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: (2018 ) :Horror 85 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Christina Hendricks Martin Henderson Bailee Madison Lewis Pullman
: A family of four staying at a secluded mobile home park for the night are stalked and then hunted by three masked psychopaths.
(2017 ) :Adventure,Drama,Horror 89 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Mandy Moore Claire Holt Matthew Modine Chris Johnson
: Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive.
(2016 ) :Horror 96 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Sarah Wayne Callies Jeremy Sisto Sofia Rosinsky Logan Creran
: After her young son is killed in a tragic accident, a woman learns of a ritual which will bring him back to say goodbye, but when she disobeys a sacred warning, she upsets the balance between life and death.
24 (2012 ) :Horror,Sci-Fi 87 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Noel Clarke Colin O'Donoghue Antonia Campbell-Hughes Laura Haddock
: In London, a military plane crashes leaving its highly classified contents strewn across the city. Completely unaware that the city is in lockdown, a group of people become trapped inside a storage facility with a highly unwelcome guest.
(2010 ) :Horror,Thriller 79 .
:Johannes Roberts
:David Schofield Eliza Bennett Ruth Gemmell Finlay Robertson
: A group of teachers must defend themselves from a gang of murderous kids when their school comes under siege after hours.
(2005 ) :Horror 95 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Tom Savini Daniel Maclagan Nicole Petty Sophie Holland
: A group of friends go on a roadtrip and come to a stop in a forest where legend has it a group of naked bisexual female monsters lurk. Will they awake them? And if so will they survive?
Hellbreeder (2004 ) :Horror,Mystery 85 .
:James Eaves Johannes Roberts
:Lyndie Uphill Dominique Pinon Darren Day Tina Barnes
: Five years ago Alice saw her son murdered; now every day is consumed with the need to find his killer. In the sleepy town of Ludlow, the arrival of the mysterious stranger Alice suspects to 
Darkhunters (2004 ) :Horror,Mystery 83 .
:Johannes Roberts
:Dominique Pinon Susan Paterno Dan van Husen Jeff Fahey
: They say the only thing you can depend upon in life is death. Charles Jackson is about to find out that isn't true. Dying is a tricky process and mistakes get made. How many ghost stories  
Alice (2002 ) :Fantasy 85 .
:James Eaves Johannes Roberts
:Tina Barnes Ian Cullen Darren Day Petros Emanual
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