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Curiosa (2019 ) :History .
:Lou Jeunet
:Niels Schneider Noémie Merlant Camélia Jordana Amira Casar
(2017 ) :Drama,Romance 132 .
:Luca Guadagnino
:Armie Hammer Timothée Chalamet Michael Stuhlbarg Amira Casar
: In 1980s Italy, a romance blossoms between a seventeen year-old student and the older man hired as his father's research assistant.
Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden (2016 ) :Horror 92 .
:Virgil Widrich
:Laurence Rupp Amira Casar Johann Adam Oest Lukas Miko
: When the ambitious Philip takes over the running of the family business from his father, he finds himself confronted by the mysterious reappearance of his dead ancestors. In the course of a  
(2016 ) :Drama,Fantasy,Mystery 105 .
:Rebecca Zlotowski
:Natalie Portman Lily-Rose Depp Emmanuel Salinger Amira Casar
: Follows the journey of sisters who are believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts. They cross paths with a visionary French producer while performing in Paris.
(2015 ) :Comedy,Drama 124 .
:Wolfgang Becker
:Daniel Brühl Jesper Christensen Amira Casar Geraldine Chaplin
: Young journalist Sebastian Zöllner is writing an article on artist Manuel Kaminski. Zöllner hopes that Kaminski dies soon, so that he can cash in on his article.
Der letzte Sommer der Reichen (2014 ) :Drama .
:Peter Kern
:Amira Casar Nicole Gerdon Winfried Glatzeder Margarete Tiesel
: Viennas high society parties with sex, drugs, alcohol and young models. Hanna von Stezewitz stands in the center of it all. Shes young, attractive and rich, head of a corporate group and one of Viennas most important financers.
Let My People Go! (2011 ) :Comedy,Romance 96 .
:Mikael Buch
:Nicolas Maury Carmen Maura Jean-François Stévenin Amira Casar
: At Passover, Reuben, a French-Jewish man living in Finland with his Nordic boyfriend, finds himself back in Paris with his zany family after a lovers' quarrel.
Playoff (2011 ) :Drama,Sport 107 .
:Eran Riklis
:Danny Huston Amira Casar Mark Waschke Max Riemelt
: Playoff tells the story of legendary Israeli basketball coach Ralph Klein. He became a national hero, when he made Maccabi Tel Aviv into European Champions in the late Seventies, one of  
(2009 ) :Drama 105 .
:Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
:Michèle Laroque Amir Ben Abdelmoumen Max von Sydow Amira Casar
: Listening in to a conversation between his doctor and parents, 10-year-old Oscar learns what nobody has the courage to tell him. He only has a few weeks to live. Furious, he refuses to  
Intrusions (2008 ) : 96 .
:Emmanuel Bourdieu
:Natacha Régnier Denis Podalydès Amira Casar Jacques Weber
: To free herself from the clutches of her bossy father, Pauline de Saché, a rich heiress, throws herself into the arms of François Lebrun, a humble employee. Once Pauline finds she is  
Nuit de chien (2008 ) :Drama 110 .
:Werner Schroeter
:Pascal Greggory Bruno Todeschini Éric Caravaca Amira Casar
: A group of people try to flee from a dictatorship government.
Coupable (2008 ) :Crime,Drama 107 .
:Laetitia Masson
:Hélène Fillières Jérémie Renier Amira Casar Denis Podalydès
: When the dead body of Mr Kaplan is found, a kitchen knife in the back, all eyes turn to the maid. When the widow reveals that her departed husband was incapable of giving her children, all  
Made in Italy (2008 ) :Comedy 86 .
:Stéphane Giusti
:Gilbert Melki Amira Casar Françoise Fabian Caterina Murino
: Quim (Leonardo Sbaraglia) roule dans une région isolée en suivant une route sinueuse et se perd. En essayant de se repérer, il est soudain la cible de tirs en provenance de la montagne. See full synopsis 
(2006 ) :Drama 103 .
:Tony Gatlif
:Asia Argento Amira Casar Birol Ünel Alexandra Beaujard
: Zingarina, who is two-month pregnant, travels from France to Transylvania with her friend Marie to seek out her lover Milan Agustin that was deported from France. They hire the guide and  
Journ?es froides qui menacent les plantes (2005 ) : .
:Virginie Chanu
:Julien Boisselier Amira Casar Frédéric Pierrot Elsa Zylberstein
(2005 ) :Drama 100 .
