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Shades of Treason (2012 ) :Drama .
:Rob Diamond
:Lucas Bybee Brian Wimmer Tod Huntington David H. Stevens
Justin Time (2010 ) :Adventure,Family 89 .
:Rob Diamond
:Brian Wimmer Danny Trejo Chris Laird Shareece Pfeiffer
: An ancient and magical amulet that has the power to stop time is passed through generations until it ends up in the hands of a young man who must choose to use its power for good or for evil.
The Yankles (2009 ) :Sport 115 .
:David R. Brooks
:Brian Wimmer Bart Johnson Don Most Michael Buster
: About Charlie Jones, a washed up, ex major league ballplayer, and how he gets a second chance at life and love by managing a Jewish, orthodox yeshiva baseball team.
(2006 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller 92 .
:Don Michael Paul
:Lance Henriksen Brian Wimmer Adam Taylor Gordon Claudia Christian
: A troubled young boy and his father on a road trip stumble upon a rural farm where the elderly owner has sinister plans for the both of them involving witchcraft and evil.
Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy (2006 ) :Adventure,Family,Western 90 .
:Ryan Little
:Brian Wimmer Arielle Kebbel Michael Van Wagenen Brock Ricardos
: Three boy scouts, one a great-nephew of Butch Cassidy, and their pretty girl friend hunt for the lost treasure of the legendary bank robber in 1950s Utah. A modern gang of outlaws wants to  
- (2001 ) :Action,Horror,Thriller 96 .
:Chuck Comisky
:Patrick Bergin Lysette Anthony Brian Wimmer Lysa Apostle
: The legendary Loch Ness Monster, terrorizes a lake in Scotland and Patrick Bergin comes out to kill it.
Children of the Struggle (1999 ) :Drama,History 50 .
:John Benitz
:Brian Wimmer Dick Gregory Andrea Marcellus Kevin Williams
: In 1964's Freedom Summer, a white housewife from Chicago was killed fighting for Civil Rights, leaving behind a young son. This is the story of his journey, as a man, to find out who his mother was and why she died.
The Maddening (1995 ) :Thriller 95 .
:Danny Huston
:Burt Reynolds Angie Dickinson Mia Sara Brian Wimmer
: Burt Reynolds finally goes completely insane in this psycho-horror flick about a deranged father wholl stop at nothing to protect his familys secrets.
Blue Flame (1993 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi 88 .
:Cassian Elwes
:Charley Hayward Jad Mager Kerri Green Brian Wimmer
: A cop has to fight two Aliens which he himself created.
(1991 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi 99 .
:W.D. Richter
:Peter Berg Brian Wimmer Marcia Gay Harden Cassy Friel
: Two young men evading the police for a crime they didnt commit are cryogenically frozen in the early 1960s. The next thing they know is that they are in a strange new world (thirty years on).
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