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Phantom Punch (2008 ) :Biography,Drama,Sport 104 .
:Robert Townsend
:Ving Rhames Stacey Dash Nicholas Turturro Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
: The fascinating life story of Sonny Liston, the controversial heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
(2005 ) :Drama,Romance 106 .
:Anand Tucker
:Steve Martin Claire Danes Jason Schwartzman Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
: A film adaptation of Steve Martin's novel about a complex love triangle between a bored salesgirl, a wealthy businessman and an aimless young man.
(2002 ) :Comedy,Romance 88 .
:Walt Becker
:Jerry O'Connell Bill Bellamy Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Ryan Reynolds
: A commitment-averse man frantically hits the dating scene after his girlfriend starts pressuring him to pop the question.
(2002 ) :Action,Adventure,Thriller 93 .
:Christian Duguay
:Rufus Sewell Devon Sawa Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Rupert Graves
: While filming an advertisement, some extreme sports enthusiasts unwittingly stop a group of terrorists.
(2001 ) :Comedy,Romance 103 .
:Adam Shankman
:Jennifer Lopez Matthew McConaughey Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Justin Chambers
: Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor. She knows all the tricks. She knows all the rules. But then she breaks the most important rule of all: she falls in love with the groom.
(1999 ) :Comedy 94 .
:Jeff Franklin
:French Stewart Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Bill Bellamy Tyra Banks
: Seth Winnick has it all: a successful career in television, good friends, and a passionate relationship with beautiful Chelsea. However, when he fails to make a timely marriage proposal, Chelsea tries to make his life hell.
Starstruck (1998 ) :Drama 90 .
:John Enbom
:Jamie Kennedy Loren Dean Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Spencer Garrett
: An aspiring screenwriter in Los Angeles befriends a washed up, former teen idol and develops an unhealthy relationship with him.
Final Vendetta (1996 ) :Thriller 96 .
:René Eram
:Seiko Matsuda Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Peter Boyle Scott Cohen
: This suspense film is the tale of a yuppie couple (Matsuda, Cohen) unable to conceive and desperate for a child. They enlist the services of Jennifer (Wilson) to act as surrogate mother.  
(1995 ) :Comedy 89 .
:Tamra Davis
:Adam Sandler Darren McGavin Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Bradley Whitford
: In order to inherit his fed up fathers hotel empire, an immature and lazy man must repeat grades 1-12 all over again.
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