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The Upside (2017 ) :Comedy,Drama 118 .
:Neil Burger
:Nicole Kidman Bryan Cranston Kevin Hart Julianna Margulies
: A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy paraplegic and an unemployed man with a criminal record who's hired to help him.
(2014 ) :Adventure,Mystery,Sci-Fi 139 .
:Neil Burger
:Shailene Woodley Theo James Kate Winslet Jai Courtney
: In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns shes Divergent and wont fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before its too late.
(2011 ) :Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller 105 .
:Neil Burger
:Bradley Cooper Anna Friel Abbie Cornish Robert De Niro
: With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access one hundred percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.
(2008 ) :Comedy,Drama,War 115 .
:Neil Burger
:Rachel McAdams Tim Robbins Michael Peña Molly Hagan
: The story revolves around three soldiers - Colee, TK and Cheever - who return from the war after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them. They end up on an  
(2006 ) :Drama,Mystery,Romance 110 .
:Neil Burger
:Edward Norton Jessica Biel Paul Giamatti Rufus Sewell
: In turn-of-the-century Vienna, a magician uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing.
(2002 ) :Drama 88 .
:Neil Burger
:Dylan Haggerty Raymond J. Barry Renee Faia Kelsey Kemper
: Almost forty years after the John F. Kennedy assassination, an ex-Marine named Walter Ohlinger has come forward with a startling claim.
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