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(2014 ) :Comedy,Drama 95 .
:Darko Lungulov
:Boris Milivojevic Branislav Trifunovic Toni Mihajlovski Natasa Tapuskovic
: A local barber in a small Serbian village comes up with an idea to erect a monument to Michael Jackson to attract tourists from around the world. Some locals like the idea others do not. And then we take a special Balkan ride.
Balkan Is Not Dead (2013 ) :Drama 100 .
:Aleksandar Popovski
:Nikola Ristanovski Dragana Kostadinovska Natasa Tapuskovic Jordan Simonov
: A Macedonian family from Bitola at the turn of the twentieth century tries to survive, preserve its roots and remain together.
(2010 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 98 .
:Stevan Filipovic
:Nikola Rakocevic Viktor Savic Bojana Novakovic Natasa Tapuskovic
: Life is sometimes rude game: one mistake can buy you ticket to hell.
(2004 ) :Comedy,Romance,Music 155 .
:Emir Kusturica
:Slavko Stimac Natasa Tapuskovic Vesna Trivalic Vuk Kostic
: What could be better for the village than a scenic railway to bring in the tourists? What could be worse for tourism than war? Luka builds the railway and shuts his eyes to war. Then Luka's wife runs off with a musician and his son is called up to the army. Luka's life is a war zone. Then he meets Sabaha..
Lajanje na zvezde (1998 ) :Comedy,Romance 95 .
:Zdravko Sotra
:Dragan Micanovic Natasa Tapuskovic Nikola Simic Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic
: Comedy about teachers and students at a high school in a small provincial town. Mihailo tries to win the heart of a girl his brother is also chasing.
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