:Arnaud Larrieu Jean-Marie Larrieu
:Sabine Azéma Daniel Auteuil Amira Casar Sergi López
: An affluent, middle-aged couple's uneventful lives are forever changed when they move into an isolated house in the country and befriend an odd, younger couple.
(2005 ) :Drama,Fantasy,Music 99 .
:Stephen Quay Timothy Quay
:Amira Casar Gottfried John Assumpta Serna César Sarachu
: Dark fairy-tale about a demonic doctor who abducts a beautiful opera singer with designs on transforming her into a mechanical nightingale.
La cloche a sonn? (2005 ) :Comedy 95 .
:Bruno Herbulot
:Fabrice Luchini François Cluzet Elsa Zylberstein Amira Casar
(2004 ) :Drama 77 .
:Catherine Breillat
:Amira Casar Rocco Siffredi Alexandre Belin Manuel Taglang
: A woman employs a gay man to spend four nights at her house to watch her when shes unwatchable.
Rien, voil? l'ordre (2003 ) :Drama 96 .
:Jacques Baratier
:Amira Casar Laurent Terzieff Claude Rich James Thierrée
Filles perdues, cheveux gras (2002 ) :Comedy,Drama,Fantasy 100 .
:Claude Duty
:Amira Casar Marina Foïs Olivia Bonamy Charles Berling
: Crossing paths of three lost young women: Elodie wants her daughter back, Natacha wants her cat back, and Marianne wants her soul back. They find friendship and love, encountering many  
Les chemins de l'oued (2002 ) :Drama 78 .
:Gaël Morel
:Nicolas Cazalé Amira Casar Mohamed Majd Kheireddine Defdaf
: Samy (Nicolas Cazalé), a young Franco-Algerian, hits a policeman at a roadblock and must flee France. He takes refuge with his grandfather (Mohamed Majd) in Algeria. But he does not speak  
(2001 ) :Drama,Thriller 98 .
:Anne Fontaine
:Michel Bouquet Charles Berling Natacha Régnier Amira Casar
: When his long-time disappeared father is entering his life again, Jean-Luc, a successful doctor, has no option but to face his own life story. Will he ever be able to forget and forgive?
Le coeur ? l'ouvrage (2000 ) :Comedy,Drama 97 .
:Laurent Dussaux
:Mathilde Seigner Amira Casar Marc Citti Bruno Slagmulder
Quand on sera grand (2000 ) :Comedy,Drama 102 .
:Renaud Cohen
:Mathieu Demy Amira Casar Maurice Bénichou Louise Bénazéraf
T?t ou tard (1999 ) :Romance 100 .
:Anne-Marie Etienne
:Philippe Torreton Amira Casar Laura del Sol Anny Duperey
: A musician leaves his wife in Prague ,comes back to his native France and meets a singer.
Pourquoi pas moi? (1999 ) :Comedy,Romance 96 .
:Stéphane Giusti
:Amira Casar Julie Gayet Bruno Putzulu Alexandra London
: Four gay French expatriots share a business in Barcelona. When they and their parents are thrown together for a coming out party, another French Farce ensues.
Marie Baie des Anges (1997 ) :Drama,Romance 90 .
:Manuel Pradal
:Vahina Giocante Frédéric Malgras Nicolas Welbers Amira Casar
: A random montage of disturbing images tell a story about one summer in the lives of two teenagers who somehow find love within each other, Orso and Marie. After they realize this, they run  
, ! (1997 ) :Comedy,Romance 100 .
:Thomas Gilou
:Richard Anconina Richard Bohringer Amira Casar Vincent Elbaz
: The sentimental and comedic adventures of Eddie, a non-Jew trying to pass as Jewish though totally ignorant of Jewish traditions, as he works in a Jewish community.
Mirada l?quida (1996 ) :Thriller 97 .
:Rafael Moleón
:Juanjo Puigcorbé Amira Casar Laura Cepeda Pilar Bardem
Ainsi soient-elles (1995 ) :Comedy 106 .
:Patrick Alessandrin Lisa Azuelos
:Marine Delterme Florence Thomassin Amira Casar Jean-Philippe Écoffey
: Every Sunday, Mary, Alice and Joan, three long-time friends, find themselves at the pool to talk about their love affairs. Mary, who is a stockbroker, leads her love life with meetings. One 
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