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Sobra sobra, labis labis (1996 ) :Drama .
:Ina Raymundo Amanda Page Nick Nicholson Daria Ramirez
La casa del piacere (1994 ) :Drama 81 .
:Joe D'Amato
:Irina Kramer Nick Nicholson Marc Gosálvez Andrea Ruiz
: Lord Gregory Hutton takes his beautiful young wife Eleanore on a business trip to the Far East for their honeymoon. They stay at the house of Lin, a young local owner of a silk farm and  
Raiders of the Sun (1992 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 80 .
:Cirio H. Santiago
:Richard Norton William Steis Henry Strzalkowski Nick Nicholson
: In a post-apocalyptic future, a commando named Brodie must defend the only village that still has gunpowder from a ruthless gang of raiders led by Clay, a traitor who plans to use the deadly powder to conquer the democratic Alpha League.
A Case of Honor (1989 ) :Action,Drama,War 89 .
:Eddie Romero
:Timothy Bottoms John Phillip Law Candy Raymond Nick Nicholson
: Filipino actor Eddie Romero directs this arresting drama set during the Vietnam War. A handful of prisoners escape their captors but have to make their way through the thicket of the Vietnamese jungle.
No Dead Heroes (1986 ) :Action 86 .
:Junn P. Cabreira
:Max Thayer John Dresden Nick Nicholson David Anderson
: A US lieutnant is turned into a guinea pig for deadly KGB experiments.
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