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(2018 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 91 .
:Mélanie Laurent
:Elle Fanning Ben Foster Lili Reinhart María Valverde
: After escaping a set up, a dying hitman returns to his hometown of Galveston where he plans his revenge.
Plonger (2017 ) :Drama 102 .
:Mélanie Laurent
:Gilles Lellouche María Valverde Ibrahim Ahmed Marie Denarnaud
: A restless photographer leaves her family to find herself and takes up deep-sea diving.
(2014 ) :Drama 91 .
:Mélanie Laurent
:Joséphine Japy Lou de Laâge Isabelle Carré Claire Keim
: Charlie is an average French suburban teenager, but when she becomes fast friends with Sarah, the rebellious new girl at school, she discovers theres nothing average about how she feels.
(2011 ) :Drama 100 .
:Mélanie Laurent
:Marie Denarnaud Denis Ménochet Clémentine Célarié Mélanie Laurent
: Lisa and her adopted sister Marine are inseparable. With Lisa's mother, Millie, they've forged a deep bond and offer security to Lisa's son. When Marine falls in love the family is thrown  
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6 Underground (2019 ) :Action .
:Michael Bay
:Ryan Reynolds Mélanie Laurent Adria Arjona Dave Franco
: Plot kept under wraps.
(2018 ) :Drama 98 .
:Gilles de Maistre
:Mélanie Laurent Ryan Mac Lennan Lionel Newton Lillian Dube
: A young girl from London moves to Africa with her parents where she befriends a lion cub.
Operation Finale (2018 ) :Biography,Drama,History 122 .
:Chris Weitz
:Oscar Isaac Ben Kingsley Mélanie Laurent Lior Raz
: A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.
(2018 ) :Comedy,History 90 .
:Laurent Tirard
:Jean Dujardin Mélanie Laurent Noémie Merlant Christophe Montenez
: 1809, France. Captain Neuville is called to the front, leaving his future bride heartbroken. Her sister decides to write letters on his behalf to cheer her up. But it all goes south when Neuville reappears.
(2017 ) :Drama,Thriller 84 .
:Christian Carion
:Guillaume Canet Mélanie Laurent Olivier de Benoist Antoine Hamel
: The disappearance of his child sends a man on a dark path to find the truth.
Les derniers Parisiens (2016 ) :Drama 105 .
:Hamé Bourokba Ekoué Labitey
:Reda Kateb Slimane Dazi Mélanie Laurent Constantine Attia
: Just out of prison, Nas returns to his neighborhood, Pigalle, where he finds his friends and his older brother Arezki, boss of the bar Le Prestige. Nas is determined to recreate a name and Le Prestige could well serve as a springboard .
(2016 ) :Drama 115 .
:Tran Anh Hung
:Audrey Tautou Bérénice Bejo Mélanie Laurent Jérémie Renier
: The story of the women and relationships that define a family across a century.
(2015 ) :Drama,Fantasy,Mystery 122 .
:Angelina Jolie
:Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Mélanie Laurent Melvil Poupaud
: A couple tries to repair their marriage while staying at a hotel in France.
Boomerang (2015 ) :Drama,Romance 101 .
:François Favrat
:Laurent Lafitte Mélanie Laurent Audrey Dana Wladimir Yordanoff
: A secret kept in the past can change everything in the present for Antoine Reys family.
(2014 ) :Drama 112 .
:Claudia Llosa
:Jennifer Connelly Cillian Murphy Mélanie Laurent William Shimell
: A struggling mother encounters the son she abandoned 20 years earlier.
(2013 ) :Mystery,Romance,Thriller 111 .
:Bille August
:Jeremy Irons Mélanie Laurent Jack Huston Martina Gedeck
: Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss Professor, abandons his lectures and buttoned-down life to embark on a thrilling adventure that will take him on a journey to the very heart of himself.
(2013 ) :Mystery,Thriller 91 .
:Denis Villeneuve
:Jake Gyllenhaal Mélanie Laurent Sarah Gadon Isabella Rossellini
: A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.
(2011 ) :Comedy,Drama 98 .
:Jennifer Devoldère
:Mélanie Laurent Michel Blanc Florence Loiret Caille Claude Perron
: In this delightful comedy Justine (Inglourious Basterds' Mélanie Laurent) flits from one boyfriend to the next while her immature father secretly befriends them all.
(2011 ) :Drama 100 .
