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The Dream of Hamish Mose (1969 ) :Horror,Mystery,Western .
:Cameron Mitchell
:Alonzo Brown Henry Darrow Don Melvoin Cameron Mitchell
: A lost team of Buffalo Soldiers and their Captain in the aftermath of the Civil War trek through the Texas desert on an odyssey to retrieve a comrade they had thought to have been dead.
() 86 ()
Demon Cop (1990 ) :Crime,Horror 81 .
:Rocco Karega Hal Miles
:Rocco Karega Cameron Mitchell Theresa Fenneaux Ray Klein
: A former probationary officer who is a patient at a mental asylum escapes and prowls the city, looking for victims whose blood may cure the blood disease he has that has turned him into a werewolf-type monster.
No Justice (1989 ) :Drama 91 .
:Fred H. Dresch Richard Wayne Martin
:Bob Orwig Cameron Mitchell Steve Murphy Phillip Newman
: A violent sadist has been appointed a deputy sheriff by his uncle, the alcoholic and corrupt county sheriff, who runs a drug-smuggling and bootlegging operation on the side. When the  
Easy Kill (1989 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 89 .
:Josh Spencer
:Frank Stallone Jane Badler Cameron Mitchell Shayne Leith
: A bar owner/ex cop winds up in a scheme involving drug smuggling, murder, and seduction.
Rage to Kill (1988 ) :Action,Thriller 93 .
:David Winters
:James Ryan Oliver Reed Cameron Mitchell Henry Cele
: Race-car driver Blaine Striker grows concerned about his younger brother, a student at a medical school on the Caribbean island of St. Heron. General Turner has led a violent coup on this  
(1988 ) :Action,Adventure,Romance 91 .
:David Winters Neal Sundstrom
:Reb Brown John Phillip Law James Ryan Cameron Mitchell
: A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery.
(1988 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 92 .
:Leszek Burzynski
:Jay Leggett Cameron Mitchell Sullivan Hester Laura Kallison
: A sheriffs deputy, some escaped prisoners and two young girls find themselves trapped in a mine shaft where a cannibalistic mutant is hunting them for food.
Terror Night (1987 ) :Horror 84 .
:Nick Marino André De Toth
:John Ireland Cameron Mitchell Alan Hale Jr. Staci Greason
: Lance Hayward, a silent movie star, appears as various characters, killing quite a handful of unfortunates, using various weapons.
Code Name Vengeance (1987 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 96 .
:David Winters
:Robert Ginty Shannon Tweed Cameron Mitchell Don Gordon
: The wife and daughter of the president of an African state were kidnapped by terrorists. The American embassador tries to liberate them and reactivates therefore an agent who is in prison  
Hollywood Cop (1987 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 101 .
:Amir Shervan
:James Mitchum Cameron Mitchell David Goss Zuhair Haddad
: A detective tries to get back a child who has been kidnapped by gangsters.
(1987 ) :Action,Thriller 88 .
:David A. Prior
:Cameron Mitchell Troy Donahue Ted Prior Fritz Matthews
: A group of sadistic mercenaries kidnap people off the streets and set them loose on the grounds of their secret camp, so the students at the camp can learn how to track down and kill their prey.
Mission Kill (1986 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 97 .
:David Winters
:Robert Ginty Merete Van Kamp Cameron Mitchell Olivia d'Abo
: An ex-Green Beret visits one of his army buddies, and finds himself involved in his friends scheme to smuggle arms into a turbulent South American country.
The Tomb (1986 ) :Horror,Fantasy 84 .
:Fred Olen Ray
:Cameron Mitchell John Carradine Sybil Danning Suzy Stokey
: A tomb robber steals artifacts from an unmarked tomb in Egypt and sells them to different archeologists in America. This displeases the immortal woman whose tomb has been desecrated, so she 
Low Blow (1986 ) :Action 90 .
:Frank Harris
:Leo Fong Cameron Mitchell Troy Donahue Diane Stevenett
: Leo Fong plays a private investigator who is in search of a young girl kidnapped by a religious cult. Destined to save her, he teams up with a Vietnam vet, a pro-boxing champ and a former cop to save her
The Messenger (1986 ) :Action,Drama 95 .
:Fred Williamson
:Fred Williamson Christopher Connelly Cameron Mitchell Joe Spinell
: When his girlfriend dies of a drug overdose, a former Green Beret decides to take vengeance on the drug gangs responsible for her death.
