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Eres mi h?roe (2003 ) :Comedy,Drama 102 .
:Antonio Cuadri
:Manuel Lozano Toni Cantó Félix López Antonio Dechent
: The odds were stacked against Ramón (Manuel Lozano) from the start. He was always an outsider, and to keep himself sane, he lived by a strict mantra: Don't Fight, Don't Snitch and Don't Cry See full synopsis 
Spanish Fly (1998 ) :Comedy,Romance 91 .
:Daphna Kastner
:Daphna Kastner Toni Cantó Martin Donovan Danny Huston
: A woman reporter in over her head in trying to write a book on the male machismo in Spain finds the men don't match her story's expectations. She also finds herself involved in relationships with the wrong men.
Pon un hombre en tu vida (1996 ) :Comedy 87 .
:Eva Lesmes
:Toni Cantó Cristina Marcos Javier Cámara Anabel Alonso
: In a swimming pool accident, Juan and Belinda somehow exchange bodies. Juan is coaching a football team for an important match and Belinda is getting married. They agree to co-operate and continue in their new bodies.
A tiro limpio (1996 ) : 87 .
:Jesús Mora
:Toni Cantó Adolfo Fernández Roman Luknár Luís Rodrigues
: About to turn thirty years old, Román has decided to change his life, buy a boat and sail forever with or without his girlfriend. He has a plan to make a lot of money, as it happened a few  
Puede ser divertido (1995 ) : 92 .
:Azucena Rodríguez
:Ana Torrent Mercè Pons Toni Cantó Laura Bayonas
: Two children have a fight in the school and their mothers carry them to the hospital. The mothers become friends when they meet there.
Dile a Laura que la quiero (1995 ) :Comedy,Romance 100 .
:José Miguel Juárez
:Jorge Perugorría Ana Álvarez Nancho Novo Toni Cantó
: The relationsip between Jorge and Laura as a married couple works perfectly well till she finds him with another woman. Then Laura leaves the flat they share and goes to live with a  
Valpara?so (1994 ) :Crime,Drama 90 .
:Mariano Andrade
:Ángela Contreras Manuel Bandera Toni Cantó Maricarmen Arrigorriaga
: In a taxi cab accident, a Spanish sailor meets Marcella. She is seeking desperately for her stolen baby. The attraction and his moral beliefs push him into a dangerous adventure.
Tiempos mejores (1994 ) : 98 .
:Jorge Grau
:Arturo Fernández Milly Carlucci Toni Cantó Lia Chapman
En penumbra (1987 ) :Drama,Romance 89 .
:José Luis Lozano
:Toni Cantó Amparo Muñoz Miguel Bosé Lola Herrera
Oficio de muchachos (1986 ) : 105 .
:Carlos Romero Marchent
:Mercedes Alonso Juanjo Artero Toni Cantó Eva Cobo
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