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(2017 ) :Action,Drama,Sport 91 .
:Thomas Napper
:Ian McShane Ray Winstone Michael Smiley Johnny Harris
: Former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe, after hitting rock bottom, returns to his childhood boxing club and his old team, gym owner Bill and corner-man Eddie.
(2015 ) :Action,Crime,Sport 114 .
:Ericson Core
:Edgar Ramírez Luke Bracey Ray Winstone Teresa Palmer
: A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists.
(2015 ) :Drama,Thriller 112 .
:Mora Stephens
:Patrick Wilson Lena Headey Ray Winstone Richard Dreyfuss
: A successful family man with a blossoming political career loses all sense of morality when he becomes addicted to using an escort agency.
(2015 ) :Comedy,Crime 96 .
:Robert Carlyle
:Emma Thompson Robert Carlyle Tom Courtenay Ray Winstone
: Barney Thomson, awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber, lives a life of desperate mediocrity and his uninteresting life is about to go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, as he enters the grotesque and comically absurd world of the serial killer.
Lords of London (2014 ) :Crime,Mystery,Thriller 90 .
:Antonio Simoncini
:Glen Murphy Ray Winstone Serena Iansiti Giovanni Capalbo
: A London gangster must confront his ruthless fathers past in order to alter the gritty, abusive path that his life is spiraling down after a shakedown goes awry.
(2012 ) :Drama 95 .
:Tim Lewiston
:Ray Winstone Colm Meaney Jack Huston David Harewood
: London's East End 1969. Based on real events. Two chancers 'find' a lump of Uranium and crisscross Europe to find a buyer. Accompanied by Danny's girl,the lovely Carole. They encounter a  
Ashes (2012 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller 100 .
:Mat Whitecross
:Jodie Whittaker Luke Evans Jim Sturgess Ray Winstone
: Frank (Ray Winstone) is confined to a residential home, stricken with Alzheimer's - past, present and future steadily disintegrating. Then one day, James (Jim Sturgess) appears, wanting to  
- (2012 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 112 .
:Nick Love
:Ray Winstone Plan B Hayley Atwell Steven Mackintosh
: A hardened detective in the Flying Squad of London's Metropolitan police. Based on the '70s UK TV show.
(2010 ) :Action,Adventure,Drama 102 .
:Ian Sharp
:Ray Winstone Nicholas McGough Gareth Reeves Mark Mitchinson
: An Afrikaner veteran of the Boer War has just immigrated to New Zealand and is hired to track a man accused of killing a soldier. While hunting through the countryside he captures his  
(2010 ) :Crime,Drama 103 .
:William Monahan
:Colin Farrell Keira Knightley Ray Winstone David Thewlis
: An ex-con with a reputation tries to go straight by working as a handy man for a reclusive actress but this is unfortunately not the wish of London's underground crime lord.
(2010 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 117 .
:Martin Campbell
:Mel Gibson Ray Winstone Danny Huston Bojana Novakovic
: As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.
44 a (2009 ) :Crime,Drama 95 .
:Malcolm Venville
:Ray Winstone Ian McShane John Hurt Tom Wilkinson
: A jealous husband and his friends plot the kidnapping of his wife's lover with the intention of restoring his wounded ego.
(2009 ) :Action,Horror,Sci-Fi 90 .
:Jason Connery
:Cuba Gooding Jr. Ray Winstone Ron Perlman Taryn Manning
: An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility.
Fathers of Girls (2009 ) :Drama 76 .
:Karl Howman Ethem Çetintas
:Ray Winstone Chloe Howman Glen Murphy Lois Winstone
: Ray Winstone plays Frank Horner, a solicitor based in a small town in Wiltshire, England. His daughter Helen is leaving home for the first time to go to university and move in with her  
(2007 ) :Animation,Action,Adventure 115 .
:Robert Zemeckis
:Ray Winstone Crispin Glover Angelina Jolie Robin Wright
: The warrior Beowulf must fight and defeat the monster Grendel who is terrorizing Denmark, and later, Grendel's mother, who begins killing out of revenge.
(2005 ) :Crime,Drama,Western 104 .
