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Kodiveeran (2017 ) :Action,Drama 155 .
:M. Muthaiya
:Mahima Nambiar Poorna Sanusha Bala Saravanan
: Kodi, a 'Saamiyaadi' by profession, takes the responsibility of saving his sister and brother-in-law who is against Villangam and Adhigaaram, from their anger and retaliation.
Ko 2 (2016 ) :Action,Drama,Mystery 124 .
:Sarath Mandava
:Bobby Simha Prakash Raj Nikki Galrani Bala Saravanan
: Ko 2 revolves around a man who kidnaps the chief minister of the state and the mystery over why he does so.
Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan (2015 ) :Comedy 127 .
:A.L. Abanindran
:Praveen Kumar Naren Pazhani Bala Saravanan
: Story of an honest man and how he gets tangled in a web of black mails.
Valiyavan (2015 ) :Action,Drama 140 .
:M. Saravanan
:Jai Andrea Jeremiah Bala Saravanan Azhagam Perumal
: Viond, who is madly in love with Subiksha, is challenged by her that he fight and win Ashwin, a boxing champion. He accepts her challenge to not only prove his love but also settle an old score.
Aaaah (2014 ) :Adventure,Horror,Thriller 138 .
:Haresh Narayan K. Hari Shankar
:Gokulnath Bobby Simha Meghna Bala Saravanan
: Three friends meeting on their reunion are being drawn into a bet to prove the presence of ghosts by a rich schoolmate unexpectedly, leading them to a journey to five different places around the world suspected to be haunted.
Thirudan Police (2014 ) :Action,Comedy,Drama 136 .
:Caarthick Raju
:Dinesh Aishwarya Rajesh Bala Saravanan Nitin Sathya
: A constable seeks revenge for the murder of his father.
Ego (201 ) :Comedy,Romance 110 .
:S. Sakthivel
:Anaswara Kumar Bala Saravanan Velu
: The movie starts in a train where the leads Eswar and Gomathi happen to meet. There she loses the ornament she had worn, which is found by Eswar and Bala (small time thieves) who decide to  
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