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Low Budget Ethnic Movie (2019 ) :Comedy,Drama 100 .
:Daniel Yoon
:Daniel Yoon Constance Wu Kavi Ladnier Edmund Sim
: After a string of crushing personal and professional humiliations, Jack Lee accepts that at age 39 he is a failure. Worst of all, he's let down his selfless immigrant parents. To get back  
Wish Dragon (2019 ) :Animation,Adventure,Comedy .
:Chris Appelhans
:Constance Wu John Cho Jackie Chan Jimmy O. Yang
: An tale of discovering the greatest wish of all.
(2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 120 .
:Jon M. Chu
:Constance Wu Henry Golding Michelle Yeoh Gemma Chan
: This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family.
All the Creatures Were Stirring (2018 ) :Horror 80 .
:David Ian McKendry Rebekah McKendry
:Constance Wu Jonathan Kite Jocelin Donahue Ashley Clements
: When an awkward date on Christmas Eve leads a couple into a strange theater, they're treated to a bizarre and frightening collection of Christmas stories, featuring a wide ensemble of characters doing their best to avoid the horrors of the holidays. From boring office parties and last-minute shopping, to vengeful stalkers and immortal demons, there's plenty out there to fear this holiday season.
The Feels (2017 ) :Comedy,Romance 90 .
:Jenée LaMarque
:Constance Wu Angela Trimbur Josh Fadem Gretchen Klein
: A lesbian bachelorette weekend goes awry when one of the brides admits she's never had an orgasm.
(2015 ) :Action,Sci-Fi 83 .
:Christopher Leone
:Mark Hapka Jessica Rothe Eric Jungmann Constance Wu
: A mysterious building is the gateway to infinite parallel Earths.
Electric Slide (2014 ) :Action,Biography,Crime 95 .
:Tristan Patterson
:Vinessa Shaw Chloë Sevigny Isabel Lucas Constance Wu
: A chronicle of the life of furniture salesman turned bank robber Eddie Dodson.
Deadly Revenge (2013 ) :Thriller 92 .
:Michael Feifer
:Alicia Ziegler Mark Hapka Donna Mills Constance Wu
: Charming LA architect Harrison, also a great cook and lover, gets engaged to Cate, a San Francisco landscape architect he meets while collaborating on a major project, after they get locked  
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