:Mélanie Laurent
:Marie Denarnaud Denis Ménochet Clémentine Célarié Mélanie Laurent
: Lisa and her adopted sister Marine are inseparable. With Lisa's mother, Millie, they've forged a deep bond and offer security to Lisa's son. When Marine falls in love the family is thrown  
(2011 ) :Thriller 91 .
:Jérôme Le Gris
:Mélanie Laurent Clovis Cornillac Tchéky Karyo Xavier Gallais
: Lucrèce, the best killer in the business, accepts a final job: eliminate an opera singer who threatens the interests of a corporation. She's hired as a contralto for a festival her target is singing in, but things don't happen as planned.
(2010 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 105 .
:Mike Mills
:Ewan McGregor Christopher Plummer Mélanie Laurent Goran Visnjic
: A young man is rocked by two announcements from his elderly father: that he has terminal cancer, and that he has a young male lover.
(2010 ) :Drama,History,War 115 .
:Rose Bosch
:Jean Reno Mélanie Laurent Gad Elmaleh Raphaëlle Agogué
: A faithful retelling of the 1942 Vel dHiv Roundup and the events surrounding it.
: (2009 ) :Comedy,Romance 80 .
:Jennifer Devoldère
:Mélanie Laurent Justin Bartha Valérie Benguigui Billy Boyd
: Jack is encouraged to take the romantic Paris vacation he won, despite just being dumped by his girlfriend. His trip soon devolves into chaos and adventure, when his luggage is swapped for  
(2009 ) :Adventure,Drama,War 153 .
:Quentin Tarantino Eli Roth
:Brad Pitt Diane Kruger Eli Roth Mélanie Laurent
: In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers coincides with a theatre owner's vengeful plans for the same.
Kontsert (2009 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 119 .
:Radu Mihaileanu
:Aleksey Guskov Mélanie Laurent Dmitriy Nazarov François Berléand
: Thirty years ago, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov, the renowned conductor of the Bolshoi orchestra, was fired for hiring Jewish musicians. Now a mere cleaning man at the Bolshoi, he learns by  
(2008 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 130 .
:Cédric Klapisch
:Fabrice Luchini Romain Duris Joffrey Platel Mélanie Laurent
: Pierre, a professional dancer, suffers from a serious heart disease. While he is waiting for a transplant which may (or may not) save his life, he has nothing better to do than look at the  
Le tueur (2007 ) :Thriller 91 .
:Cédric Anger
:Gilbert Melki Grégoire Colin Mélanie Laurent Sophie Cattani
: Leo Zimmermann,a business man from Paris dotes on his daughter.He proposes a strange offer to his killer when he is in town to execute Zimmermann.
(2007 ) : 83 .
:Jean-Marc Fabre
:Szymon Zaleski Mélanie Laurent Marc Barbé
L'amore nascosto (2007 ) :Drama 100 .
:Alessandro Capone
:Isabelle Huppert Greta Scacchi Mélanie Laurent Olivier Gourmet
: The secrets and hidden pain of a woman recovering from a suicide attempt reveal themselves through a series of sessions with her psychiatrist.
(2007 ) :Crime,Mystery,Thriller 115 .
:Alfred Lot
:Mélanie Laurent Éric Caravaca Gilles Lellouche Jonathan Zaccaï
: Two unemployed computer technicians discover 2 million euros next to a dead body in a field of windmills.
, (2006 ) :Drama 92 .
:Philippe Lioret
:Mélanie Laurent Kad Merad Isabelle Renauld Julien Boisselier
: Lili returns from holidays and learns that her twin brother left the house after a violent argument with their father.
(2004 ) :Drama,Romance 104 .
:Rodolphe Marconi
:Nicole Garcia Gaspard Ulliel Mélanie Laurent Bruno Todeschini
: A young artist's return home is offset by his unrequited love for a childhood male friend.
Hainan ji fan (2004 ) :Comedy,Drama 106 .
:Kenneth Bi
:Sylvia Chang Martin Yan Mélanie Laurent LePham Tan
: Fearing her son could be gay, a conservative mother takes in a French foreign exchange student, who ends up teaching the family a lot about life, acceptance, and love.
Ceci est mon corps (2001 ) :Drama 87 .
:Rodolphe Marconi
:Louis Garrel Jane Birkin Elisabeth Depardieu Mélanie Laurent
: Young student Antoine jumps off studies to follow an acting career, and is offered a main role after a boy who killed himself after a fling with the director.
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