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(2011 ) :Drama 90 .
:Brian Brough
:Ashley Williams Marla Sokoloff Nick Zano Brad Johnson
: Two sisters find that they have to make their own way in the world after their father is jailed. Elinor is a cleaner in a spa. Marianne works for a marketing company but she also makes scented lotions, which turn out to be a real winner.
(2011 ) :Drama,Romance 94 .
:Bob Fugger
:Marla Sokoloff Barry Watson Amanda Righetti Christopher Lloyd
: Wendy (Marla Sokoloff) is left a struggling winery in her father's will. While learning to manage it, she must contend with a cunning competitor and her feelings for his son.
(2009 ) :Comedy,Romance 105 .
:Marc Fienberg
:Paul Campbell Andy Griffith Doris Roberts Marla Sokoloff
: A young ladies' man teaches his dating tricks to his lonely, widowed grandfather, and plays his best mind games to meet the woman of his dreams.
The Tollbooth (2004 ) :Comedy 85 .
:Debra Kirschner
:Marla Sokoloff Tovah Feldshuh Ronald Guttman Idina Menzel
: This film follows a Jewish artist and her family.
(2004 ) :Comedy,Romance 92 .
:Ryan Shiraki
:Sam Huntington Marla Sokoloff Mike Erwin Heather Matarazzo
: A horny college freshman feigns being gay to be near the beautiful co-ed of his desires.
Love on the Side (2004 ) :Comedy,Romance 102 .
:Vic Sarin
:Marla Sokoloff Jennifer Tilly Monika Schnarre Dave Thomas
: A small-town waitress vies with a sassy city slicker for the attention of the town's most eligible bachelor.
& (2001 ) :Comedy,Crime 81 .
:Francine McDougall
:Marla Sokoloff Marley Shelton Melissa George Mena Suvari
: A popular high-school cheerleader becomes pregnant by the star quarterback and turns to crime to support her desired lifestyle.
, ? (2000 ) :Comedy,Mystery,Sci-Fi 83 .
:Danny Leiner
:Ashton Kutcher Seann William Scott Jennifer Garner Marla Sokoloff
: Two potheads wake up after a night of partying and cannot remember where they parked their car.
(2000 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 94 .
:David Raynr
:Shane West Marla Sokoloff Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Manu Intiraymi
: A modern-day remake of the Cyrano DeBergerac tale.
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