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Death House (1988 ) :Action,Horror,Sci-Fi 90 .
:John Saxon
:Dennis Cole Anthony Franciosa Dino Paskas Dana Lis Mason
: A renegade federal agent uses a new drug to create an army of unbeatable warriors.
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After the Thunderstorm (2019 ) :Sci-Fi 85 .
:Gary Wasniewski
:John Saxon Gary Wasniewski Linda Blair
: After a massive war between humans and machines,a small group of humans fight for survival.
The Extra (2017 ) :Comedy .
:Mike Donahue
:Tyrone Power Jr. John Saxon Angela Oakenfold Ray Quiroga
: Bad boy movie star Derrick Stone books himself as an extra as a prank. When he arrives on set, no one recognizes him as Derrick Stone, they just think he looks like Derrick Stone. Finding  
Old Dogs (2009 ) :Comedy,Crime,Drama .
:Jonathan Fahn
:John Saxon Basil Hoffman Larry Gelman Jeremy Hogan
: Three guys in their seventies reclaim their vitality when mistakenly picking up a bag full of cocaine puts them between the cops and the mob.
God's Ears (2008 ) :Drama 117 .
:Michael Worth
:Margot Farley Michael Worth John Saxon Mitzi Kapture
: Noah Connelly is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. But when he meets a dancer named Alexia, the two discover together that the toughest fight may be not be of the body, but of the heart.
The Craving Heart (2006 ) :Drama 80 .
:Stan Harrington
:Stan Harrington John Saxon Rick Peters Adrian Zmed
: Scientist, Alexander Tom thought he had it all, great wife, great house, career that was until the death of his best friend and a random affair with an anonymous woman force him to  
Final Payback (2001 ) :Action 92 .
:Art Camacho
:Richard Grieco Martin Kove John Saxon Laura Harring
: An ex-cop, framed for a murder he didn't commit, sets out to find the real killer.
Night Class (2001 ) :Crime,Thriller 90 .
:Sheldon Wilson
:Sean Young Rick Peters Ron Perlman John Saxon
: When Jake, a security guard in a small hotel, inadvertently helps out a beautiful burglar, he becomes a primary suspect and is quickly fired. Jake decides to track down the burglar himself  
The Party Crashers (1998 ) :Comedy,Crime 77 .
:Phil Leirness
:John Saxon Max Parrish Peter Murnik Shawnee Smith
: Three guys crash a party and take it hostage, holding it for ransom.
Joseph's Gift (1998 ) :Drama 94 .
:Philippe Mora
:Freddy Rodríguez Brion James Robert Townsend John Saxon
: Joseph is the youngest member of a large family that owns a successful garment business in Los Angeles. His father, Jacob, makes no attempt at hiding the fact that Joseph is his favorite  
Criminal Minds (1998 ) :Action,Crime 88 .
:Thomas Baumann
:John Saxon Dino Tripodis Kip Ellwood Kelvin Webb
: Life on the food chain keeps sinking lower after a vicious, inept gang of psychopaths and misfits seriously bungles a high-stakes heist. Now the hapless ex-con who's left holding the bag  
The Killers Within (1997 ) :Drama 92 .
:Paul Leder
:Robert Carradine Meg Foster John Saxon Melanie Smith
: A man must track down the reasons behind his brothers mysterious death, and uncovers a secret neo-Nazi group headed by a powerful congressman.
Lancelot: Guardian of Time (1997 ) :Action,Fantasy,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Rubiano Cruz
:Marc Singer Claudia Christian John Saxon Jerry Levine
: Lancelot is sent through time by Merlin to protect young Arthur before he becomes King of Camelot, but by accident, they both end up in present day world along with the villains. Only technology can help them now.
Dzhonatan - drug medvedey (1994 ) :Action,Western 88 .
:Enzo G. Castellari
:Franco Nero John Saxon Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman David Hess
: A young boy witnesses his parents murder. Later, as he grows up, he befriends a bear in the wilderness and the chief of a local Indian tribe, and he stays with the Indians, but makes an  
The Baby Doll Murders (1993 ) :Thriller 90 .
:Paul Leder
:Jeff Kober John Saxon Melanie Smith Bobby Di Cicco
: Someone is killing off young women in LA, leaving a baby doll with each of the bodies. Convinced a recently released criminal is responsible, the detective pushes hard on the ex-con, who  
No Escape No Return (1993 ) :Action 91 .
:Charles T. Kanganis
:Maxwell Caulfield Dustin Nguyen Denise Loveday John Saxon
: Two cops go undercover to infiltrate a violent drug ring, and are in for a shock when they find out whos running it.
Maximum Force (1992 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 90 .
:Joseph Merhi
:Sam J. Jones Sherrie Rose Jason Lively John Saxon
: Three determined cops are recruited to take down a notorious crime lord.