Killpoint (1984 ) :Action 80 .
:Frank Harris
:Leo Fong Richard Roundtree Cameron Mitchell Stack Pierce
: An L.A. cop investigating the rape and murder of his wife traces the crime to a psycho biker gang that smuggles guns. He teams up with an FBI agent to stop them and catch his wifes killers.
Go for the Gold (1984 ) :Drama,Romance,Sport 93 .
:Stuart F. Fleming
:James Ryan Cameron Mitchell Mzwandile Sandy Horne
: Johnny Morris (Ryan) lives at home with his mother and his physically abusive stepfather. His only outlets are girlfriend Trish and running. His friend and mentor, Victor, a champion runner  
(1982 ) :Adventure,Horror,Action 86 .
:Edward D. Murphy
:Cameron Mitchell Geoffrey Binney Hope Holiday Jillian Kesner
: A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a  
Blood Link (1982 ) :Crime,Horror 98 .
:Alberto De Martino
:Michael Moriarty Penelope Milford Geraldine Fitzgerald Cameron Mitchell
: Haunted by psychic visions of murder, an American man travels to Europe where he learns that a rash of murders are being committed by someone who looks exactly like him.
Frankenstein Island (1981 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 97 .
:Jerry Warren
:Robert Clarke Steve Brodie Cameron Mitchell Robert Christopher
: When a hot-air balloon crashes on a remote island, the crew discovers Dr. Frankensteins ancestor carrying on the family work, along with a race of mutants and a population of Amazons.
Texas Lightning (1981 ) :Action,Comedy,Drama 91 .
:Gary Graver
:Cameron Mitchell Cameron Mitchell Jr. Maureen McCormick Peter Jason
: A rough and tough macho truck driver decides to make his soft son more of a man by taking him hunting. They go on a holiday and go to a honky-tonk bar where the younger man falls in love with a burned out waitress.
The Guns and the Fury (1981 ) :Action,Drama 90 .
:Tony Zarindast
:Peter Graves Albert Salmi Cameron Mitchell Shaun Curry
: Two turn of the Century fortune hunters (Peter Graves and Cameron Mitchell) discover oil in Persia and attempt to claim it. Serious resistance is met.
Cataclysm (1980 ) :Horror 94 .
:Phillip Marshak Tom McGowan Gregg G. Tallas
:Cameron Mitchell Marc Lawrence Faith Clift Richard Moll
: Police detective, Mitchell, investigating the death of a victim of a Nazi concentration camp discovers a nightclubbing playboy who has strange powers over women and is seemingly ageless.
Captive (1980 ) :Sci-Fi 95 .
:Robert Emenegger Allan Sandler
:Cameron Mitchell David Ladd Lori Saunders Dan Sturkie
: Earth and the planet Sthyrolia are at war over the possession of valuable Dirathium crystals. A Styrolian warship is shot down on Earth, and the surviving aliens make their way to a nearby  
(1979 ) :Horror,Thriller 87 .
:Denny Harris
:Rebecca Balding Cameron Mitchell Avery Schreiber Barbara Steele
: During her first semester at college, a co-ed finds housing at a seaside mansion where, following the death of a fellow-student, she becomes entangled in a murder mystery surrounding the property and its secretive tenants.
Supersonic Man (1979 ) :Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy 88 .
:Juan Piquer Simón
:Antonio Cantafora Cameron Mitchell José Luis Ayestarán Diana Polakov
: The superhero Kronos, from a distant galaxy, tangles with the mad scientist Dr. Gulik over the fate of mankind.
The Demon (1979 ) :Horror 94 .
:Percival Rubens
:Jennifer Holmes Cameron Mitchell Craig Gardner Zoli Marki
: Random people are terrorized by a malevolent man who brings their worst fears to life.
(1978 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 93 .
:Dennis Donnelly
:Cameron Mitchell Pamelyn Ferdin Wesley Eure Nicolas Beauvy
: A ski-masked maniac kills apartment complex tenants with the contents of a toolbox.
Haunts (1976 ) :Horror 97 .
:Herb Freed
:May Britt Cameron Mitchell Aldo Ray William Gray Espy
: May Britt plays a seemingly innocent farm girl convinced that her slovenly uncle (Cameron Mitchell) is the man responsible for the bloody scissor-murders of several local girls.
The Swiss Family Robinson (1975 ) :Adventure 100 .
