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Furlough (2018 ) :Comedy 83 .
:Laurie Collyer
:Melissa Leo Tessa Thompson Edgar Ramírez Erik Griffin
: When an inmate is granted one weekend out of prison to see her dying mother, a rookie correction officer struggles to keep her under control.
Unlovable (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 80 .
:Suzi Yoonessi
:Charlene deGuzman John Hawkes Melissa Leo Paul James
: A sex and love addicted woman learns what real intimacy is when she starts making music with a reclusive man.
(2017 ) :Biography,Drama,History 91 .
:Tommy O'Haver
:Melissa Leo Brandon Mychal Smith Juno Temple Michael Chernus
: The life of Madelyn Murray O'Hair, the outspoken activist and founder of American Atheists.
(2017 ) :Drama 123 .
:Maggie Betts
:Melissa Leo Lisa Stewart Alyssa Brindley Chelsea Lopez
: Set in the early 1960s and during the era of Vatican II, a young woman in training to become a nun struggles with issues of faith, the changing church and sexuality.
(2016 ) :Drama,Thriller,War 102 .
:Ian Olds
:Dominic Rains Melissa Leo James Franco Rachel Brosnahan
: After being exiled from Afghanistan, a former war journalist settles in a small town in Northern California and takes a job with a local newspaper. But when he attempts to cover local crime 
(2016 ) :Biography,Drama,Thriller 134 .
:Oliver Stone
:Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shailene Woodley Melissa Leo Zachary Quinto
: The NSA's illegal surveillance techniques are leaked to the public by one of the agency's employees, Edward Snowden, in the form of thousands of classified documents distributed to the press.
The Ever After (2014 ) :Drama 87 .
:Mark Webber
:Rosario Dawson Teresa Palmer Phoebe Tonkin Melissa Leo
: Lovers struggle to overcome the everyday temptations of an ordinary human life; what they discover is somewhat extraordinary.
Dwegons and Leprechauns (2014 ) :Animation 98 .
:Tom Walsh
:Melissa Leo Maggie Wheeler Joey D. Vieira R. Martin Klein
: Family inherits an old house and to their surprise, finds the home filled with wonderful colorful creatures that brings the family together.
- (2014 ) :Comedy,Drama 83 .
:Phil Alden Robinson
:Robin Williams Mila Kunis Peter Dinklage Melissa Leo
: A perpetually angry man is informed he has 90 minutes to live and promptly sets out to reconcile with his family and friends in the short time he has left.
(2013 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 153 .
:Denis Villeneuve
:Hugh Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal Viola Davis Melissa Leo
: When Keller Dovers daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts.
Francine (2012 ) :Drama 74 .
:Brian M. Cassidy Melanie Shatzky
:Melissa Leo Victoria Charkut Dave Clark Keith Leonard
: Ex-con Francine has difficulty adjusting to life in a small lakeside town until she begins working with animals, though she finds herself growing increasingly isolated from the community and embracing forms of anti-social behavior.
-- (2012 ) :Comedy,Drama 85 .
:Phil Dorling Ron Nyswaner
:Jesse Eisenberg Melissa Leo Tracy Morgan Isiah Whitlock Jr.
: When a college piano prodigy tries to check his mother into rehab, he is taken hostage by her drug dealer and swept along on a wild adventure.
(2011 ) :Drama,Sport 100 .
:Matt Russell
:Lucas Black Robert Duvall Melissa Leo Deborah Ann Woll
: After a disastrous debut on the pro circuit, a young golfer finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas and welcomed by an eccentric rancher.
(2011 ) :Action,Crime,Horror 88 .
:Kevin Smith
:Michael Parks Melissa Leo John Goodman Michael Angarano
: Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.
The Space Between (2010 ) :Drama 90 .
:Travis Fine
:Melissa Leo Anthony Keyvan Brad William Henke AnnaSophia Robb
: A cynical, alcoholic flight attendant and a Pakistani-American child prodigy find themselves both thrown together in the aftermath of the World Trade Center Attacks.
(2010 ) :Biography,Drama 107 .
:Tony Goldwyn
:Hilary Swank Sam Rockwell Melissa Leo Thomas D. Mahard
: A working mother puts herself through law school in an effort to represent her brother, who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and has exhausted his chances to appeal his conviction through public defenders.
(2010 ) :Drama 110 .
:Jake Scott
:James Gandolfini Kristen Stewart Melissa Leo David Jensen
: On a business trip to New Orleans, a damaged man seeks salvation by caring for a wayward young woman.
(2010 ) :Biography,Drama,Sport 116 .
:David O. Russell
:Mark Wahlberg Christian Bale Amy Adams Melissa Leo
: Based on the story of Micky Ward, a fledgling boxer who tries to escape the shadow of his more famous but troubled older boxing brother and get his own shot at greatness.
Bottled Up (201 ) :Drama 84 .
:Enid Zentelis
:Melissa Leo Marin Ireland Josh Hamilton Jamie Harrold
: In this modern day drama, Oscar-winner Melissa Leo beautifully conveys the heart-wrenching struggle that comes with love and addiction, while also lightheartedly depicting a woman  
True Adolescents (2009 ) :Comedy,Drama 88 .