(1992 ) :Horror 92 .
:Douglas Schulze
:John Saxon David Emge Amy Raasch Edward Stevens
: A psychotic college professor uses unwitting students as laboratory rats, injecting them with a drug that mutates them into gory killers.
(1992 ) :Action 92 .
:Paul Leder
:Margaux Hemingway Cole Hauser Wings Hauser John Saxon
: The bank president in a small California town isnt quite the upstanding citizen he appears to be--hes a corrupt killer, who has just kidnapped the wife and daughter of the local sheriff.
The Arrival (1991 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 103 .
:David Schmoeller
:John Saxon Joseph Culp Robin Frates Robert Sampson
: An old man, who has been near a fallen meteor, starts to get younger and younger, with a terrible thirst for blood.
The Final Alliance (1990 ) :Action,Drama 94 .
:Mario DiLeo
:David Hasselhoff Bo Hopkins John Saxon Jeanie Moore
: A drifter and his pet Puma stands up against a motorcycle gang in a small American town.
My Mom's a Werewolf (1989 ) :Comedy,Horror 90 .
:Michael Fischa
:Susan Blakely John Saxon Tina Caspary John Schuck
: The frustrated housewife Leslie visits an animal shop to purchase a flea-collar. Unknowing that the owner is a werewolf, she accepts his invitation to lunch and later in his apartment.  
Criminal Act (1989 ) :Crime,Horror,Thriller 93 .
:Mark Byers
:Catherine Bach Charlene Dallas Nicholas Guest John Saxon
: Two investigative reporters track down reports of giant rats in a city sewer system.
(1984 ) :Horror 91 .
:Wes Craven
:Heather Langenkamp Johnny Depp Robert Englund John Saxon
: The monstrous spirit of a slain janitor seeks revenge by invading the dreams of teenagers whose parents were responsible for his untimely death.
The Big Score (1983 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 85 .
:Fred Williamson
:Fred Williamson Nancy Wilson John Saxon Richard Roundtree
: A narcotics detective lets nothing stand in the way of his bringing down a major drug dealer.
(1983 ) :Action,Adventure,Fantasy 90 .
:Terry Marcel
:Richard Hatch Kay Lenz John Saxon Peter O'Farrell
: Three people are transported into a parallel reality, where they find they must use modern technology, but medieval weapons, in order to save the citizenry from a murderous warlord.
Una di troppo (1982 ) :Drama,Thriller 90 .
:Pino Tosini
:John Saxon Dalila Di Lazzaro Clarita Gatto Valerio Isidori
(1980 ) :Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi 104 .
:Jimmy T. Murakami Roger Corman
:George Peppard Robert Vaughn Richard Thomas John Saxon
: A young farmer sets out to recruit mercenaries to defend his peaceful planet, which is under threat of invasion by the evil tyrant Sador and his armada of aggressors.
Beyond Evil (1980 ) :Adventure,Horror 94 .
:Herb Freed
:John Saxon Lynda Day George Michael Dante Mario Milano
: An architect and his wife move into a house with a bloody past and a 100-year-old ghost, who possesses the wife.
(1980 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller 96 .
:Antonio Margheriti
:John Saxon Elizabeth Turner Giovanni Lombardo Radice Cinzia De Carolis
: Giovanni Lambardo Radice and John Saxon are Vietman vets that bring back contagious virus that turn people into cannibals when bitten.
The Glove (1979 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 92 .
:Ross Hagen
:John Saxon Roosevelt Grier Joanna Cassidy Joan Blondell
: A bounty hunter is offered $20,000 - off the record - for the capture of a very large man who dons body armor and steel-plated gauntlets for his regular beatings of some unfortunate individuals.
(1979 ) :Drama,Sport 91 .
:David Cronenberg
:William Smith Claudia Jennings John Saxon Nicholas Campbell
: The famous drag racer Lonnie Lucky Man Johnson is the star of the Fast Company, managed by the corrupt Phil Adamson Lonnie is the mentor of the promising funny car racer Billy The Kid  
The Bees (1978 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller 93 .
:Alfredo Zacarías
:John Saxon Angel Tompkins John Carradine Claudio Brook
: When South America killer bees, corporately smuggled into the United States, mutates into intelligent insects and attacks helpless people, young scientist work desperately to end the threat as the menace swarms in on the city areas.
Il cinico, l'infame, il violento (1977 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 100 .
:Umberto Lenzi
:Maurizio Merli John Saxon Tomas Milian Renzo Palmer
: Luigi Maietto (Chinaman) escapes from prison he then orders two henchman to murder the inspector whose testimonal led to his being jailed. Inspector Tanzi is left for dead but lives. The  
Moonshine County Express (1977 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 95 .
