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The Work Wife (2018 ) :Drama 86 .
:Michael Feifer
:Cerina Vincent Elisabeth Harnois Kevin Sizemore Preeti Desai
: After a tense few months following a miscarriage and an unemployment spell, things are finally looking up for Sean (Kevin Sizemore) and Lisa Miller (Elizabeth Harnois) when Sean lands his  
Saving My Baby (2018 ) :Drama .
:Michael Feifer
:Brianne Davis Tonya Kay Kathleen Quinlan Gabrielle Made
: Sarah Carter (30s), eight months pregnant, is abruptly rear-ended on Mulholland Drive, and ends up in a deep road side ditchTransported to the hospital, she delivers her baby. Little  
Deadly Lessons (2018 ) :Drama .
:Michael Feifer
:Jessica Barth Paris Smith Dylan Bruno Heather McComb
: Under the guise as a math tutor, Tamara finds a way to reconnect with her abducted daughter but her father will do anything, even kill, to keep the truth hidden.
A Killer Walks Amongst Us (2016 ) :Crime .
:Michael Feifer
:Eva LaRue Ashley Scott Michael Welch Dominic Keating
: Haunted by ghosts of the past, a former FBI agent helps police to track down a serial killer who is now targeting the FBI's teenage daughter.
Christmas with the Andersons (2016 ) :Comedy,Family 90 .
:Michael Feifer
:George Stults Christy Carlson Romano Savannah Judy Luke Judy
: Mike and Caroline Anderson have always gone all out with parties and gifts for Christmas with their 10-year-old twins Brendan and Julia. But when Michael loses his job just before the  
16 and Missing (2015 ) :Thriller 87 .
:Michael Feifer
:Lizze Broadway Mark Hapka David Starzyk Jay Pickett
: A 16 year old girl goes missing after an online relationship with an older man.
His Secret Family (2015 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 83 .
:Michael Feifer
:Haylie Duff David O'Donnell Parker Stevenson Jennifer Aspen
: Sarah adores her husband, Jason, but when Jason disappears and she tries to track him down, it opens up a whole new can of worms and she realizes that he has a dark past that he is trying to hide.
Lucky Dog (2014 ) :Family 88 .
:Michael Feifer
:Bryce Johnson Boti Bliss David DeLuise Cat Deeley
: Lucky Dog is a pawsome and fun live action movie for the whole family! Luckys owner Travis (Bryce Johnson, Pretty Little Liars) is a divorced father of two, dedicated to his great kids, 
Deadly Daycare (2014 ) :Drama,Thriller 88 .
:Michael Feifer
:Kayla Ewell Christy Carlson Romano Bryce Johnson Ariella Nurkovic
: After a few years of financial hardship, a young mother (RACHEL) decides to go back to work to help her ex-husband with the mounting bills. With no one to watch their 4-year-old daughter (  
Deadly Revenge (2013 ) :Thriller 92 .
:Michael Feifer
:Alicia Ziegler Mark Hapka Donna Mills Constance Wu
: Charming LA architect Harrison, also a great cook and lover, gets engaged to Cate, a San Francisco landscape architect he meets while collaborating on a major project, after they get locked  
Soda Springs (2012 ) :Drama 115 .
:Michael Feifer
:Jay Pickett Tom Skerritt Victoria Pratt Michael Bowen
: The story of a man's struggle to claim his future by confronting his past. The road is not an easy one as old demons resurface to threaten everything Eden has fought to overcome.
Gabe the Cupid Dog (2012 ) :Comedy,Family 90 .
:Michael Feifer
:Brian Krause Boti Bliss Linden Ashby Michael Woods
: When Eric and Marsha break off their long-term relationship, journalist Eric is able to weather it pretty well. He still has his long time canine companion Gabe, and his boss, Ms Andrews,  
Unstable (2012 ) :Crime,Mystery 84 .
:Michael Feifer
:Ashley Scott Ivan Sergei George Newbern Max Charles
: A divorced mother takes in a former footballer as a lodger and child-minder, but her decision has dangerous consequences.
(2010 ) :Comedy 90 .
:Michael Feifer
:Emmanuelle Vaugier Dean Cain Richard Ruccolo Cynthia Gibb
: Ally is a smart young career woman who needs a new job. Samantha is a busy Beverly Hills advertising executive/mom whose too-well-mannered kids need some fun in their lives. And Danny  
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009 ) :Crime,Horror,Thriller 91 .
:Michael Feifer
:Antonio Sabato Jr. John Burke Kelly Curran Kostas Sommer
: The true story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.
Dracula's Guest (2008 ) :Adventure,Horror,Thriller 82 .
:Michael Feifer
:Amy Lyndon Wes Ramsey Andrew Bryniarski Kelsey McCann
: Based upon Bram Stoker's short stories, Dracula's Guest follows the story of two young lovers, Bram and Elizabeth, who are forced by her father, the Admiral Murray, to take a one year  
Dear Me (2008 ) :Comedy 97 .
:Michael Feifer
:Walid Amini Jessica Anderson Daniel Bonjour Michael Bowen
: A witty young woman, Samantha Billows, is clearly the sharpest tool in the box except for one minor detail, she has a foot-in-mouth syndrome. Clinically, Samantha is diagnosed with a  
Lethal Eviction (2005 ) :Thriller 97 .
:Michael Feifer
:Judd Nelson Jennifer Carpenter Stacey Dash Michael Bowen
: Apartment dwellers meet violent ends soon after a new landlord takes over their building.
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