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Na Jaane Kabse (2011 ) :Romance 132 .
:Pammi Somal
:Lillete Dubey Gurpreet Ghuggi Gary Gill Ayub Khan
: Karan Bajaj, a bartender turned resort developer, is the King of Tragedies. He is ditched at the altar by his fiance for the third time, and to save face he claims that she was not good  
Manoj Bhaiya (2008 ) :Drama 123 .
:Manish Shrivastava
:Ayub Khan Ash Kumar Smriti Mohan Farhana Parveen
Revati (2005 ) :Drama 145 .
:Farogh Siddique
:Kashmira Shah Shreyas Talpade Ayub Khan Vijay Kadam
: The story of a rebel trash picker living in the slums of Bombay India. She dreams of being able to have simple luxuries like a bath or decent clothes to cover her body. One day she gets her  
(2005 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 173 .
:Prakash Jha
:Ajay Devgn Nana Patekar Bipasha Basu Ayub Khan
: Story of a tumultuous and complex relationship between a father (Mohan Agashe) and son (Ajay Devgan), set against the backdrop of a thriving kidnapping industry in the Hindi heartland of Bihar.
Kuchh Kaha Aapne.. (2004 ) :Romance .
:Mustafa Engineer
:Divyaa Dwivedi Ayub Khan Tarun Khanna Alok Nath
Madhur Milan (2002 ) :Romance .
:Uttara Baokar Benjamin Gilani Ayub Khan Viju Khote
Dil Aa Gaya (2001 ) :Romance .
:T.L.V. Prasad
:Ayub Khan Reema Lagoo Alok Nath Raageshwari
Meghla Akash (2001 ) :Drama,Family 157 .
:Nargis Akter
:Mousumi Ayub Khan Shakil Khan Purnima
: Social awareness regarding AIDS and use of protection during sexual relationships.
Saacho Sathvaro Saajano (2000 ) :Drama .
:Hussain Bloch
:Ayub Khan Jayendra Mehta Sudha Pathak Sharmilee Raj
Tabaahi: The Destroyer (1999 ) :Action 133 .
:Gopi Sapru
:Mithun Chakraborty Divya Dutta Satyendra Kapoor Ayub Khan
: Major Dig Vijay Sanyal avenge his police officer brother who is murdered by Rudraksh a mafia .
Chehraa (1999 ) : .
:Gautam Adhikari
:Ayub Khan Madhoo Varsha Usgaonkar Seema Kapoor
Hafta Vasuli (1998 ) :Action 140 .
:Deepak Balraj Vij
:Jackie Shroff Aditya Pancholi Ayub Khan Madhoo
: Lotiram Khabadia is an MLA based in Bombay, who is corrupt, and involved in all kinds of criminal activities. He has close links with another gangster cum wrestler, Tamancha. As elections  
Khote Sikkey (1998 ) :Crime .
:Partho Ghosh
:Ayub Khan Madhoo Atul Agnihotri Anjali Jathar
: Rohit and Vijay are two petty criminals who extort money from truckers by impersonating police officers. Their wrong actions land them in trouble when Inspector Ajay Sinha arrests them and  
Jaane Jigar (1998 ) :Comedy,Drama,Family 175 .
:Arshad Khan Talat Jani
:Jackie Shroff Ayub Khan Mamta Kulkarni Manek Bedi
: Ravi and Vijay's friendship was an example by itself. One was Life-Jaan, the other Jigar-Courage, the famous singer Ravi Kumar and the daring Vijay Kumar. Vijay's mother looked after Ravi  
Gundagardi (1997 ) :Drama 136 .
:V. Sai Prasad
:Dharmendra Raj Babbar Ayub Khan Simran
: Gunda Gardi is the story of a white collar criminal kalicharan (Raj Babbar) who has terrorised the whole city and is referred to as Mafia Don. He Has two lieutenants activites. One Narsinha 
Daadagiri (1997 ) :Drama,Action,Comedy 138 .
:Arshad Khan
:Ayub Khan Ritu Parna Simran Nishigandha Wad
: Two boys, separated from their sister and father in childhood, search for the persons responsible for their familys separation in adulthood.
The Death Sentence: Mrityu Dand (1997 ) :Action,Drama 150 .
:Prakash Jha
:Shabana Azmi Madhuri Dixit Ayub Khan Shilpa Shirodkar
: In a rural Indian village two corrupt villagers contractor Tirpat Singh and his colleague MLA Durga Pandey are rallying the other villagers into doing things that will benefit themselves.  
Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya (1997 ) :Drama 149 .
:Saawan Kumar Tak
:Ayub Khan Milind Gunaji Saadhika Pran
Smuggler (1996 ) :Action,Crime .
:Ajay Kashyap
:Dharmendra Ayub Khan Eva Grover Guggu Gill
Sanjay (1995 ) :Crime .
:Shahrukh Sultan
:Ayub Khan Shakti Kapoor Sakshi Shivanand Sadashiv Amrapurkar
: Sanjay Singh lives in a middle-class family. His father, Ranvir, a retired constable; his mother is a housewife; his elder brother, Pratap, is married and has one son; and his sister is yet 
Salaami (1994 ) :Adventure .
:Shahrukh Sultan
:Ayub Khan Samyukta Roshini Jaffery Kabir Bedi
: Vijay (Ayub Khan) is an honest young army cadet who finds himself battling the corrupt police department after he comes across evidence that could put Superintendent Gautam (Goga Kapoor)  
Meri Aan (1993 ) :Drama,Family,Romance .
:Roopesh Kumar
:Chandrashekhar Sanjay Dutt Farheen Ayub Khan
: Kaaliya Patil is a laborer in a mill in a small town in India. The region experiences riots and as a result there is considerable violence. The police are summoned and are compelled to open 
Mashooq (1992 ) :Drama,Romance .
:Humayun Mirza Mahrukh Mirza Shahrukh Mirza
:Ayub Khan Ayesha Jhulka Kiran Kumar Beena Banerjee
: Suman Rai informs her wealthy brothers, Kedarnath and Sandeep of her marriage with middle-class, Shankar Kumar, the one her brothers rejected. An angry Sandeep then picks up a gun and  
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