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CobraGator (2019 ) :Action,Sci-Fi .
:Jim Wynorski
:Grace Caroline West Michael Madsen Paul Logan Aaron Groben
: A gigantic, mutated, reptile attacks the population of an unprepared city.
False Hopes (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance .
:David D. Dietrich
:Justin Ray Christine Juarbe Aaron Groben Claire Bermingham
: Thomas McKenzie has been searching for the perfect girl his whole life. When he meets two women who peak his interest he learns that the love we are searching for is not always the true love that makes us whole.
Sunset Society (2018 ) :Horror 90 .
:Phoebe Dollar Rolfe Kanefsky
:Ron Jeremy Aaron Groben Lemmy Phoebe Dollar
: Welcome to the world of the Sunset Society, a secret organization in Hollywood where parties are held, musicians gather and blood flows freely! Ace (Lemmy from Motorhead) is the head  
Shangri-La: Near Extinction (2018 ) :Sci-Fi .
:Nick Wauters
:Eric Szmanda Mercy Malick Aaron Groben Mykayla Sohn
MMA (2018 ) :Drama .
:Conan Lee
:Eric Roberts Darin Ferraro Aaron Groben Mary Wilson
Art of the Dead (2018 ) :Horror .
:Rolfe Kanefsky
:Tara Reid Richard Grieco Jessica Morris Aaron Groben
: When Dylan Wilson purchases a collection of seven paintings to hang in his wealthy estate, he has no idea what horrors he has unleashed for himself, his wife; Gina, his college son; Louis,  
Bikini Car Wash Massacre (2017 ) :Comedy .
:Cindy Lucas
:Monique Parent Aaron Groben Troy Fromin Lauren Parkinson
: Four beautiful girls are down on their luck when one of them inherits a ramshackle broken down old Car Wash deep in the heart of South Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to the girls, ancient  
Party Bus to Hell (2017 ) :Comedy,Horror 81 .
:Rolfe Kanefsky
:Tara Reid Sadie Katz Devanny Pinn Aaron Groben
: When a party bus on its way to Burning Man filled with a bunch of sexy young adults breaks down in the desert and in the middle of a group of Satanic worshipers, all hell breaks loose.
Batman Beyond: Rising Knight (2014 ) :Animation 45 .
:Matthew Baamonde
:Jonathan Baamonde Matthew Baamonde Kelly Jean Badgley Aaron Groben
: In Gothams grisly future, the Dark Knight has fallen. Now Terry McGinnis must take up the mantle of the Batman if he can. His first mission was a disaster, and Terry is hungry for revenge.
Virgins for Life (2012 ) :Comedy,Romance .
:Chanelle Tyson
:Brynn Chamblee Nina Concepción Aaron Groben Miranda LaDawn Hill
Black Sabbath (2012 ) :Sci-Fi 330 .
:Ryan Bosworth
:Aaron Groben Kristina Korsholm Mark Provencher Linda S. Wong
: We are in a near future A wife wants to divorce her violent husband The only way is killing him.
Platanito Show (2011 ) :Comedy .
:Elena Diaz Sandra Eloani Aldo Gonzalez Aaron Groben
The X and the Y (2006 ) :Sci-Fi .
:Tyee Carr
:Aaron Groben Robin Tawwater
Black Top Dreams (2006 ) :Drama .
:Matthew Scott
:Zach Broyles Jonathan Croom Aaron Groben Larry Laverty
: For inner-city kids in America, there are two ways out: living a tragedy or living out a dream. In Black Top Dreams, a family is faced with confronting both at the same time. It's enough to  
The Trouble with Anne (2006 ) :Drama 82 .
:Nicholas J. Hagen
:Elle Poindexter Tara Walker Aaron Groben Drew Barrios
: Anne is a young woman with trouble-many troubles, to be precise. Set over the course of a single day, Nicholas J. Hagen's nonlinear portrait of Anne (Elle Poindexter) becomes a disturbing  
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