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2 Dead 2 Kill (2013 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 90 .
:Michael J. Hach Neil Kinsella
:Jill Andre Katherine Bailess I. Elijah Baughman Jordi Caballero
: A drug addict scrambles to track down $8 million of heroin while pursued by the citys rival mob bosses.
Reservations (2008 ) :Drama,Romance .
:Aloura Melissa Charles
:Kerry Armstrong Tanner Blaze Anderson Boyd Jordi Caballero
: A castaway, surrounded by water, suffers the most miserable thirst. The same ironic ache haunts lonely souls in the congested city of New York. But on this night, at a hotel, several strangers reach out and connect.
Valentina's Tango (2006 ) :Thriller 98 .
:Rogelio Lobato
:Guillermina Quiroga Jordi Caballero Dianna Miranda George Perez
: A dark comedy/drama of a woman's decent into madness by love. Family and loved ones try to save her but but are sucked into the madness with her. Greek tragedy mixed with farce tells this tale of passionate love and lust.
Hell Hath Blue Skies (2006 ) :Comedy .
:Alan Fox
:Karalee Austin Cal Bartlett Jordi Caballero Thomas Carlton
: A naive young man goes to work in an office full of con-artists but he doesn't know it. As our hero copes with one con after another, and loses his innocent approach to life, he grows into  
The Stranger (1999 ) :Thriller 95 .
:Bruce David Klein
:William Atherton Jordi Caballero Thom Christopher Robert Cuccioli
: A young woman's dreams become real-life nightmares after a mysterious stranger comes into her life.
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