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Faithfully (2019 ) :Thriller .
:Tom Shell
:Christa B. Allen Danielle C. Ryan Jacob Young Jaleel White
A Night to Regret (2018 ) :Thriller 89 .
:Tom Shell
:Marguerite Moreau Mollee Gray Kevin McNamara Kirstin Pfeiffer
: When Chelsea meets up with her estranged childhood best friend, Milla, she's unprepared for the events that follow. Milla, who is now a webcam girl briefly catches Chelsea on camera during  
Girl Followed (2017 ) :Thriller 90 .
:Tom Shell
:Heather McComb Joey Lawrence Emma Fuhrmann Gianna LePera
: A resentful 14-year-old girl is drawn into a seemingly innocent friendship with an older man, but the relationship turns sinister.
Inconceivable (2016 ) :Drama,Thriller .
:Tom Shell
:Natasha Henstridge Marguerite Moreau Jason Gerhardt Sammi Hanratty
: A woman interprets a kiss at a high school reunion as an invitation to follow her ex across the country and supplant his current family.
Disarmed (2010 ) :Action,Thriller 98 .
:Tom Shell
:A.J. Draven Steven Bauer Finola Hughes Rez Cortez
: When Captain Kyle Fierson's (A.J. Draven) Black Ops Unit is ambushed during a raid to rescue a deadly nuclear device that has fallen into the wrong hands, he must run for his life to not  
The Thirst: Blood War (2008 ) :Action,Comedy,Horror 96 .
:Tom Shell
:Tony Todd A.J. Draven Jason Connery Allison Lange
: Will is a hippie college student who finds himself in the middle of a battle between vampires and a group of warlocks called Sentries; but when he's bitten by a seductive vampire he's  
Wind River (2000 ) :Drama,Family,Western 97 .
:Tom Shell
:Blake Heron A Martinez Russell Means Wes Studi
: The 1854 Wyoming historical drama is based on Tom Shell's adaptation of the true life memoirs of Pony Express rider Nick Wilson.
Strike Back (1995 ) :Action .
:Tom Shell
:Brandon Hooper Kenneth Kindred Tuesday Knight Peter Looney
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Young Goodman Brown (1993 ) : .
:Peter George
:Tom Shell Matt Adler Mary Grace Canfield Miles Chapin
The Runnin' Kind (1989 ) :Comedy,Drama 105 .
:Max Tash
:David Packer Steven Eckholdt Larry Cox Tom Shell
: An Ohio teen moves to L.A. to find fame as a rock musician and to find a drummer.
Beverly Hills Vamp (1989 ) :Comedy,Horror 88 .
:Fred Olen Ray
:Britt Ekland Eddie Deezen Tim Conway Jr. Tom Shell
: A trio of geeks go to Hollywood to make a movie and are bored one night so they get some hookers to have some sex. Unfortunately, the hookers like to drink blood.
(1986 ) :Action,Thriller,Horror 89 .
:Nico Mastorakis
:Daniel Hirsch Kelli Maroney Nicole Rio Tom Shell
: A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.
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