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56 : Peter Goddard
8 ()
Maniacal (2018 ) :Horror .
:Jackson Batchelor Peter Goddard Gav Chuckie Steel Rachel Stephens Benjamin Sutton Rob Ulitski James Atkins Sam Mason-Bell Wesley Skelly
:Harry Bartholomew Simon Berry William Coomber Kevin Cordell
Clownsploitation (2018 ) :Horror .
:Graham Bowlin Britmic Michael Leo Centi Debbie D Steve Doss Sierra Ellis Logan Fry Genixo Peter Goddard Jason Impey Dane Keil Alex Liakos Sam Mason-Bell Antoni McVay Moses Tony Newton Brandon Tanczak Alan Watkins Nathan Hill John H. Shelton
:Peter Bowlin Steven Chamberlain Debbie D Logan Fry
60 Seconds to Die (2017 ) :Horror .
:Eric Alfonsi James Balsamo David Bryant Mike Connors James Eaves Kieran Johnston Paul Lynch Kerry Newton Tony Newton Corey Norman Shane Ryan Gav Chuckie Steel Richard Charles Stevens Jason Impey Luna Wolf Matthew Joseph Adams Gary Baxter Glenn Berggoetz Nick Box Shawn Burkett Sophia Cacciola Richard Chandler Laume Conroy Caleb Emerson Michael J. Epstein Graham Fletcher-Cook Emilie Flory Luis Mariano García Chris Gierowski Adam Ginsberg Peter Goddard Killian H. Gore Tom Gore Dipesh Gurung L.M. Harter Kelly Hughes Benjamin James Sune Rolf Jensen Hunter Johnson Jeremiah Kipp Jason Kolucki Izzy Lee Paul M McAlarney Evan Makrogiannis Liam Makrogiannis Sam Mason-Bell Mike McKown Justin Morales Lucas Ostrowski Edward Payson Shawn C. Phillips Billy 'Bloody Bill' Pon Ruben Rodriguez Carl Angelo Ruiz Joe Saulino Brandon Scullion Martin Sonntag Brian Weaver Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen R.J. Wilson Pete Yagmin
:Ethan Kavanagh Nicole Graziano Dexter Fletcher Robert Walters
: Horror Anthology 60 second short films that will scar you for a lifetime
Grindsploitation (2016 ) :Action,Crime,Horror 140 .
:Lloyd Kaufman James Atkins Dustin Austen Christopher Henry Axworthy Brandon Bassham Gary Baxter James Cullen Bressack Dan Brownlie Laume Conroy Mj Dixon Andy Edwards Caleb Emerson Alexander Emmert Donald Farmer Jason Figgis Scarlet Fry Kapel Furman Chris Gierowski Peter Goddard Jason Impey Izzy Lee Evan Makrogiannis Tony Masiello Nicole McClure Antoni McVay Tony Newton Robert Peacock Tommy Pistol Nick Principe Ruben Rodriguez Shane Ryan Todd Sheets Emir Skalonja Justin W. Smith Martin Sonntag Robert Tinnell Jim Towns Brian Weaver Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen Reyna Young
:P.J. Soles Lloyd Kaufman Shawn C. Phillips Shane Ryan
: Exploitation anthology from the twisted minds of established and up and coming directors from across the globe.
Harvest of the Dead (2015 ) :Horror 89 .
:Peter Goddard Sam Mason-Bell
:Fiona Fox Holly Ransom Hannah Coley Julie Grant
: Four teenagers, Amy, Melissa, Hailey and Tess venture out into the British countryside for a weekend camping. After a while it becomes clear that they are not alone as an unknown figure  
Any Minute Now (2013 ) :Drama,Horror,Romance 115 .
:Peter Goddard
:Mhairi Calvey Ryan Spong Lee Macdonald Philippa Tozer
: When her parents decide to separate, sixteen year old Anna Brooks is sent to spend the summer in a small coastal town with her old fashioned aunt and uncle, Jennifer and David Collingwood.  
Season of the Witch (2009 ) :Thriller 144 .
:Peter Goddard
:Beth Kingston Tim McConnell Barry Robbins Daniel Coffey
: Mary Blackwell travels back to her hometown of Maiden Hollow to clear out her recently deceased father's house. She takes her two children Alice and Sam with her. Whilst there they discover  
Set Piece (2009 ) :Drama 90 .
:Peter Goddard
:Nila Cotter Kevin Hallett Linda Klockare Ian Manson
: Set in a remote town in England a group of friends settle in to an evening of social events, when the truth unfolds on how far their friends they once knew would go for a more materialistic life.
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