:Gus Trikonis
:John Saxon Susan Howard William Conrad Morgan Woodward
: When a hillbilly moonshiner is murdered by a powerful sleazy competitor, his three armed to the teeth daughters take over the family business and swear vengeance.
Napoli violenta (1976 ) :Action,Crime,Thriller 95 .
:Umberto Lenzi
:Maurizio Merli John Saxon Barry Sullivan Elio Zamuto
: An uncompromising cop gets transferred to Naples on account of this citys atrocious crime levels. His no-hold-barred police methods are considered to be the perfect anti-dote.
The Swiss Conspiracy (1976 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 89 .
:Jack Arnold
:David Janssen Senta Berger John Ireland John Saxon
: A former U.S.Justice Department official is hired as a security consultant for a Zurich based Swiss bank when five of its clients are blackmailed.
Italia a mano armata (1976 ) :Thriller,Action,Crime 101 .
:Marino Girolami
:Maurizio Merli Raymond Pellegrin John Saxon Mirella D'Angelo
: A crime syndicate starts a crime wave in Turin, they rob a bank, taking a hostage to get away from Police Inspector Betti and Ferrari, his partner. However, the hostage turned out to be their accomplice in disguise.
Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta (1976 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 100 .
:Alberto De Martino
:Stuart Whitman John Saxon Martin Landau Tisa Farrow
: An Ottawa police captain searches for the person who poisoned his sister, who was attending the university in Montreal. So desperate is he for revenge that he begin to use his own brutal  
Mark colpisce ancora (1976 ) :Action 102 .
:Stelvio Massi
:Franco Gasparri John Saxon John Steiner Marcella Michelangeli
: A murderous drug dealer breaks his partner out of police custody. An undercover cop is assigned to track down the two killers and bring them in.
La legge violenta della squadra anticrimine (1976 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 88 .
:Stelvio Massi
:John Saxon Lee J. Cobb Renzo Palmer Lino Capolicchio
: A mobster kills a cop during a robbery so he finds himself pursued by the police, his gang, and the media.
Metralleta 'Stein' (1975 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 106 .
:José Antonio de la Loma
:John Saxon Francisco Rabal Blanca Estrada Frank Braña
(1975 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 97 .
:Andrew V. McLaglen
:Joe Don Baker Martin Balsam John Saxon Linda Evans
: A sleazy, incompetent detective tries to simultaneously take down heroin dealers and a corrupt businessman who murdered a burglar.
(1974 ) :Horror,Mystery,Thriller 98 .
:Bob Clark
:Olivia Hussey Keir Dullea Margot Kidder John Saxon
: During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger.
Baciamo le mani (1973 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 95 .
:Vittorio Schiraldi
:Arthur Kennedy John Saxon Agostina Belli Pino Colizzi
: Stefano, son of the Mafia Don Angelino Ferrante, is killed by Gaspare Ardizzone for refusing to sell some valuable land. The old don sends for Ferrante Santino Billeci from America, in the  
(1973 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 102 .
:Robert Clouse
:Bruce Lee John Saxon Jim Kelly Ahna Capri
: A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover.
(1972 ) :Western 88 .
:John Sturges
:Clint Eastwood Robert Duvall John Saxon Don Stroud
: An ex-bounty hunter reluctantly helps a wealthy landowner and his henchmen track down a Mexican revolutionary leader.
Mister Kingstreet's War (1971 ) :Adventure,Drama,Thriller 92 .
:Percival Rubens
:John Saxon Tippi Hedren Rossano Brazzi Brian O'Shaughnessy
: Set in 1939 immediately prior to the onset of World War II, an American couple, James Kingstreet and his wife make their home and manage a wildlife preserve located between Italian-governed  
For Singles Only (1968 ) :Comedy 91 .
:Arthur Dreifuss
:John Saxon Mary Ann Mobley Lana Wood Peter Mark Richman
: Anne and Helen move into a California apartment complex for single only where all the occupants are looking to hook up with Milton Berle as the building manager.
I tre che sconvolsero il West (Vado, vedo e sparo) (1968 ) :Comedy,Western 95 .
:Enzo G. Castellari
:Antonio Sabato John Saxon Frank Wolff Agata Flori
: Suave gambler Clay Watson, cocky sharpshooter Moses Lang, and wily thespian Edwin Kean are a trio of criminals in the Old West. The motley threesome are forced to form an uneasy alliance in order to find $400,000 dollars in stolen money.
(1966 ) :Western 98 .
:Sidney J. Furie
:Marlon Brando Anjanette Comer John Saxon Emilio Fernández
: Man tries to recover a horse stolen from him by a Mexican bandit.
(1966 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 78 .