:Harry Harris
:George DiCenzo Helen Hunt Martin Milner Cameron Mitchell
: A family shipwrecked on a deserted island tries to survive the best way they can. All is going well until a gang of pirates arrives on the island looking for a hidden treasure.
Detras de esa puerta (1975 ) :Drama 89 .
:Manuel Zecena Diéguez
:Rossano Brazzi Cameron Mitchell Emilio Fernández Flor Procuna
(1974 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 112 .
:Terence Young
:Lee Marvin Richard Burton Cameron Mitchell O.J. Simpson
: A local Sheriff tries to keep the peace as racial strife hits his small Alabama town as tensions boil over when a black man is accused of raping a white woman.
The Midnight Man (1974 ) :Mystery 117 .
:Roland Kibbee Burt Lancaster
:Burt Lancaster Susan Clark Cameron Mitchell Morgan Woodward
: An ex-con, once a cop, now working as security in a college, decides to investigate the murder of one of the students, a daughter of a senator.
The Big Game (1973 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 94 .
:Robert Day
:Stephen Boyd France Nuyen Ray Milland Cameron Mitchell
: Two soldiers of fortune are hired by an aging scientist to protect him and his invention, a radar-like mind-control device capable of forcing soldiers to fight. A rival organization kidnaps his son to get the machine.
Medusa (1973 ) :Mystery 103 .
:Gordon Hessler
:George Hamilton Luciana Paluzzi Cameron Mitchell Thodoros Roubanis
: In Greece, a stewardess is murdered by a masked maniac. Suspicion falls on a drunken American playboy (George Hamilton) and a murderous gangster (Cameron Mitchell).
(1972 ) :Adventure,Drama,Western 102 .
:Sidney Poitier Joseph Sargent
:Sidney Poitier Harry Belafonte Ruby Dee Cameron Mitchell
: A wagon master and a con-man preacher help freed slaves dogged by cheap-labor agents out West.
Slaughter (1972 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 92 .
:Jack Starrett
:Jim Brown Stella Stevens Rip Torn Cameron Mitchell
: Slaughter, a former Green Beret, avenges the killing of loved ones by the Mob, and in so doing is coerced by the Feds into traveling to Mexico to finish off surviving mobsters.
(1971 ) :Western,Thriller,Action 86 .
:Alberto Mariscal
:Isela Vega Helena Rojo Jorge Luke Cameron Mitchell
: A vengeful widow hires a professional killer to train her son so that he can hunt down and kill the men who murdered her husband. The quest for revenge soon becomes an obsession.
The Killers (1971 ) :Action .
:Ewing Miles Brown
:Cameron Mitchell Don Epperson Alicia Hammond Robert Dix
: B-grade action film denotes a wealthy dignitary abducted by elite armed mercenary forces, and the gallant heroes who must brave the Green Hell of Africa to rescue him.
The Rebel Rousers (1970 ) :Crime,Drama 78 .
:Martin B. Cohen
:Cameron Mitchell Bruce Dern Diane Ladd Jack Nicholson
: In a small, U.S. costal town, with many Spanish speakers, a motorcycle gang arrives on vacation. Also in town to try to reconnect with his pregnant girlfriend, Karen, is businessman Paul  
The Dream of Hamish Mose (1969 ) :Horror,Mystery,Western .
:Cameron Mitchell
:Alonzo Brown Henry Darrow Don Melvoin Cameron Mitchell
: A lost team of Buffalo Soldiers and their Captain in the aftermath of the Civil War trek through the Texas desert on an odyssey to retrieve a comrade they had thought to have been dead.
Nightmare in Wax (1969 ) :Horror 96 .
:Bud Townsend
:Cameron Mitchell Anne Helm Scott Brady Berry Kroeger
: The disfigured curator of a wax museum murders his enemies and then uses their bodies as exhibits in his museum.
Autopsia de un fantasma (1968 ) :Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi 95 .
:Ismael Rodríguez
:Basil Rathbone John Carradine Amadee Chabot Cameron Mitchell
: Satan offers a weary ghost a chance for redemption through true love.
Hermann der Cherusker - Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald (1967 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 82 .
:Ferdinando Baldi Rudolf Nussgruber
:Cameron Mitchell Antonella Lualdi Hans von Borsody Beba Loncar
: In the first half of the first century A.D., the Teutonic tribes, led by Arminius The Terrible, rebel against the cruel and conquering Roman Empire. In raging torments and blood curdling  
La isla de la muerte (1967 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 88 .
