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Snapshots (2018 ) :Drama 95 .
:Melanie Mayron
:Piper Laurie Brooke Adams Brett Dier Emily Baldoni
: When a grandmother's secret past collides with her granddaughter's secret future and her daughter's angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit. With a simple roll of film it begins.
Little Women, Big Cars (2012 ) :Comedy,Drama 89 .
:Melanie Mayron
:Amy Yasbeck Julie Warner Kristy Swanson Romy Rosemont
: Four soccer moms struggle to balance their busy schedules, family lives, and sanity: Meg, an overachieving people pleaser; Barbara, a recent divorcee; Rocky, a high-maintenance diva; and  
(2004 ) :Comedy 87 .
:Melanie Mayron
:Judd Hirsch Gil Bellows Mercedes Ruehl Conrad Dunn
, (2002 ) :Comedy,Romance 92 .
:Melanie Mayron
:Piper Perabo Jane McGregor Michael McKean Trent Ford
: A French foreign-exchange student comes to a small Texas high school, befriends a classmate, and practically takes over her life.
(1995 ) :Comedy,Drama,Family 94 .
:Melanie Mayron
:Schuyler Fisk Bre Blair Rachael Leigh Cook Larisa Oleynik
: Seven junior-high-school girls organize a daycare camp for children while at the same time experiencing classic adolescent growing pains.
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(1990 ) :Comedy,Crime 97 .
:Herbert Ross
:Steve Martin Rick Moranis Joan Cusack Melanie Mayron
: An all too uptight FBI agent must protect a larger than life mobster with a heart of gold, currently under witness protection in the suburbs.
Checking Out (1989 ) :Comedy 96 .
:David Leland
:Jeff Daniels Melanie Mayron Michael Tucker Kathleen York
: A successful family man, who works for an airline, becomes consumed by fear of death after his colleague and best friend dies in front of him from heart attack while telling the setup for the joke: Why dont Italians like barbecues?
Sticky Fingers (1988 ) :Comedy 97 .
:Catlin Adams
:Helen Slater Melanie Mayron Adam Shaw Shirley Stoler
: Two girls try hard to find job as musicians. One of them play the cello and the other the violin. They have very little money, even to pay the rent. One day a friend (who is a drug dealer)  
The Boss' Wife (1986 ) :Comedy 83 .
:Ziggy Steinberg
:Daniel Stern Arielle Dombasle Fisher Stevens Melanie Mayron
: Joel Keefer is a stockbroker trying to climb the corporate ladder. Theres only one thing stopping him - his boss beautiful and flirtatious wife.
(1982 ) :Biography,Drama,History 122 .
:Jack Lemmon Sissy Spacek Melanie Mayron John Shea
: When an idealistic American writer disappears during the Chilean coup détat in September 1973, his wife and father try to find him.
Girlfriends (1978 ) :Comedy,Drama 86 .
:Claudia Weill
:Melanie Mayron Eli Wallach Adam Cohen Anita Skinner
: A photographer and her girlfriend are roommates. She is stuck with small-change shooting jobs and dreams of success. When her roommate decides to get married and leave, she feels hurt and has to learn how to deal with living alone.
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