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R? (2018 ) :Drama 30 .
:Sophia Bösch
:Sofia Aspholm Lennart Jähkel Ingmar Virta Ivan Mathias Petersson
: Autumn in Northern Sweden. Linn is 16 years old and finally allowed to join her father on the elk hunt. She wants to prove herself in the group of hunters, but the wilderness itself turns out to be her actual test.
Pel? Pingvin kommer till stan (2015 ) :Animation 72 .
:Kenneth Hedenström Gustav Forsberg Fredrik Sandberg
:Lennart Jähkel Mirja Burlin Lars Amble Louise Hoffsten
: When the fish run out in the South Pole, Pelé and his family are forced to leave and head north to Stockholm, where Uncle Fernandez lives. In Stockholm the penguins are different. They are sophisticated city penguins.
Granny's Dancing on the Table (2015 ) :Drama 89 .
:Hanna Sköld
:Blanca Engström Lennart Jähkel Mike Altmann Karin Bertling
: Eini grows up isolated from society in the woods together with her controlling and abusive father. Stories about her granny and Einis invincible fantasy enables her to create a world within, from which she can draw her strength to survive.
(2014 ) :Animation,Adventure 78 .
:Esben Toft Jacobsen
:Gustaf Hammarsten Lennart Jähkel Sissela Kyle Leif Andrée
: Beyond Beyond is a story about wanting the impossible. A story about a little rabbit boy not old enough to understand the rules of life, who takes up the fight against the most powerful  
Pistvakt (2005 ) :Comedy,Drama,Family 91 .
:Stephan Apelgren
:Lennart Jähkel Jacob Nordenson Tomas Norström Sten Ljunggren
: Three middle aged brothers is living home in a Godforsaken skiing resort in the northernmost part of Sweden and sees their life change when their father dies, and the mother going off on a holiday to Spain.
Sex hopp & k?rlek (2005 ) :Drama 93 .
:Lisa Ohlin
:Krister Henriksson Ing-Marie Carlsson Lennart Jähkel Mira Eklund
: A drama about the power of Love, the lust for Sex, and the need for Hope. Birgit is stuck in an uneventful, everyday life with her husband Lennart and their teenage daughter. When Bertil,  
(2004 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 133 .
:Kay Pollak
:Michael Nyqvist Frida Hallgren Helen Sjöholm Lennart Jähkel
: A successful international conductor suddenly interrupts his career and returns alone to his childhood village in Norrland, in the far north of Sweden. It doesn't take long before he is  
(1999 ) :Drama,Romance 93 .
:Una Celma
:Samuel Fröler Baiba Broka Eva-Lena Björkman Lennart Jähkel
: Comedic romantic cross cultural exploration of Lativa and Sweden
Slutspel (1997 ) :Comedy,Crime,Sport 81 .
:Stephan Apelgren
:Anders Lundin Lennart Jähkel Krister Henriksson Peter Kneip
: Johan is a 35 year old soccer fan, unemployed but living by his wits and charm. During the Soccer World Championships in 1990 all Swedes want to follow the games, including Johan who  
(1996 ) :Crime,Thriller 113 .
:Kjell Sundvall
:Rolf Lassgård Lennart Jähkel Jarmo Mäkinen Tomas Norström
: A policeman from Stockholm comes up to Norrland in Sweden to join his brother, now that their parents are dead. While there he starts to work on a long-running case where deer have been  
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