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Benchwarmers 2 (2019 ) :Comedy,Sport .
:Jonathan A. Rosenbaum
:Chris Klein Jon Lovitz Lochlyn Munro Crystal Lowe
The Competition (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 103 .
:Harvey Lowry
:Thora Birch Chris Klein Claire Coffee David Blue
: The main character (Thora Birch) follows the PIG Theory and ends relationships after six months in order to avoid heartache until she meets a man (Chris Klein) who wants to disprove her theory.
Game of Aces (2016 ) :Action,Adventure,War 97 .
:Damien Lay
:Chris Klein Victoria Summer Werner Daehn Randy Oglesby
: A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert.
: (2012 ) :Comedy 113 .
:Jon Hurwitz Hayden Schlossberg
:Jason Biggs Alyson Hannigan Seann William Scott Chris Klein
: Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.
(2010 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 85 .
:Brian A. Miller
:Chris Klein Adam Rodriguez 50 Cent Richard T. Jones
: Two detectives investigating a gang-related shooting find themselves targeted by both gang members and crooked cops.
(2009 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 96 .
:Andrzej Bartkowiak
:Kristin Kreuk Neal McDonough Michael Clarke Duncan Chris Klein
: When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the Street Fighter universe.
(2008 ) :Comedy,Fantasy 86 .
:Matthiew Klinck
:Thomas Michael Paolo Mancini Chris Klein Shae Norris
: Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Chris Klein and Joe Mantegna star in director Matthiew Klinck's holiday-themed comedy concerning two downsized Easter bunnies whose friendship starts to  
New York City Serenade (2007 ) :Comedy,Drama 103 .
:Frank Whaley
:Freddie Prinze Jr. Chris Klein Jamie-Lynn Sigler Ben Schwartz
: Two down on their luck childhood friends struggle to figure out their lives. Ray a drummer in a rock and roll band, and Owen an aspiring film maker spend most of their time working menial  
(2007 ) :Drama 92 .
:Bryan Gunnar Cole
:Elijah Wood Chris Klein Jon Bernthal Ginnifer Goodwin
: The military draft is back, three best friends are drafted and given 30 days to report for duty. In that time, they're forced to confront everything they believe about courage, duty, love, friendship and honor.
(2005 ) :Comedy 85 .
:Pat Holden
:Chris Klein Brendan Fehr Chandra West Craig Fairbrass
: A comedy about two brothers, uptight Ed and playboy Cooper. Ed has a weekend to save his career, but Cooper has other plans for the weekend; to help his stressed out brother get lucky with the ladies.
(2005 ) :Comedy,Romance 96 .
:Roger Kumble
:Ryan Reynolds Amy Smart Anna Faris Chris Klein
: While visiting his hometown during Christmas, a man comes face-to-face with his old high school crush whom he was best friends with -- a woman whose rejection of him turned him into a ferocious womanizer.
(2003 ) :Drama 108 .
:Matthew Ryan Hoge
:Ryan Gosling Don Cheadle Kevin Spacey Chris Klein
: A young man's experience in a juvenile detention center that touches on the tumultuous changes that befall his family and the community in which he lives.
(2002 ) :Action,Sci-Fi,Sport 98 .
:John McTiernan
:Chris Klein Jean Reno LL Cool J Rebecca Romijn
: The big thing in 2005 is a violent sport which can have some pretty serious consequences like dying.
, (2001 ) :Comedy,Romance 95 .
:J.B. Rogers
:Chris Klein Heather Graham Orlando Jones Sally Field
: Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister. After they break up he discovers he's not related and travels across the country to stop  
(2000 ) :Drama,Romance 96 .
:Mark Piznarski
:Chris Klein Leelee Sobieski Josh Hartnett Michael Rooker
: A rich college kid is taught a lesson after a joy ride ends up destroying a country restaurant.
(1999 ) :Comedy 95 .
:Paul Weitz Chris Weitz
:Jason Biggs Chris Klein Thomas Ian Nicholas Alyson Hannigan
: Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.
(1999 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 103 .
:Alexander Payne
:Matthew Broderick Reese Witherspoon Chris Klein Jessica Campbell
: A high school teacher's personal life becomes complicated as he works with students during the school elections, particularly with an obsessive overachiever determined to become student body president.
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