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Rosa Leigh (2018 ) :Horror .
:Christopher Maggard
:Santiago Cirilo Jessica Paige York Tommie Grabiec James Troup
: Sixty years ago an unimaginable tragedy struck the Ruth Lee Elementary School when a little girl named Rosa Leigh was killed along with her teacher and the school's janitor. Now, four  
Number 803 (2018 ) : .
:Kenny Lykins
:Tommie Grabiec Andrew Yackel Max Soliz Lewis Wright
: 'Number 803'--Newly partnered--but almost senior citizen age Police Detectives--Sally Williams and Mike LeCloud, try not to let their age, backgrounds and idiosyncrasies interfere with  
The Generator (2017 ) :Sci-Fi 72 .
:Rudy Carpio
:Leanne Courtney Wesley Forke Tommie Grabiec Jane Hayward
: Virtual technologies and human touch interaction blend when scientist Max Bernholm discovers that by connecting himself to a computer server he can achieve the human feel. This allows  
Only Women Bleed (2017 ) :Drama 132 .
:Richard Dykes
:Maria Alexe Dominic O'Flynn Tommie Grabiec Vasiliki Stasinaki
: 'Only Women Bleed' is a feature film based on the accounts of six women who were admitted into an Asylum during the late Nineteenth Century. All suffering from Hysteria.
Yatim khaneye Iran (2016 ) :Action,Biography,Drama 114 .
:Abholghassem Talebi
:Paul Dewdney Baharak Salehniya Tommie Grabiec Jafar Dehghan
: The story of courage and sacrifice of Iranians in the time of war and famine.
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