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The Incredible Sarah (1976 ) :Biography,Drama,History 106 .
:Richard Fleischer
:Glenda Jackson Daniel Massey Yvonne Mitchell Douglas Wilmer
: The life of the great actress, Sarah Bernhardt.
(1973 ) :Action,Adventure,Fantasy 105 .
:Gordon Hessler
:John Phillip Law Caroline Munro Tom Baker Douglas Wilmer
: Sinbad and the vizier of Marabia, followed by evil magician Koura, seek the three golden tablets that can gain them access to the ancient temple of the Oracle of All Knowledge.
Journey to Murder (1971 ) : 100 .
:John Gibson Gerry O'Hara
:Joan Crawford Joseph Cotten Judy Parfitt Douglas Wilmer
: Consists of two episodes from the UK TV series Journey to the Unknown (1968): Do Me A Favour - Kill Me!(Episode 1.5) and The Killing Bottle(Episode 1.12).
Unman, Wittering and Zigo (1971 ) :Action,Drama,Thriller 102 .
:John Mackenzie
:David Hemmings Carolyn Seymour Douglas Wilmer Tony Haygarth
: A new school teacher learns that the previous teacher was killed by his pupils, and he fears the same will happen to him.
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 88 .
:Jeremy Summers
:Christopher Lee Tony Ferrer Tsai Chin Douglas Wilmer
: In his remote Asian hideaway the evil Fu Manchu plots the death and discredit of his arch rival, Inspector Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard, as the first step in his plan to become leader of  
(1966 ) :Adventure,Crime 94 .
:Don Sharp
:Christopher Lee Douglas Wilmer Heinz Drache Marie Versini
: Fu Manchu and his army of henchmen are kidnapping the daughters of prominent scientists and taking them to his remote island headquarters. Instead of asking for ransom, Fu demands that the  
An Honourable Murder (1960 ) :Drama 69 .
:Godfrey Grayson
:Norman Wooland Margaretta Scott Lisa Daniely Douglas Wilmer
: Shakespeares Julius Caesar is played in modern dress with Caesar as the chairman of a board of directors considering a merger with another company. The conspirators are his fellow  
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