina Björklund
: Jeremy Stanton (Cain), an ordinary man, makes an extraordinary mistake.
(2001 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Romance 84 .
:Blair Hayes
:Jake Gyllenhaal Swoosie Kurtz Marley Shelton Danny Trejo
: A young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom finds out that the woman he has loved since childhood is about to be married  
(2000 ) :Crime,Drama 94 .
:Steve Buscemi
:Willem Dafoe Edward Furlong Danny Trejo Mark Boone Junior
: A young man goes to prison and a tough, older convict takes him under his wing as a mentor.
Six Shots of Tequila (1999 ) : .
:Eddie Rivera
:Alberto Carroll Danny Trejo
(1999 ) :Action,Comedy,Drama 95 .
:John G. Avildsen
:Jean-Claude Van Damme Pat Morita Danny Trejo Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
: A man (JCVD) drives out in the desert where some men steal his motorcycle and leave him for dead. He survives and no longer thinks of suicide as he now has a purpose in life: revenge and getting his bike back.
(1998 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 89 .
:Matt Earl Beesley
:Mickey Rourke Danny Trejo Frederic Forrest Werner Schreyer
: Convicted corporate criminal Howard engineers a prison break as he and a number of fellow inmates are being transferred to a new facility. The escapees storm a shopping mall and take a  
Dilemma (1997 ) :Action,Drama 83 .
:Eric Larsen Eric Louzil
:C. Thomas Howell Sofia Shinas Danny Trejo Courtney Gains
: A little girl is in a hospital dying of cancer. Death Row inmate Rudy Salazar has the bone marrow to save her life. His sentence is changed to life without parole in exchange for donating  
Champions (1997 ) :Action 99 .
:Peter Gathings Bunche
:Louis Mandylor Danny Trejo Ken Shamrock Lee Reherman
: William Rockman is a champion Terminal Combat fighter who retired from the sport after accidentally killing a young man while training. Five years after his retirement, Terminal Combat  
(1996 ) :Adventure 100 .
:Francis Veber
:Jean Reno Patrick Bruel Danny Trejo Patricia Velasquez
: A shaman from the South American rain forest visits France for a public relations campaign. In a hotels elevator in Paris he meets a French good-for-nothing named Perrin hes fascinated  
Victor One (1994 ) :Crime,Action .
:Kevin Anthony Cole Kenneth Nowling Beverly Stelly Danny Trejo
: The trouble begins when a disgruntled gas station attendant plots a robbery against his former boss. He and his gang attack the owners brother, stealing the daily cash deposit and leaving  
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