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(2018 ) :Adventure,Family,Fantasy .
:Lasse Hallström Joe Johnston
:Mackenzie Foy Keira Knightley Morgan Freeman Matthew Macfadyen
: A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.
(2017 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Drama 100 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Josh Gad Dennis Quaid Peggy Lipton Bryce Gheisar
: A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.
(2014 ) :Comedy,Drama 122 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Helen Mirren Om Puri Manish Dayal Charlotte Le Bon
: The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallorys Michelin-starred eatery.
(2013 ) :Drama,Romance,Thriller 115 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Julianne Hough Josh Duhamel Cobie Smulders David Lyons
: A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.
(2012 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 122 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Tobias Zilliacus Mikael Persbrandt Lena Olin Helena Af Sandeberg
: A detective pairs himself with a famous psychologist on a case involving a traumatized young witness to a crime.
(2011 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 107 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Ewan McGregor Emily Blunt Amr Waked Kristin Scott Thomas
: A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.
(2010 ) :Drama,Romance,War 108 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Channing Tatum Amanda Seyfried Richard Jenkins Henry Thomas
: A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he's home on leave.
: (2009 ) :Drama,Family 93 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Richard Gere Joan Allen Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Sarah Roemer
: A college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.
(2006 ) :Comedy,Drama 116 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Richard Gere Alfred Molina David Aaron Baker John Carter
: In what would cause a fantastic media frenzy, Clifford Irving sells his bogus biography of Howard Hughes to a premiere publishing house in the early 1970s.
(2005 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Drama 112 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Heath Ledger Sienna Miller Jeremy Irons Oliver Platt
: The fabled romantic Giacomo Casanova, after failing to win the affection of the Venetian woman Francesca Bruni, strives to discover the real meaning of love.
(2005 ) :Drama,Romance 108 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Jennifer Lopez Robert Redford Morgan Freeman Josh Lucas
: Desperate to provide care for her daughter, down-on-her-luck Jean moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Through time, they learn to forgive each other and heal old wounds.
(2001 ) :Drama 111 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Kevin Spacey Julianne Moore Judi Dench Cate Blanchett
: An emotionally beaten man with his young daughter moves to his ancestral home in Newfoundland to reclaim his life.
(2000 ) :Drama,Romance 121 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Juliette Binoche Judi Dench Alfred Molina Carrie-Anne Moss
: A woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.
(1999 ) :Drama,Romance 126 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Tobey Maguire Charlize Theron Michael Caine Delroy Lindo
: A compassionate young man, raised in an orphanage and trained to be a doctor there, decides to leave to see the world.
(1995 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 106 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Julia Roberts Dennis Quaid Robert Duvall Gena Rowlands
: A womans world is rocked when she discovers her husband is cheating on her.
? (1993 ) :Drama 118 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Johnny Depp Leonardo DiCaprio Juliette Lewis Mary Steenburgen
: After his fathers death, Gilbert has to care for his mentally-disabled brother, Arnie, and his morbidly obese mother. This situation is suddenly challenged though, when love unexpectedly walks into his life.
(1991 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 115 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Richard Dreyfuss Holly Hunter Danny Aiello Laura San Giacomo
: Renata Bella feels like a failure at life and career. But when Renata attends a seminar on selling real estate, she finally finds True Love. Sam Sharpe, while a top-notch, successful  
(1987 ) :Family 85 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Linda Bergström Crispin Dickson Wendenius Henrik Larsson Ellen Demérus
: There are only a handful of children living in Bullarby. This film follows their story through the fall and winter, picking up at the moment The Children of Noisy Village finishes.
(1986 ) :Family 87 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Linda Bergström Crispin Dickson Wendenius Henrik Larsson Ellen Demérus
: The story of the children who live in Bullarby, Sweden, through the spring and summer months.
(1985 ) :Drama,Comedy 101 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Anton Glanzelius Tomas von Brömssen Anki Lidén Melinda Kinnaman
: A boy and his brother dont get along well. In order to let their ill mother rest, theyre separated and sent each one with their relatives.
Tv? killar och en tjej (1983 ) :Comedy,Romance 111 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Brasse Brännström Magnus Härenstam Pia Green Ivan Oljelund
Tuppen (1981 ) :Comedy,Romance 97 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Magnus Härenstam Lill Andersson Ellionor Bille Åsa Bjerkerot
: 1944. Cederqvist comes to a small cloth factory to see how the all-women staff can work more efficiently. When first arriving he is greeted with suspicion and his efforts at courting the  
Jag ?r med barn (1979 ) :Comedy 107 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Magnus Härenstam Anki Lidén Micha Gabay Lis Nilheim
: Bosse works at an advertising agency while working on the novel of the century. At a burger restaurant he meets Lena, and before he knows it, she is pregnant. Bosse starts thinking that his 
: (1977 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 95 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Anni-Frid Lyngstad Benny Andersson Björn Ulvaeus Agnetha Fältskog
: An incompetent radio DJ tries to get an interview with the Swedish pop group during their famous week-long 1977 tour of Australia.
En kille och en tjej (1975 ) :Comedy 94 .
:Lasse Hallström
:Brasse Brännström Mariann Rudberg Christer Jonsson Börje Ahlstedt
: Hypochondriac Lasse can and does pull the girls with no trouble, although for a short while this causes a real and painful health problem. Meeting Lena while delivering papers - the nearest  
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