:Craig Johnson
:Mark Duplass Bret Loehr Carr Thompson Melissa Leo
: Craig Johnson's poised and poignant first feature follows Sam (Mark Duplass), an, unbeknownst to him, washed-up rocker in the early stages of haggard. Jobless and apartment-less, he crashes 
(2009 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller 87 .
:Jake Goldberger
:Thomas Haden Church Elisabeth Shue Melissa Leo Rachel Harker
: Don McKay, a high school janitor who leaves his hometown after a tragedy, returns 25 years later to rekindle a romance with his old flame, who is dying, but this homecoming brings McKay more than he bargained for.
(2009 ) :Comedy 87 .
:Suzi Yoonessi
:Meaghan Martin Shayne Topp Melissa Leo Beth Grant
: Vanessa gets a dose of reality when Philip, her one true love, ends their relationship, again. The quirky teen enrolls in his school to win him back, but ends up making matters worse.  
Stephanie's Image (2009 ) :Crime,Drama 72 .
:Janis DeLucia Allen
:Melissa Leo Janis DeLucia Allen Mara Saranpreet Luthane J.P. Allen
: A documentary filmmaker investigates the murder of a former model and finds that everything she's been told about her death is false.
(2008 ) :Crime,Drama 97 .
:Courtney Hunt
:Melissa Leo Misty Upham Charlie McDermott Michael O'Keefe
: Takes place in the days before Christmas near a little-known border crossing on the Mohawk reservation between New York State and Quebec. Here, the lure of fast money from smuggling  
Lullaby (2008 ) :Thriller 96 .
:Darrell Roodt
:Melissa Leo Joey Dedio Lisa-Marie Schneider Renier Basson
: An American mother receives word that her drug addled son has been kidnapped by a drug lord operating in South Africa.
I Believe in America (2007 ) :Drama 101 .
:Michael J. Narvaez
:Jamie Harris Melissa Leo Coati Mundi Roger Guenveur Smith
: A former revolutionary is forced to confront his past after the murder of his eldest son. He must devise a way to avenge his son's death, save his family from ruin, and face the consequences of his choices.
Racing Daylight (2007 ) :Drama 83 .
:Nicole Quinn
:Melissa Leo Jason Downs Le Clanché du Rand David Strathairn
: Sadie thinks she's going insane. Edmund is sure he's being haunted. And Henry, well Henry's just racing daylight.
The Limbo Room (2006 ) :Drama 80 .
:Debra Eisenstadt
:Melissa Leo Andrea Powell Jonathan Marc Sherman Zack Griffiths
: When an on stage rape scene sparks an offstage affair, the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred.
The House Is Burning (2006 ) :Drama 97 .
:Holger Ernst
:John Diehl Melissa Leo Julianne Michelle Robin Lord Taylor
: One day. One night. A group of teenagers struggles to find their way in a world that offers them few choices. In 24 hours, Mike will leave for the army, following in his father's footsteps. 
Runaway (2005 ) :Drama,Thriller 80 .
:Tim McCann
:Aaron Stanford Robin Tunney Peter Gerety Melissa Leo
: Michael Adler has run away from his suburban home with his little brother Dylan. Hiding out in a quiet, rural town, Michael's convinced he can make a better life for both of them. While  
Confess (2005 ) :Thriller,Drama 89 .
:Stefan C. Schaefer
:Eugene Byrd Ali Larter Melissa Leo Glenn Fitzgerald
: A political thriller that charts the exploits of disillusioned ex-hacker Terell Lessor. A return to New York, coupled with a humiliating attempt at getting a new job, serves as the catalyst  
Fear of Fiction (2000 ) :Drama 99 .
:Charlie Ahearn
:Melissa Leo Sam Trammell David Wheir Stephen Pearlman
: A young novelist with a bad case of writer's block clears her mind by answering an ad placed by a man who is driving cross-country and needs a partner. Along the way, she ends up with more writing material than she ever bargained for.
Immaculate Conception (1992 ) :Drama 120 .
:Jamil Dehlavi
:James Wilby Melissa Leo Shabana Azmi Zia Mohyeddin
: A childless Western couple visit a fertility shrine in Karachi run by eunuchs and set off a huge culture clash.
Venice/Venice (1992 ) :Drama 108 .
:Henry Jaglom
:Nelly Alard Henry Jaglom Melissa Leo Suzanne Bertish
: Dean is a maverick American film director surprised that his most recent film has been chosen as the Official U.S. Entry at the Venice Film Festival. A beautiful French journalist arrives  
A Time of Destiny (1988 ) :Drama,War 118 .
:Gregory Nava
:William Hurt Timothy Hutton Melissa Leo Francisco Rabal
: A modernized version of the story which inspired Verdis opera, La Forza del Destino.
Streetwalkin' (1985 ) :Action,Drama,Thriller 86 .
:Joan Freeman
:Melissa Leo Dale Midkiff Leon Antonio Fargas
: A young high school dropout working as a prostitute spends one fateful evening turning tricks and avoiding her lover, an emotionally unstable pimp now out for blood.
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