:Mel Welles
:Cameron Mitchell Elisa Montés George Martin Kai Fischer
: Baron von Weser keeps a menagerie of carnivorous plants, but takes great care of one particular specimen.
El tesoro de Makuba (1967 ) :Adventure 78 .
:Cameron Mitchell Mara Cruz Gisia Paradís Todd Martin
: Cameron Mitchell hunts for treasure in the Polynesian Islands. The Director uses the name Joe Lacy.
All'ombra delle aquile (1966 ) :Drama 94 .
:Ferdinando Baldi
:Cameron Mitchell Beba Loncar Gabriella Pallotta Dieter Eppler
: After the death of Octavian, the rebel populations of Illyria and Pannonia pose a grave threat to the Roman Empire. Tribune Marcus Ventidius is sent to subdue the uprising and, after a  
I coltelli del vendicatore (1966 ) :Adventure 85 .
:Mario Bava Leopoldo Savona
:Cameron Mitchell Fausto Tozzi Giacomo Rossi Stuart Luciano Pollentin
: A mysterious knife-throwing viking warrior protects a young peasant woman and her young son from the clutches of a evil regent bent on claiming the title of king and the woman for himself.
(1966 ) :Western 82 .
:Monte Hellman
:Jack Nicholson Cameron Mitchell Millie Perkins Katherine Squire
: Three cowboys, mistaken for members of an outlaw gang, are relentlessly pursued by a posse.
Jim il primo (1964 ) :Western 98 .
:Sergio Bergonzelli
:Cameron Mitchell Carl Möhner Célina Cély Kitty Carver
: A famous gunfighter gives up his evil ways, and settles in a quiet town. But, the town is being terrorized by a gang, drawing our hero back to gunslinging, but this time in the name of good.
Minnesota Clay (1964 ) :Action,War,Western 90 .
:Sergio Corbucci
:Cameron Mitchell Georges Rivière Ethel Rojo Diana Martín
: Wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didnt commit, Minnesota Clay seeks revenge on the man who withheld evidence at his trial. There is a problem however, he is going blind.
Einer frisst den anderen (1964 ) :Adventure,Crime,Drama 84 .
:Gustav Gavrin Richard E. Cunha Ray Nazarro Albert Zugsmith
:Jayne Mansfield Cameron Mitchell Dodie Heath Ivor Salter
: Three thieves rip off a shipment of used money being sent back to the US. As they are escaping the robbery (after having taken a hostage), they wind up on an island in a hotel with an  
(1964 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 88 .
:Mario Bava
:Cameron Mitchell Eva Bartok Thomas Reiner Arianna Gorini
: A masked, shadowy killer brutally murders the models of a scandalous fashion house in Rome.
Il duca nero (1963 ) :Adventure,Drama,Romance 105 .
:Pino Mercanti
:Cameron Mitchell Conrado San Martín Maria Grazia Spina Franco Fantasia
: Cesar Borgia--a cardinal in the Catholic church, a confidant of the Pope and a member of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in 16th-century Italy--must deal with a host of  
Giulio Cesare, il conquistatore delle Gallie (1962 ) :Adventure,Biography,Drama 104 .
:Tanio Boccia
:Cameron Mitchell Rik Battaglia Dominique Wilms Ivica Pajer
: Julius Caesar leads the Roman army to battle against rebels in Gaul.
I normanni (1962 ) :Adventure 79 .
:Giuseppe Vari
:Cameron Mitchell Geneviève Grad Ettore Manni Philippe Hersent
: An evil duke kidnaps the good king and tries to make the virtuous queen his bride and the peasants take arms. Italian, dubbed in English. (1964; B&W)
L'ultimo dei Vikinghi (1961 ) :Action,Adventure,War 103 .
:Giacomo Gentilomo
:Cameron Mitchell Edmund Purdom Isabelle Corey Hélène Rémy
: Harald and his brother Guntar return to Norway to find their father murdered and his throne usurped. They try to take revenge on Sveno, but a traitor amongst them puts both brothers lives at risk.
(1961 ) :Action,Adventure,Romance 90 .
:Mario Bava
:Cameron Mitchell Alice Kessler Ellen Kessler George Ardisson
: Two estranged Viking brothers confront each other as rivals as war breaks out between Britain and the Vikings for control of England.
The Unstoppable Man (1961 ) :Drama,Crime 68 .