:John Hillcoat
:Ray Winstone Guy Pearce Emily Watson Richard Wilson
: A lawman apprehends a notorious outlaw and gives him nine days to kill his older brother, or else they'll execute his younger brother.
Everything (2004 ) :Drama,Mystery 91 .
:Richard Hawkins
:Ray Winstone Jan Graveson Ed Deedigan Katherine Clisby
: A man visits a prostitute but just wants to talk. She goes along with it until he starts asking questions. Is he just a loner or is there a different reason for him to come here?
(2002 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 110 .
:Liliana Cavani
:John Malkovich Dougray Scott Lena Headey Ray Winstone
: A dying family man in need of money is persuaded to assassinate a European crime boss.
Five Seconds to Spare (2000 ) :Crime,Mystery,Thriller 99 .
:Tom Connolly
:Andy Serkis Sian Reeves Ray Winstone Oliver Porter
: A young musician travels to London in pursuit of his dreams, but winds up the sole witness to a bizarre murder.
(2000 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 89 .
:Jonathan Glazer
:Ray Winstone Ben Kingsley Ian McShane Amanda Redman
: Brutal gangster Don Logan recruits retired safecracker Gal for one last job, but it goes badly for both of them.
(2000 ) :Comedy,Crime 103 .
:Dominic Anciano Ray Burdis
:Sadie Frost Jonny Lee Miller Jude Law Ray Winstone
: A north London postman who gets involved with a gang of criminals
(1999 ) :Drama 98 .
:Tim Roth
:Ray Winstone Kate Ashfield Annabelle Apsion Lara Belmont
: An alienated teenager, saddened that he has moved away from London, must find a way to deal with a dark family secret.
Fanny and Elvis (1999 ) :Comedy 111 .
:Kay Mellor
:Kerry Fox Ray Winstone Ben Daniels David Morrissey
: Yorkshire writer Kate finds out her biological clock is ticking down the same day that her husband leaves her. To get over the financial crisis this creates she takes in car-dealer Dave.  
Darkness Falls (1999 ) :Drama,Thriller 90 .
:Gerry Lively
:Sherilyn Fenn Ray Winstone Tim Dutton Anita Dobson
: With his pregnant wife at death's door after a car crash, desperate husband John Barrett invades the home of Mark Driscoll and his rich, neglected wife Sally. He holds the couple hostage in 
The Sea Change (1998 ) :Comedy,Romance 88 .
:Michael Bray
:Maryam d'Abo Sean Chapman Ray Winstone Andrée Bernard
: An uptight over-worked banker is thrown together with a relaxed working class man when their plane from Barcelona is delayed.
(1998 ) :Drama,Thriller 93 .
:Dominic Anciano Ray Burdis
:Ray Winstone Jude Law Sadie Frost John Beckett
: The film opens with the cast gathering after the funeral of Jude to see a film he had been working on for two years. It turns out that the film is secret videos of all those gathered  
(1997 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 105 .
:Antonia Bird
:Robert Carlyle Ray Winstone Steve Sweeney Gerry Conlon
: In the face of demise in his values, a socialist in England decides to form a gang and rob banks for a living.
(1997 ) :Drama 128 .
:Gary Oldman
:Ray Winstone Kathy Burke Charlie Creed-Miles Laila Morse
: A rough, short-tempered patriarch of a working class family has his life and the relationships around him slowly unravel.
Tank Malling (1989 ) :Crime,Drama,Thriller 96 .
:James Marcus
:Ray Winstone Amanda Donohoe Glen Murphy Jason Connery
: Malling is an investigative reporter, set to expose the corrupt public figures behind the Moral Revival Campaign.
That Summer! (1979 ) :Drama 94 .
:Harley Cokeliss
:Ray Winstone Julie Shipley Tony London Emily Moore
: Two girls travel to Torquay in Devon from the North of England to work as chamber maids for the summer. They meet two boys, also in Torquay for the summer, one of whom (winstone) is entered  
(1979 ) :Crime,Drama 98 .
:Alan Clarke
:Ray Winstone Mick Ford Julian Firth John Blundell
: An uncompromising story of life in a British juvenile offender institution in the 70s.
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