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Mok-gyeok-ja (2018 ) :Thriller 111 .
:Kyu-Jang Cho
:Sung-min Lee Sang-ho Kim Kyung Jin
Gongjak (2018 ) :Drama 137 .
:Jong-bin Yoon
:Jung-min Hwang Sung-min Lee Jin-Woong Cho Ji-Hoon Ju
: In the mid-1990s, a loyal South Korean secret agent is caught in a political vortex plotted by the ruling classes of North and South Korea.
Ri-eol (2017 ) :Action 137 .
:Sa-Rang Lee
:Soo-Hyun Kim Dong-il Sung Sung-min Lee Sulli Choi
: A criminal aspiring to build a casino finds himself in endless threat when a man starts imitating every single thing he does.
The Sheriff in Town (2017 ) :Comedy,Crime 115 .
:Hyeong-ju Kim
:Jin-Woong Cho Seong-gyoon Kim Sung-min Lee
: Dae-Ho (Lee Sung-Min) is a former detective and now considers himself the neighborhood sheriff of where he lives. Jong-Jin (Cho Jin-Woong) is a successful businessman from Seoul that moves  
: (2014 ) :Action 137 .
:Jong-bin Yoon
:Jung-woo Ha Dong-won Gang Sung-min Lee Jin-Woong Cho
: A period action film centered on a militia group who turn against an unjust nobility.
Big Match (2014 ) :Action,Comedy,Thriller 112 .
:Ho Choi
:Jung-jae Lee Ha-kyun Shin Sung-min Lee BoA
: A game planner turns the entire city into a board game, through technology, with the citizens as the pawns.
(2014 ) :Action,Drama,Thriller 122 .
:Jeong-ho Lee
:Jae-yeong Jeong Sung-min Lee Jun-Yeong Seo Kim Hyeon-I
: A man becomes a fugitive from the police after he kills one of the men who raped and murdered his daughter.
Ma-i li-teul hi-eo-ro (2013 ) :Drama,Music 135 .
:Sung-hoon Kim
:Rae-won Kim An Jo Sung-min Lee Kwang-soo Lee
: A failed musical theater director tries to exploit a youngsters incredible talent for his own career advancement. But, his feeling for him change along the way.
Chae-po-wang (2011 ) :Action,Comedy 117 .
:Lim Chan-ik
:Joong-Hoon Park Sun-kyun Lee Sung-min Lee Jeong-tae Kim
: Nearby Seoul police stations Mapo and Seodaemun are compared to each other, consequently competition is fierce. A troubling case then occurs causing both stations to work together which stirs the pot even more.
Hae-gyeol-sa (2010 ) :Action,Crime,Drama 99 .
:Hyeok-jae Kwon
:Kyung-gu Sol Jung-Jin Lee Dal-su Oh Sung-min Lee
: KANG Tae-sik, a former cop who was once the best man on the force, is now an infamous private detective who handles all kinds of dirty work from catching philanderers to collecting people's debts.
Dok (2008 ) :Drama,Horror 115 .
:Tae-gon Kim
:Jung-woo Choi Hae-yoen Gil Hyeong-gook Im Sung-min Lee
: (Korean with English subtitles) Everything is picture-perfect for a family of three recently moved to Seoul from the countryside. But when religious ritual goes terribly wrong, their  
Bidan-gudu (2006 ) :Comedy,Drama 100 .
:Kyun-dong Yeo
:Duk-moon Choi Min Jeong-ki Da-hye Kim Sung-min Lee
: (Korean with English subtitles) Man-su is a struggling film director. When he couldn't pay back his debts, he is pressured into staging an elaborate hoax on behalf of his loan shark's aging  
Robot Star Jjangga (1988 ) :Action,Adventure,Family 76 .
:Yeong-han Kim
:Hyeon-gon Kim Sung-min Lee
: For years, Zangga has been living on Earth masquerading as a simpleton. But when Princess Sara from the planet Star is threatened by the Rust Queen and her henchmen, Zangga teams up with  
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