:Curtis Harrington
:John Saxon Basil Rathbone Judi Meredith Dennis Hopper
: The year is 1990. An alien species makes contact with Earth through radio transmission, notifying of an imminent visit. An alien ship crash lands on Mars, and a rescue team is sent from  
(1965 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 85 .
:John Gilling
:John Saxon Maurice Denham Patricia Haines Alfred Burke
: Mutant humanoids from outer space kidnap young Earth females in order to interbreed and save their species from extinction.
The Ravagers (1965 ) :Action,War,Drama 88 .
:Eddie Romero
:John Saxon Fernando Poe Jr. Bronwyn FitzSimons Robert Arevalo
: The biggest war picture ever filmed in the Philippines, a savage, raw action-packed spectacle of men and woman in war, filmed with a cast and cost never attempted before a film for world release.
Sette contro la morte (1964 ) :War,Drama,Adventure 94 .
:Edgar G. Ulmer
:John Saxon Rosanna Schiaffino Larry Hagman Peter Marshall
: Adventure drama during WW2 in Italy where a mixed group of people get trapped inside a cave after a bomb raid. But can they co-operate? And will they survive?
, (1963 ) :Mystery,Thriller 86 .
:Mario Bava
:John Saxon Letícia Román Valentina Cortese Titti Tomaino
: A tourist witnesses a murder and finds herself caught up in a series of bloody killings.
War Hunt (1962 ) :Drama,War 83 .
:Denis Sanders
:John Saxon Charles Aidman Sydney Pollack Tommy Matsuda
: Dispatched to the front lines during the Korean War, an idealistic American soldier discovers the horrors of combat and comes at odds with a psychopathic member of his platoon.
Posse from Hell (1961 ) :Western 88 .
:Herbert Coleman
:Audie Murphy John Saxon Zohra Lampert Vic Morrow
: Banner Cole is a tough sheriffs deputy who forms a small posse to go after 4 death cell escapees who killed the sheriff , along with 3 other men, and kidnapped a woman with rape in mind.
The Plunderers (1960 ) :Western 94 .
:Joseph Pevney
:Jeff Chandler John Saxon Dolores Hart Marsha Hunt
: When four rowdy cowhands ride into a small town and make trouble, no one seems willing or able to take them on, not even Sam Christy, the toughest man in town. But then there is a murder.
(1960 ) :Drama,Romance,Western 125 .
:John Huston
:Burt Lancaster Audrey Hepburn Audie Murphy John Saxon
: The neighbors of a frontier family turn on them when it is suspected that their adopted daughter was stolen from the local Kiowa tribe.
Cry Tough (1959 ) :Crime,Drama 83 .
:Paul Stanley
:John Saxon Linda Cristal Joseph Calleia Harry Townes
: Puerto Rican ex-con tries to go straight, but is tempted back to his old life by his former gang.
The Big Fisherman (1959 ) :Drama,History 180 .
:Frank Borzage
:Howard Keel John Saxon Susan Kohner Martha Hyer
: Exploring the life of Peter, from being a successful fisherman to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ and being dependent on Jesus Christ.
(1958 ) :Comedy,Romance 94 .
:Vincente Minnelli
:Rex Harrison Kay Kendall John Saxon Sandra Dee
: A teenage American girl while visiting her father, is thrown into London society during the Debutante Season.
The Restless Years (1958 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 86 .
:Helmut Käutner
:John Saxon Sandra Dee Teresa Wright James Whitmore
: Will Henderson is the new boy at the high school. He befriends outcast Melinda Grant, whose illegitimacy marks her and her unstable mother. As their friendship turns to love, gossip and  
This Happy Feeling (1958 ) :Comedy 92 .
:Blake Edwards
:Debbie Reynolds Curd Jürgens John Saxon Alexis Smith
: On a stormy night, young woman asks another guest at party to rescue her from her lecherous boss and take her to the train station. When her rescuer suggests that she stop at his place to  
Summer Love (1958 ) :Comedy,Musical,Romance 85 .
:Charles F. Haas
:John Saxon Molly Bee Rod McKuen Judi Meredith
: A neighborhood rock band gets a job playing at a summer camp.
The Unguarded Moment (1956 ) :Crime,Drama,Film-Noir 95 .
:Harry Keller
:Esther Williams George Nader John Saxon Edward Andrews
: A beautiful teacher is protective of a high school boy who sexually harassed her, and later he becomes a murder suspect.
Rock, Pretty Baby! (1956 ) :Comedy,Music 89 .
:Richard Bartlett
:Sal Mineo John Saxon Luana Patten Edward Platt
: Jimmy Daley and Angelo Barrato are teenage members of a band who learn of a contest that they believe will bring them fame. Jimmy must fight the opposition of his father and his feelings for the lovely Joan.
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