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Elefanten wachsen schnell (2018 ) : .
:Carlos Andrés Morelli
:Mark Waschke Anne Ratte-Polle Kasimir Brause
: The story of a married but separated couple Matthias and Anna, although the wounds are still open, together planning the birthday-party of their son Lukas. When, at the end of the party,  
Was uns nicht umbringt (2018 ) :Drama 129 .
:Sandra Nettelbeck
:Christian Berkel Mark Waschke Deborah Kaufmann Barbara Auer
&Me (2013 ) :Romance 88 .
:Norbert ter Hall
:Mark Waschke Verónica Echegui Teun Luijkx Rafael Cebrián
: Three loners from Sitges, Berlin and Amsterdam try to blend together in Brussels, city of unification. Lamour cest bizarre.
Zum Geburtstag (2013 ) :Drama,Thriller 85 .
:Denis Dercourt
:Mark Waschke Marie Bäumer Sylvester Groth Sophie Rois
: Former East Germany in the early 1980s. Paul tricked Georg into handing over his girlfriend Anna to him. But the pact they made stipulated that Georg can have her back when he wishes. Years  
Schilf (2012 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller 90 .
:Claudia Lehmann
:Mark Waschke Stipe Erceg Bernadette Heerwagen Nicolas Treichel
Playoff (2011 ) :Drama,Sport 107 .
:Eran Riklis
:Danny Huston Amira Casar Mark Waschke Max Riemelt
: Playoff tells the story of legendary Israeli basketball coach Ralph Klein. He became a national hero, when he made Maccabi Tel Aviv into European Champions in the late Seventies, one of  
Okno v leto (2011 ) :Drama 96 .
:Henk Handloegten
:Nina Hoss Mark Waschke Fritzi Haberlandt Lars Eidinger
: Juliane's happiness seems perfect. She is head over heals in love and has just begun a new life with August. One morning, however, she wakes up to find that she has been unexplainable  
Der Brand (2011 ) :Drama 97 .
:Brigitte Bertele
:Maja Schöne Mark Waschke Florian David Fitz Wotan Wilke Möhring
: After an evening out, the 35-year-old, self-confident Judith is raped on her way home. She fights with all possible means to prevent her life being changed. Her lawyer advises her to press  
8 Uhr 28 (2010 ) :Drama,Romance,Thriller 91 .
:Christian Alvart
:Nadeshda Brennicke Mehdi Nebbou Mark Waschke Michael Brennicke
: A married woman runs a successful gallery and falls for a man she met accidentally.
Unter dir die Stadt (2010 ) :Drama 105 .
:Christoph Hochhäusler
:Nicolette Krebitz Robert Hunger-Bühler Mark Waschke Corinna Kirchhoff
: Steve recently moved to Frankfurt for work. His wife is a stranger in the new city, bored and vulnerable. She meets her husband's boss who is going through some big events in his life as well. They start to have an affair.
Habermann (2010 ) :Drama,Romance,War 104 .
:Juraj Herz
:Mark Waschke Karel Roden Ben Becker Hannah Herzsprung
: A mill owner in the Sudetenland and his family's lives are changed as Europe heats up in 1938.
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