:Terry Bishop
:Cameron Mitchell Marius Goring Harry H. Corbett Lois Maxwell
: James Kennedy is a rich businessman whose son is kidnapped. Naturally, theres a huge ransom demand but Scotland Yard tells Kennedy to let them handle it.
Three Came to Kill (1960 ) :Crime,Thriller 71 .
:Edward L. Cahn
:Cameron Mitchell John Lupton Steve Brodie Lyn Thomas
: Three professional killers break into the house of an airport employee to shoot the plane on which an Asian Prime Minister is due to leave America.
As the Sea Rages (1959 ) :Drama 104 .
:Horst Hächler
:Maria Schell Cliff Robertson Cameron Mitchell Peter Carsten
: After five years of war, Clements, a professional seaman, has no ambitions other than to live in peace and carry out his activity. Having settled down in the archipelago of the Aegean Sea,  
(1959 ) :Drama 79 .
:Albert Band
:Cameron Mitchell James Whitmore Bettye Ackerman Miko Oscard
: A local handyman saves a child in a fire, but the burns he receives disfigure his face so much that the townspeople avoid him.
Pier 5, Havana (1959 ) :Action,Adventure,Crime 67 .
:Edward L. Cahn
:Cameron Mitchell Allison Hayes Eduardo Noriega Michael Granger
: A Yank comes to Havana in search of an old friend who disappeared during the Cuban Revolution, and discovers a group of Batista sympathizers plotting to overturn Castro.
Inside the Mafia (1959 ) :Crime,Drama 72 .
:Edward L. Cahn
:Cameron Mitchell Robert Strauss Grant Richards James Brown
: Mafia gunmen sent by their boss to kill a rival gang leader take over a small airfield where their target is scheduled to land. While waiting for the man theyre going to kill, they  
, (1957 ) :Drama,Family,Romance 103 .
:Allen Reisner
:Glynis Johns Cameron Mitchell Rex Thompson Patty McCormack
: An immigrant family in 1850s Wisconsin prospers until tragedy strikes.
Escapade in Japan (1957 ) :Adventure,Family 93 .
:Arthur Lubin
:Teresa Wright Cameron Mitchell Jon Provost Roger Nakagawa
: A plane on its way to Japan is forced to land at sea just off the Japanese coast. A small American boy survives the ditching but is separated from the rest of the passengers and crew and is  
Monkey on My Back (1957 ) :Biography,Drama 94 .
:André De Toth
:Cameron Mitchell Dianne Foster Paul Richards Jack Albertson
: The true story of Barney Ross, a World War II hero and champion professional boxer, who became addicted to morphine.
Tension at Table Rock (1956 ) :Western 93 .
:Charles Marquis Warren
:Richard Egan Dorothy Malone Cameron Mitchell Billy Chapin
: A reluctant gunslinger tires of having to defend himself at every cow town he visits, so he adopts an alias and continues his wandering. At an outpost run by a father and young son, he gets 
(1956 ) :Drama,Fantasy,Musical 128 .
:Henry King
:Gordon MacRae Shirley Jones Cameron Mitchell Barbara Ruick
: Fifteen years after his death, a carousel barker is granted permission to return to Earth for one day to make amends to his widow and their daughter.
(1955 ) :Western 122 .
:Raoul Walsh
:Clark Gable Jane Russell Robert Ryan Cameron Mitchell
: Two brothers discharged from the Confederate Army join a businessman for a cattle drive from Texas to Montana where they run into raiding Jayhawkers, angry Sioux, rough terrain and bad weather.
(1955 ) :Biography,Drama,Music 122 .
:Charles Vidor
:Doris Day James Cagney Cameron Mitchell Robert Keith
: A fictionalized account of the career of jazz singer Ruth Etting and her tempestuous marriage to gangster Marty Snyder, who helped propel her to stardom.
(1955 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 102 .
:Samuel Fuller
:Robert Ryan Robert Stack Shirley Yamaguchi Cameron Mitchell
: Planted in a Tokyo crime syndicate, a U.S. Army Investigator attempts to probe the coinciding death of a fellow Army official.
Strange Lady in Town (1955 ) :Western 112 .
:Mervyn LeRoy
:Greer Garson Dana Andrews Cameron Mitchell Lois Smith
: She plays a female doctor who plans to introduce modern techniques of medicine to old Santa Fe in 1880, but is opposed by an established doctor.
The View from Pompey's Head (1955 ) :Drama 97 .
