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2 (2017 ) :Adventure,Comedy 104 .
:Jon Lucas Scott Moore
:Mila Kunis Kristen Bell Kathryn Hahn Jay Hernandez
: As their own mothers drop in unexpectedly, our three under-appreciated and over-burdened moms rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for mothers: Christmas.
The Night Is Young (2015 ) :Comedy,Romance 91 .
:Dave Hill Matt Jones
:Matt Jones Dave Hill Kelen Coleman Jay Hernandez
: This is the story of the night Matt and Dave met Amy and Syd. All feeling a bit fed up with their jobs and Los Angeles, luck would have it that they decide to go to the same bar on the same 
(2008 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller 89 .
:John Erick Dowdle
:Jennifer Carpenter Steve Harris Columbus Short Jay Hernandez
: A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC, after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers.
(2005 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 94 .
:Eli Roth
:Jay Hernandez Derek Richardson Eythor Gudjonsson Barbara Nedeljakova
: Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
(2005 ) :Drama,History,War 112 .
:Sergei Bodrov Ivan Passer
:Kuno Becker Jason Scott Lee Jay Hernandez Zhansaya Saparkhanova
: A historical epic set in 18th-century Kazakhstan, where a young man is destined to unite the country's three warring tribes.
(2004 ) :Action,Drama,Sport 118 .
:Peter Berg
:Billy Bob Thornton Jay Hernandez Derek Luke Lucas Black
: Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers.
(2002 ) :Drama,Family,Sport 127 .
:John Lee Hancock
:Dennis Quaid J.D. Evermore Rachel Griffiths Jay Hernandez
: A Texas baseball coach makes the major league after agreeing to try out if his high school team made the playoffs.
(2001 ) :Drama,Romance 99 .
:John Stockwell
:Kirsten Dunst Jay Hernandez Bruce Davison Herman Osorio
: At Pacific Palisades High, a poor Latino falls hard for a troubled girl from an affluent neighborhood.
Living the Life (2000 ) :Crime,Drama 90 .
:Alex Munoz
:Katrina Gibson Jay Hernandez Melida Prado Yvette Cruise
: Kata has lived her first fifteen years believing that, although she has an amazing ancestry, the only thing that lies in her future is a broken heart, the symbol of the Ninth Street Gang.  
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