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Sei (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Chandrika Ravi Nakhul
Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum (2015 ) :Comedy,Sci-Fi,Thriller 141 .
:Ramprakash Rayappa
:Nakhul Dinesh Bindhu Madhavi Aishwarya Dutta
: When mobile networks stop functioning due to a solar flare, Vasanth, a geek, tries to restore them. But a deadly bomb will be activated if the connection is resumed.
Vallinam (2014 ) :Drama,Sport 132 .
:Arivazhagan Venkatachalam
:Nakhul Mrudhula Basker Amzath Khan Jagan
: A basketball player strives to win an important tournament.
Naan Rajavaga Pogiren (2013 ) :Drama,Romance 128 .
:Prithvi Rajkumar
:Nakhul Chandini Avani Modi Manivannan
: A young man gets sucked into an adventure as he searches for his lookalike.
Kandhakottai (2009 ) :Action,Romance 147 .
:S. Sakthivel
:Nakhul Poorna Sampath Raj Santhanam
: Siva (Nakul) is a nice guy who doesn't believe in the concept of love. True to his hatred, he also doesn't hesitate to go and break up love birds. Pooja (Poorna) on the other hand believes  
Kadhalil Vizhunthen (2008 ) :Romance,Thriller 188 .
:P.V. Prasad
:Livingston Nakhul Sampath Raj Sunaina
: After Sabha returns from a football match, he finds that his lover Meera is dead. Depressed, he roams around with Meera's dead body assuming that she is still alive.
(2003 ) :Comedy,Drama,Music 172 .
:S. Shankar
:Siddharth Nakhul Bharath Srinivasan Sai Srinivas
: 'Boys' is the story of five boys and a girl from different families They are youthful, vibrant, careless violating all conventions and In the process, they discover their hidden talents.
Vadh (2002 ) :Mystery,Thriller .
:Raj Bharat Nana Patekar Rajesh Kumar Singh
:Nana Patekar Anupama Verma Puru Rajkumar Nakhul
: Dr. Arjun Singh (Nana Patekar) is a leading doctor specializing in psycology. His wife Jyoti (Anupama Verma) is much younger in age than him. Not completely fulfilled, this leads her to  
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