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The 28th Instance of June 1914 10:50 a.m. (1998 ) : 56 .
:Barbara Politsch
:Quentin Crisp David McDermott Peter McGough
Barriers (1998 ) : 96 .
:Alan Baxter
:Sedly Bloomfield Jamaul Roots Geoff Garcy Quentin Crisp
: When Tori, an affluent urban teen, befriends Snake, a streetwise kid from Harlem, his concerned parents hire Phil to be his Nanny to watch out for him. Soon Snake's older and more dangerous 
Famous Again (1998 ) :Comedy .
:Neil Ira Needleman
:Johnathan Brownlee Quentin Crisp Elisa DeCarlo Stephen Geoffreys
: An older gentleman who used to be a famous movie star decides to get back in the limelight and pens a phony book about abusing his son, the book becomes a best seller and he ends up on a national talk show.
The Electric Urn (1998 ) :Drama 98 .
:Dean Bivins
:Miranda Adams Abigail Alderson Michael Cavadias Quentin Crisp
Homo Heights (1998 ) :Comedy 92 .
:Sara Moore
:Quentin Crisp Lea DeLaria Stephen Sorrentino David Fenley
: Gay guru and fading icon Malcolm wants to escape from Homo Heights town, which is ruled by drag queen and leader of gay mafia Maria Callous.
Men Under Water (1998 ) :Comedy .
:Douglas Morse
:Quentin Crisp Scott Sandler Robert Kerman Tim Burchfield
Natural Born Crazies (1994 ) : 100 .
:George Baluzy Mike Baluzy
:Brad Brechard Richard Craven Quentin Crisp Ralph Giordano
Topsy and Bunker: The Cat Killers (1992 ) :Drama 87 .
:Thomas Massengale
:Quentin Crisp Steve Gunderson Kathy Najimy Paul Robertson
: Topsy (Gunderson) and Bunker (Robertson) are two misfits living in a run-down, fleabag hotel in a corner of Manhattan that time has passed by. They spend their time weaving fantasies of  
(1992 ) :Biography,Drama,Fantasy 94 .
:Sally Potter
:Tilda Swinton Billy Zane Quentin Crisp Jimmy Somerville
: Young nobleman Orlando is commanded by Queen Elizabeth I to stay forever young. Miraculously, he does just that. The film follows him as he moves through several centuries of British  
An Evening with Quentin Crisp (1980 ) : 90 .
:James Cady Arthur Mele
:Quentin Crisp John Hurt
: Stately homo of England Quentin Crisp, subject of the well-known John Hurt biopic The Naked Civil Servant delivers an extremely witty how-to monologue about style, followed by a lengthy See full synopsis 
Hamlet (1976 ) :Drama 65 .
:Celestino Coronado
:Quentin Crisp Helen Mirren Barry Stanton Vladek Sheybal
: Hamlet suspects his uncle has murdered his father to claim the throne of Denmark and the hand of Hamlets mother, but the prince cannot decide whether or not he should take vengeance.
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