:Philip Dunne
:Richard Egan Dana Wynter Cameron Mitchell Sidney Blackmer
: Anson Page, a lawyer with Southern roots leaves New York, his wife and his kids for Georgia. His assignment is to investigate the case of Garvin Wales, a famous writer, now nearly blind and 
(1954 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 103 .
:Samuel Fuller
:Richard Widmark Bella Darvi Victor Francen Cameron Mitchell
: During the Cold War, a scientific team refits a Japanese submarine and hires an ex-Navy officer to find a secret Chinese atomic island base and prevent a Communist plot against America that could trigger WW3.
(1954 ) :Crime,Film-Noir,Mystery 83 .
:Harmon Jones
:Cameron Mitchell Anne Bancroft Lee J. Cobb Raymond Burr
: At a carnival called the Garden of Evil, a man is murdered, apparently by a gorillaor someone in a gorilla suit.
(1953 ) :Drama,Thriller 105 .
:Elia Kazan
:Fredric March Terry Moore Gloria Grahame Cameron Mitchell
: Czech circus owner-Clown and his entire troupe employ a daring stratagem in order to escape en masse from behind the iron curtain.
(1953 ) :Western 78 .
:Louis King
:Rory Calhoun Corinne Calvet Cameron Mitchell Penny Edwards
: In 1875, ex-lawman Chino Bull becomes temporary town marshal when his gold prospecting partner is robbed and killed in Powder River country but Chino runs into the murderous Logan brothers.
Okinawa (1952 ) :Action,Drama,History 67 .
:Leigh Jason
:Pat O'Brien Cameron Mitchell Richard Denning Rhys Williams
: Basically the story of the sea battle for Okinawa between the ships of the U.S. Navy and the Japanese suicide planes---the Kamaikazes---and, as such, is filled with stock footage from  
The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952 ) :Western 81 .
:Joseph M. Newman
:Anne Baxter Dale Robertson Miriam Hopkins Cameron Mitchell
: Trapped in a snowbound mountain cabin, an assortment of travelers receives the unwelcome visit of a wanted outlaw.
Japanese War Bride (1952 ) :Drama 91 .
:King Vidor
:Shirley Yamaguchi Don Taylor Cameron Mitchell Marie Windsor
: Korean War veteran returns home to rural Salinas, California with his new Japanese wife, whom he met at a war hospital. The couple are forced to deal with the sometimes subtle, sometimes  
Pony Soldier (1952 ) :Western 82 .
:Joseph M. Newman
:Tyrone Power Cameron Mitchell Thomas Gomez Penny Edwards
: In 1876, a Canadian North West Mounted Police Constable must obtain the release of white hostages captured by the Cree tribes that are raiding Montana from their Canadian reservation.
Death of a Salesman (1951 ) :Drama 115 .
:Laslo Benedek
:Fredric March Mildred Dunnock Kevin McCarthy Cameron Mitchell
: An over-the-hill salesman faces a personal turning point when he loses his job and attempts to make peace with his family.
Flight to Mars (1951 ) :Sci-Fi 72 .
:Lesley Selander
:Marguerite Chapman Cameron Mitchell Arthur Franz Virginia Huston
: Five astronauts successfully fly to Mars where they encounter seemingly friendly and advanced inhabitants who harbor covert plans to use their ship to invade Earth.
Smuggler's Gold (1951 ) :Crime,Drama,Adventure 64 .
:William Berke
:Cameron Mitchell Amanda Blake Carl Benton Reid Peter M. Thompson
: Pop Hodges runs an equipment store and a fishing boat as blinds for a gold-smuggling operation, unknown to his niece, Susan Clarke who is engaged to deep-sea diver Mike Sloan. Mike knocks 
Leather Gloves (1948 ) :Drama,Sport 75 .
:William Asher Richard Quine
:Cameron Mitchell Virginia Grey Jane Nigh Sam Levene
: Dave Collins (Cameron Mitchell)is a prizefighter on the skids, who thumbs his way from town-to-town, looking for a chance to make some money, even if he is bribed to lose a fight. A former  
Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948 ) :Drama,Romance,Western 71 .
:Lew Landers
:Cameron Mitchell Audrey Long Fuzzy Knight James Millican
: Ted Daniels, a ranch hand working for a rodeo, captures a magnificent wild horse that he tames and trains. As Ted is recovering from an accident that happened during a rodeo, the rodeo  
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