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Wrong Number (2002 ) :Thriller 97 .
:Richard Middleton
:Eric Roberts Brigitte Bako David Lipper Barry Blake
: Greed results in murder in the tumultuous world of Internet stocks.
Sweet Revenge (2001 ) :Thriller 92 .
:Gordon McLennan
:Richard Grieco Brigitte Bako Greg Evigan Rob Roy
: A woman searches for the man who betrayed her.
Osnovnoy podozrevaenyy (2000 ) :Action,Thriller,Mystery 91 .
:Jeff Celentano
:William Baldwin Brigitte Bako Lee Majors Vincent Castellanos
: On a personal mission to destroy his wife's killer, a Denver cop (William Baldwin) joins a rogue operation that goes bad and finds himself under suspicion of murder, yet still manages to restart his life.
Paranoia (1998 ) :Drama,Thriller 91 .
:Larry Brand
:Brigitte Bako Larry Drake Sally Kirkland Robert Floyd
: Jana Mercer is the sole survivor after the serial killer has brutally slaughtered her family. Incredible trauma has isolated the girl from the whole world. She's living in fear and  
Double Take (1997 ) :Thriller 86 .
:Mark L. Lester
:Craig Sheffer Brigitte Bako Costas Mandylor Dan Lett
: A writer gets caught up in something dangerous after witnessing a crime and identifying the supposed perpetrator in a line-up.
Dinner and Driving (1997 ) :Comedy,Romance 89 .
:Lawrence Trilling
:Joey Slotnick Paula Devicq Brigitte Bako Nadia Dajani
: Jason, an English teacher and struggling writer, has been dating his girlfriend Laura for three years now and feeling that its time to make a commitment, they decide to get married. But  
Irving (1995 ) : .
:Jason Bloom
:Brigitte Bako Jim Belushi John Fasano Chris Horii
Replikator (1994 ) :Sci-Fi 97 .
:Philip Jackson
:Michael St. Gerard Brigitte Bako Ned Beatty Ilona Staller
: Two companies are competing to develop equipment that can replicate any kind of material, including human tissue. However, one of the companies has more plans for this machine, and more  
(1994 ) :Thriller 94 .
:Luca Bercovici
:Chris Sarandon Richard Tyson Brigitte Bako Rez Cortez
: Andi (Brigitte Bako) joins her husband Tim (Chris Sarandon) on a tropical island to help him with the dangerous task of capturing poisonous sea snakes for their venom. Andis flagrant See full synopsis 
I Love a Man in Uniform (1993 ) :Drama,Thriller 99 .
:David Wellington
:Tom McCamus Brigitte Bako Kevin Tighe David Hemblen
: Henry Adler, a bank employee and actor, is cast as a cop in an upcoming television series but he begins to take his duties seriously.
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