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Nina (2006 ) :Drama 109 .
:Luis L. del Rosario Jr.
:Desmond Andrews James Ellsworth Douglas Gowland Amy Renee Herring
: The lonely and depressed life of a short order cook is suddenly interrupted by his strange involvement with the married waitress and the young runaway who teaches them all about hope and the true meaning of love.
Blood Brother (2003 ) :Thriller .
:Frank Fidilio Joseph Posa
:Joanna Bonaro Al Burgo Michael Ciminera Douglas Gowland
: When three childhood friends growing up in Brooklyn push the limits with drugs, sex and trust, one night sadly changes their fates forever
Manhattan Midnight (2001 ) :Action,Thriller 90 .
:Alfred Cheung
:Brendan Aucoin Stacia Crawford Douglas Gowland Richard Grieco
: The story is about a hired professional who kills the wrong target. Seeking redemption, the professional finds himself protecting his missed target from the underground syndicate.
Close Up (1996 ) :Mystery,Thriller 84 .
:Przemyslaw Reut
:Michael Mauro Eric Leffler Tom Straw Douglas Gowland
: A Belgian filmmaker in New York is placed under suspicion of having committed a brutal killing-spree in a bar, when interrogated by detectives he cant seem to place himself at the crime  
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