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The Chemist (2016 ) :Action 102 .
:Art Camacho
:Olivier Gruner Patrick Kilpatrick Martin Kove Stephanie Gerard
: The Chemist is a gritty action thriller about an aging assassin who is double crossed by his employer when he refuses to assassinate a woman he just met. On the run; Steele (Olivier Gruner) 
Soft Target (2006 ) :Action 93 .
:Art Camacho
:Don Wilson Olivier Gruner Gary Busey Fred Williamson
: Two police detectives must protect a beautiful call girl from mob hitmen and a crooked cop.
Confessions of a Pit Fighter (2005 ) :Action,Drama 95 .
:Art Camacho
:Armand Assante James Russo Flavor Flav John Savage
: Confessions of a Pit fighter is a character driven action film about regret, consequences and the triumph of the human spirit. Eddie Castillo is a quiet man. He has survived seven years of  
Sci-Fighter (2004 ) :Action,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Art Camacho
:Don Wilson Cynthia Rothrock Lorenzo Lamas Aki Aleong
: A well-meaning genius creates a virtual reality game that leaves his grandson trapped within when a virus invades. The boy's father (Don Wilson) enters the virtual fighting game in order to 
13 Dead Men (2003 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 85 .
:Art Camacho
:Lorenzo Lamas Mark Parra Mystikal Ashley Tucker
: Set in a prison, a death row inmate has a secret and the warden will go to any lengths to get it. Things dont go as planned as you would expect. A good action film with alot of good fight  
Gangland (2001 ) :Action,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Art Camacho
:Costas Mandylor Sasha Mitchell Kathleen Kinmont Vincent Klyn
: In 2010 three heroes battle to survive in a city which is being controlled by an evil gang.
Final Payback (2001 ) :Action 92 .
:Art Camacho
:Richard Grieco Martin Kove John Saxon Laura Harring
: An ex-cop, framed for a murder he didn't commit, sets out to find the real killer.
Point Doom (2000 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 100 .
:Art Camacho
:Richard Grieco Andrew Dice Clay Angie Everhart John Enos III
: A Hollywood talent agent's girlfriend thrusts him into a world of strip clubs, drugs and deadly motorcycle gangs.
The Cutoff (1998 ) :Action .
:Art Camacho
:Allie Alberigo Michael Depasquale Jr. Micheal DePasquale Sr. Richard Fike
: Karate fighting flick, with a strange story of revenge in a drug gang world.
Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home (1998 ) :Family 93 .
:Art Camacho
:Stephen Furst Taran Noah Smith Michael Fishman Steve Eastin
: A single father and his children come to Little Bigfoot's rescue when a wealthy landowner hunts him down, hoping to use him as a profitable circus attraction.
Recoil (1998 ) :Action 96 .
:Art Camacho
:Gary Daniels Gregory McKinney Thomas Kopache Billy Maddox
: Detective Ray Morgan accidentally kills the son of a mob boss. The mob boss orders to have Morgan killed unknowing that the assassin killed Morgan's wife and kids. Now Morgan's out for  
Little Bigfoot (1997 ) :Family 96 .
:Art Camacho
:Ross Malinger P.J. Soles Kenneth Tigar Kelly Packard
: Young Payton Shoemaker and his sister are the only ones who can save Little Bigfoot and his family from the ruthless logging company that sets out to eliminate them.
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Dragon to Dragon (2018 ) :Biography 90 .
:Tamas Birinyi
:Art Camacho Leo Fong Bruce Lee Eric Lee
Chinatown Connection (1990 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime .
:Jean-Paul Ouellette
:Yung Henry Yu Lee Majors II Art Camacho Ron Althoff
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