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Plaire, aimer et courir vite (2018 ) :Drama,Romance 132 .
:Christophe Honoré
:Vincent Lacoste Pierre Deladonchamps Denis Podalydès Adèle Wismes
: Jacques is an older writer from Paris. Arthur is a young student in Rennes. They instantly fall in love. But they'll have to face rejection and sickness to keep it that way.
Le vent tourne (2018 ) :Drama 88 .
:Bettina Oberli
:Mélanie Thierry Pierre Deladonchamps Nuno Lopes Anastasia Shevtsova
: Pauline, a young farmer, raises her animals far from the modern world. When Samuel arrives to install a wind turbine on the farm, her values and her love for Alex are put to the test.
Les chatouilles (2018 ) :Drama 103 .
:Andréa Bescond Eric Métayer
:Andréa Bescond Clovis Cornillac Pierre Deladonchamps Yassine Fadel
: Odette (8) she likes to dance and draw. Why distrust of a friend of his parents who offers her to play to chatouilles? Once she become adult, Odette releases she was exploited, and plunges body and soul in her career as a dancer.
Photo de famille (2018 ) :Comedy 98 .
:Cécilia Rouaud
:Vanessa Paradis Camille Cottin Pierre Deladonchamps Jean-Pierre Bacri
: Gabrielle is a statue for tourists, much to the chagrin of her teenage son. Elsa is in angry at the world and desperate to become pregnant. Mao is a chronically depressed video game  
Nos ann?es folles (2017 ) :Drama 103 .
:André Téchiné
:Pierre Deladonchamps Céline Sallette Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet Michel Fau
: Based on a true story, a soldier deserts during WWI and dresses as a woman to escape the law. This triggers upheavals in his sexual behaviour and couple.
Nos patriotes (2017 ) :Biography,Drama,War 105 .
:Gabriel Le Bomin
:Marc Zinga Alexandra Lamy Pierre Deladonchamps Louane Emera
: After the French defeat of summer 1940, Addi Ba, a young Senegalese rifleman escapes and hides in the Vosges. Aided by some villagers, he gets false documents that allow him to live openly.
Le fils de Jean (2016 ) :Drama 98 .
:Philippe Lioret
:Pierre Deladonchamps Gabriel Arcand Catherine de Léan Marie-Thérèse Fortin
: Mathieu has never known his father. His mother has always told him he was the fruit of a one-night-stand. One morning, in his Parisian flat, he receives a call from Quebec telling him his  
Une enfance (2015 ) :Drama 99 .
:Philippe Claudel
:Alexi Mathieu Angelica Sarre Pierre Deladonchamps Jules Gauzelin
: As summer drags by, 13-year-old Jimmy, forced by circumstance to become an adult too soon, runs up against the limits of his small hometown and his turbulent life, caught between a mother on the slide and a stepfather who keeps her down.
(2013 ) :Drama,Romance,Thriller 100 .
:Alain Guiraudie
:Pierre Deladonchamps Christophe Paou Patrick d'Assumçao Jérôme Chappatte
: Summertime. A cruising spot for men, tucked away on the shores of a lake. Franck falls in love with Michel, an attractive, potent and lethally dangerous man. Franck knows this but wants to live out his passion anyway.
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